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10 Best Adsense Alternative Networks 2022

Many beginners think that Google Adsense is the only way to monetize their site instead of searching for other best Adsense alternatives.

A lot of people looking to create websites and seek profit from Google Adsense, but after a period whether it is short or long the moment when you set up your own Adsense Google Account you will be disappointed if they reject your request or your account will be blocked by Google Adsense for violating your blog some laws.

Unfortunately, because of this, many people stopped publishing new content on their sites and felt it was the end of profit online. If you are one of them, do not worry. You are in the right place, in this article I will share with you the best alternative to Google Adsense in 2022 which you can use to profit from your blog.

There are hundreds of ad networks online, but good networks are very few. If you’re struggling to get Google AdSense approval or have been rejected before, you can try using the best Adsense alternatives on this list.


Top 10 Best Adsense Alternative Networks

1. PopAds – The best for Pop Up ads

PopAds-Adsense Alternative Networks

PopAds Network is famous for popup ads this company has good profit rates and can make a profit from all your visitors, regardless of their countries, whether Arab or foreign countries.

One of the great features of PopAds is will pays you every day as long as your profits are $5 or more per day. The quality of their advertising is good, they have many pop-up ads, pop-ups, and other profitable ways. Your account is easily approved and approval appears only after a few minutes.

Minimum payment: $5 USD for Paypal, $20 for credit cards, and $1000 for Wire Transfers
Payment methods: Paypal, Payoneer, and Wire Transfers


2. PropellerAds Media – Adsense alternative with multiple ads 

PropellerAds Media-Best-Adsense-Alternative

PropellerAds Media is one of the best Adsense alternatives. The nature of profit from this company is through pop-ups and whatever space of your site you will find acceptable to this company.

You can also profit from them by displaying banners on your site but pop-up profits are better. Also, if your visitors are from mobile, this company is one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense because it works to provide you with the possibility to display ads on mobile applications to which you can make a large return per thousand impressions.

Payment methods: Credit card, Payoneer, Bank transfer, PayPal, Webmoney, E-payment


3. Revenue Hits – Adsense alternatives

RevenueHits-Best-Adsense-Alternative Revenue Hits is a very powerful network for several years and it works in this field. My friend has been working with them for a year now and the results are great.

Revenue Hits pay you for the CPA results. Another good feature is that they have different advertising channels. You can create Banner Ads, Sliders, Popunder, and more. Create your account in a minute.

Payment methods: Paypal (Paypal), Payoneer.
The profits are sent every 30 days.



4. VigLink – Easy Adsense alternative

VigLink-Adsense Alternative Networks

Another best Adsense alternative, VigLink allows users to place their own links in content rather than just floating them on the surface of some random ads. These links open up on their affiliate products and enable you to earn a commission on every purchase made through your links.

The commission rate varies from product to product, 3-4% to 15% depending on the product. VigLink keeps 25% of the commission and 75% goes to you, the minimum payment is $10 you can get paid every month, and payment is made through PayPal only.


5. Chitika – Genuine Adsense alternative


Chitika has many similarities with Google AdSense and it is definitely a good option for the best Adsense alternative which makes it easy to use if you’re already comfortable with the Google network. You can customize your ads and the network offers contextual ads for use on your various websites. This is another network that can be used together with AdSense without penalty.

Payment methods: Paypal and check.
Minimum of Paypal: $10. This is very good for beginners.
Minimum Check: $50.

You can register from here and you will get approved as quickly and easily as possible.


6. BidVertiser – The oldest on the market

bidvertiser-Adsense Alternative Networks

BidVertiser is one of the oldest and best Adsense alternatives and the leading advertising company in the field of publishing pay-per-click ads that are unique. With many features that are not present in the competing advertising companies.

– Contains various ad units similar to Adsense ads
-Ads attract visitor attention and encourage them to click legitimately
– Variety of displayed ads {text, image, flash}
-They have a referral program you will receive a payment for each Someone who is registered through you

The sign-up process is easy and you are accepted very quickly once registration is complete.

The minimum payment: $10
Payment options are: Payza ($10 Minimum), PayPal ($10 Minimum), Check ($100 Minimum), and Wire ($500 Minimum)


7. Yllix Media 

Yllix Media-Best-Adsense-Alternative

Yllix is a well-known network that has proliferated dramatically in recent years and it’s running a thousand impressions system and enjoys providing many other options. Their main page may seem simple but the control panel is large and has a lot of details and acceptance in this company is not difficult.

Yllix Media contains pop-up pages, converting mobile visitors to mobile links, banners, and full-page ads. And many other ad templates that lead to a high CTR. Definitely a good choice for beginners.

Payment methods are available: Paypal, Bank transfer
Minimum payment: $10.


8. Clicksor

Clicksor - best-Adsense-alternative

It is one of the most popular advertising networks and it is a good alternative to Google Adsense which is available to everyone. They allow you to earn through various ad formats like In-line text ads, contextual ads, rich images, and more.

You can earn up to 60% of the revenue share, depending on the performance advertisers reach on your website sites and the clicks they’ve got. Sometimes ads seem boring for users of various pop-ups or hide content, but the gains we earn are a little higher compared to other ad networks.

Payment methods: You will receive your payments by check or Paypal.
the minimum payment is $50. Payments are made twice a month.


9. is a good alternative to Adsense for what has to offer, is a leader in the tech business that creates advanced publicizing digital for the two publishers and advertisers.

They have more than 500 employees in their main branches across – New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Zurich, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

Payment methods: Paypal and bank transfer.
Minimum payment: $100. runs the world’s largest advertising program it runs its search engine giant Yahoo! It also runs the content network ads program in Bing. has large offices worldwide building a global advertising business. In addition, it takes two days to get your account approved by



10. Adversal – Alternative to Google AdSense 

If you have a popular website with at least 50,000 page views per month, Adversal is an option for you to make money on the internet. Adversal has a good click-through rate, and images for ads are optimized for the site as well as for pop-under and CPM ads. With Adversal there are options to use the program in several languages, which work well enough. When you sign up for Adversal, you can expect quick approval if you meet their criteria.

Payment methods: Paypal, bank transfer, or check.
Minimum payment: $20.

The profits are sent almost every two weeks

Final words

We have mentioned above the best Adsense alternatives in 2022 You can sign up and work with any of these ad networks to monetize your site. The list is based on market research and experienced users. The whole site above could change ToS accordingly with time.

If you find any changes please inform us by commenting on this article.




10 Best Adsense Alternative Networks 2022

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