10 Best Bench Vises In 2024 [Buying Guide]

Best Bench Vises

Wouldn’t it be great if you owned any additional hand to hold a wood or metal tightly to get extra support while working?

Having an additional hand is impossible for humans, but we can take assistance from a bench vise. And instead of hands, a bench vise has a jaw to hold a piece of wood or metal in its place securely.

Bench vises are a versatile tool. They offer solidity and grip to make your work smoother, quicker, and more efficient.

To an untrained eye, all bench vises will look quite similar. So, they can end up with an inferior quality bench vise.

In this article, we have discussed the best bench vises so that you can pick the right product as per your need.

Let’s jump right in.

 Top Rated Bench Vises 

Yost Heavy-Duty Bench Vise


Yost Tools 750-DI Bench Vise

Rockler Heavy Duty Quick Release Front Vise


Rockler Heavy Duty Quick Release Front Vise

IRWIN Tools Multi-Purpose Bench Vise

Premium Pick

IRWIN Tools Multi-Purpose Bench Vise (4935505)


Top 10 Best Bench Vises Review

All the reviewed bench vises use advanced innovating mechanisms to make your task easier.

1. Yost Tool Bench Vises 445

Yost Tool Bench Vises 445


Key Features:

  • “U” channel bar.
  • Diamond serrated machinist jaws.
  • Large and 360° swivel base.

The Yost Tool Bench Vises 445 is made from a combination of steel and cast iron. The work surface is large and has a 360° swivel base, making it an ideal option for a variety of clamping jobs.

Durability is ensured with the style “U” channel bar, while the diamond serrated machinist jaws and pipe jaws in place maintain a higher grip.

You can choose the bench vise from its different versions: 5,5”, 6”, 6.5” and 8”. The jaw width of this item is 4.5”, its jaw opening: is 4” and 2.62” is its throat opening.

The item is only 17 lbs, which is much lightweight compared to other bench vises. This way, while mounting, you will not face any hassle. Additionally, it contains 2 additional swivel locks that confirm comfortability and secure holding while working.

Its performance will be much smoother if you apply grease to the screw before mounting. A bench vise is an ideal option for light- to medium-duty work and any home projects. Since its pipe capacity is 1/8 X 2” diameter, working with different types of projects will not be an issue.

You can directly purchase it from Amazon. Unlike many other bench vises from Yost, it will also fulfil your expectation. With all its excellent features, no doubt, it is a multi-purpose bench vise.


  • Compatible with handling a wide range of clamping projects.
  • Replaceable jaw.
  • Double lockdowns.


  • Swivel base material quality is poor.

2. Woodstock D4074 5-inch Multi-Purpose Bench Vise


Woodstock D4074 5-inch Multi-Purpose Bench Vise


Key Features:

  • Robust construction.
  • Jaw opening: 5”.
  • Multi-purpose bench vise.

With 41.5 lbs and 19 X 9 X 9 inches dimensions, the Woodstock D4074 5-inch Multi-Purpose Bench Vise comes with solid construction.

Its finish is excellent, and exceptional quality bench vise. Also, it is significant and robust construction ensures that it will give you long-term service.

Interestingly, 360° rotations of the jaw make you eligible for positioning your object in different positions as per your need.

Due to its built-in pipe jaws, it is capable of holding flat and round stock. Also, its large base swivel makes it a versatile bench vise. Moreover, you can hammer and mould metal due to the anvil face.

One of the unique features of the bench vise is its tubular slide. With the help of this feature, you can rotate the object vertically you are working with. The jaws perform smoothly and are replaceable. The jaw will open a maximum 5,” which is high compared to a regular bench vise.

The scale of the vise that runs on the body allows you to work with the number of degrees that will enable the piece to be tilted.

Also, rotating the workpiece in different workspace positions is a comfortable task with the bench vise. Another great feature is its steel-made handle that comes with anti-pinch rings. This ring removes pinches and enhances the bench vise’s strength.


  • Suitable for everyday use.
  • Value-adding bench vise.
  • Rotates easily.


  • Bulky.

3. Performance Tool W3904 Quick Release Bench Vise

erformance Tool W3904 Quick Release Bench Vise


Key Features:

  • Jaw opening: 7”.
  • Throat depth: 3”.
  • Jaws width: 5”.

First of all, while describing the feature of the Performance Tool W3904 Quick Release Bench Vise, I want to start with its size and dimension. It is a 5” bench vise.

It means this bench vise has 5” wide jaws. And it has a 7” jaw opening. Both dimensions are pretty high to hold a large-sized wooden piece or pipe.

The throat depth is 3,” which refers to how deep the material can fit inside the vessel. As a result, the bench vise will assist you in handling large workpieces since the throat depth is more extended. All these essential features make the item an ideal option for the light-duty task.

When you are going to pick the best bench vises for your project, it is significantly essential to know the size and dimension of your selected item. At this point, the bench vise will let you accomplish different casual works with ease.

Additionally, its quick-release lever works smoothly so that you can insert and remove any wooden piece or pipe without any hassle.

It has a powder-coated finish on its body that makes the item much more durable. Besides, it can hold any workpiece sturdily with its steel-pipe jaws.

Moreover, if the jaws get damaged over time, you can effortlessly replace them. Also, magnetic pads can be attached to it if required. All in all, it will be a wise choice for homeowners and DIY lovers.


  • Fast-release lever.
  • Powder-coated finishing.
  • Swivel base rotates.


  • Over time, powder coating will rub off.

4. Wilton 11104 Wilton Bench Vise


Wilton 11104 Wilton Bench Vise


Key Features:

  • Dual lockdown swivel base.
  • Lightweight.
  • Larger anvil work surface

The Wilton 11104 Wilton Bench Vise is constructed with 4” jaws opening, and its jaws width are 4”. This way, you can use the bench vise for mid-level clamping projects.

The jaws’ grooved steel inserts ensure that it will hold a workpiece firmly when you are working. 2 ¼” is the throat depth that makes it one of the best bench vises for casual projects.

If your bench vise is equipped with a pipe jaw, you will not be able to complete your task successfully with a round object.

Keeping this point in mind, pipe jaws are unavailable in the Wilton 11104 so that you can have the best gripping while working with a round object. Not to mention that you can’t play with round objects, but you will need to use a little subtler without the pipe jaw.

Interestingly, its anvil work surface is more extensive compared to its size range. This is an excellent feature because extra space means the additional facility to bash your object harder.

Moreover, you don’t need to move your body around the bench vise because the unit is available with a 120° swivel base. Premium quality strengthened steel-made construction Wilton 11104 is a lightweight bench vise.

The construction is purely basic and you will not face any problems while operating the tool. Additionally, it doesn’t require extra care because its clean blue coating keeps the unit safe from rust.


  • No additional maintenance is required.
  • Rust-proof and sturdy enough to provide long-term service
  • Excellent performer in casual projects.


  • Frequent greasing is required in the slider to get smoother performance.

5. Rockler Heavy Duty Quick Release Front Vise

Rockler Heavy Duty Quick Release Front Vise


Key Features:

  • Jaw opening: 9”.
  • Quick-release mechanism.
  • Easy installation.

The first thing that we have found in the Rockler quick-release front vise is, it is a heavy-duty front vise. The jaw opening is much more full 9,” which makes it one of the widest jaw openings front vise in the market.

It is a great value-adding item that is compatible with holding a wide range of workpieces without any problem. Its steel-made construction makes the unit robust enough to handle heavy-duty tasks. Also, a quick release is its unique feature.

Even the price is also affordable as well as lightweight. While installing the unit onto a workbench, you will never face any sort of issue. Moreover, the unit is full of all the simplest things, that are why it is easy to operate.

Generally, other front vises take much room after installation. But the best features of the unit are, it doesn’t take much room, and as a result, a small workshop owner can also install the unit at his/her place. Besides, its clamp is steady and stable.

The quick-release mechanism works perfectly in the front vise because of 3 compartments and a threaded channel made of cast iron. And this way, assembling the unit has become much more straightforward compared to other front vises.

The unit will be a perfect choice for those who have a tight budget. Moreover, due to its longer length, you can use it for more significant materials.


  • Solid and constant clamp.
  • Wide jaw opening.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • The quick-release mechanism shows poor performance over time.

6. Capri Tools 10519 Bench Vise

Capri Tools 10519 Bench Vise


Key Features:

  • 360° head rotation.
  • 360° base rotation.
  • 6,600-pound clamping force.

The Capri Tools 10519 bench vise is designed to be tough and can accomplish a wider array of tasks. Great casting of Capri tools uses heavy-duty flexible iron, which measures 60,000psi.

One of the notable advantages of heavy-duty flexible iron is that it gives you a clamping force of 6,600 lbs, making every task more manageable.

Its speciality is both the head and base can rotate 360°. Also, you can lock the head and base both into several locking positions as per your requirement.

Using a pool pin, you can lock the head at 12 different setpoints each within 30 seconds. As per your need, you can lock the base at any point. This locking mechanism makes it a truly versatile bench vise along with all other features.

Moreover, its diamond pattern grip will amaze you more because the machine will grip more comfortably and robustly. Besides, many customers look for a wide and large anvil to make their task easier. It will fulfil this requirement too. Shaping and as well as fabrication will be convenient with the item.

The unit will be a perfect choice for those who have to handle a medium-level clamping task daily. Furthermore, it comes with 10 years of warranty that confirms you will get an extended period of service from the tool.


  • Heavy-duty ductile iron-made bench vise.
  • Limited warranty: 10 years.
  • Clamping force: 6,600 lbs.


  • Unpredictable performance.

7. Eclipse Quick Release Woodworking Vise

Eclipse Quick Release Woodworking Vise


Key Features:

  • Jaw width: 9”.
  • Bottom-mounted bench vise.
  • Throat depth: 4”.

All the bench vises reviewed in this article are mounted on top, and the Eclipse Quick Release Woodworking Vise is different.

Generally, top-mounted woodworking vises are ideal for various projects, but when it comes to handling cumbersome projects, they are not a good performer. At this point, the Eclipse Quick Release Woodworking Vise is the ideally suited bench vise.

With 2 mounting brackets, the Eclipse woodworking vise is mounted bottom. As a result, while working with the tool, you will get maximum space for holding large wood pieces.

You will also get additional stability since the vise 9” wider (side to side) and 4” deeper. If you are working with lots of wood-cutting projects, it will be a wise pick, undoubtedly.

Many customers look for extended stability while working on a clamping project; this unit will satisfy their requirements. Its handle follows quick-release technology so that you can accomplish your cutting project efficiently.

Similar to other standard woodworking vises, it also has a variable stop on its sides. The primary responsibility of the variable stops is to keep the wood pieces sturdy at their place when working.

Thus, the workpiece will not slip off accidentally. In terms of durability, it is one of the best items in the market because of its rugged steel construction.


  • Quick and proficient performance.
  • Fast-release trigger.
  • Ensures stability because it has a variable stop.


  • Suitable for wood, not for other materials.

8. IRWIN Tools Multi-Purpose Bench Vise (4935505)

IRWIN Tools Multi-Purpose Bench Vise (4935505)


Key Features:

  • Clamping force: 3500 pounds.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Wallet-friendly bench vise.

A bench vise is your best companion when you require a third hand in your clamping project. You will always find the IRWIN Tools

Multi-Purpose Bench Vise (4935505) beside you when working on a mid-level woodworking project. It is a budget-friendly item that has come with a clump of features to make your task simple.

The biggest deal of the IRWIN 4935505 Bench vise is versatility. The standard 360° has a 360° vertical-rotated jaw to go with the rotating base. Since it can move 2 ways, you can move in almost any position to work on the type of clamping we are doing.

The jaw opening is 4.9” as well as 5” jaw width. Besides, the throat depth is 3”. All these key specifications are decent enough to let you work with more clearance.

It consists of only one handle. To let it rotate vertically, loosen it. Also, you will find the rotating action works smoothly to give you peace of mind.

Additionally, the jaw inserts come with a knurled feature so that it can grip an object firmly. If it gets dented over time, don’t hesitate to replace it. You will never face any hassle to remove the jaws; use a Phillips head screwdriver.

It is designed in such a way that you can get all sorts of comfort when using it. Also, within the price, you will hardly find a bench vise that comes with many attractive features.


  • 360° vertically rotating jaws.
  • Replaceable jaws.
  • Multi-functional bench vise.


  • We need to add grease to get consistent performance.

9. TEKTON 54004 Swivel Bench Vise

TEKTON 54004 Swivel Bench Vise


Key Features:
  • 120° swivel base.
  • Steel rating: 30,000psi.
  • 8” jaw width.

The TEKTON 54008 Swivel Bench Vise is one of the best manufacturers from TEKTON. The 8” swivel bench vise is suitable for automotive items repairs, metal repair, woodworking, and regular handyman tasks around your house.

The swivel base rotates 120°, that is confirming you will always have the best working position no matter what type of project you are handling.

It is a professional-grade bench vise that comes with a 7.5” jaw opening, throat depth 3.5” and a massive 5.5” X 6” anvil. Many customers appreciated its key specifications because they found a suitable bench vise that provides a comfortable grip and excellent stability.

30,000psi is its steel rating, which means you should have no problem working with sturdy materials such as steel. Moreover, the jaws are specially designed to ensure a better grip. Overall, it is an impressively featured bench vise that works faster.


  • Exceptional stability with 3 mounting holes.
  • Better grip with serrated jaws.
  • Durable.


  • It can’t bear high pressure.

10. Yost Tools 750-DI Bench Vise

Yost Tools 750-DI Bench Vise


Key Features:

  • Steel construction.
  • Versatile.
  • Clamping pressure: 9,000 lbs.

60,000PSI ductile iron is used to manufacture the Yost Tools 750-DI Bench Vise. The excellent construction enables the unit to produce a 9,000PSI clamping force.

The jaws stay in place with the help of a hardened steel pin, and thus effortlessly, you can rotate the bench vise. Moreover, the construction of the 5” serrated jaws is hardened steel, ensuring a well-built gripping surface.

When you open the jaws, its 5” wide and 4” throat will let you work with different materials. The Yost tools 750-DI bench vise operates its pipe jaws from 1/8” – 3 ½”, which delivers extended contact points compared to the opposition for solid clamping and low marring.

It will be an excellent addition to your mid-level workshop and home garage. The rotation of the double-axis makes the position more comfortable.

Yost products come with a quality guarantee, and it is also no exception. Without thinking twice, purchase the item, and you will never regret it.


  • Convenient rotating head.
  • Self-aligned pipe jaws.
  • 4-mounting brackets.


  • Blue paint will start coming off over time.

Considerations Before Purchasing the Best Bench Vise

If you don’t pick the right bench vise for your project, the material may slip while working. The materials may get damaged, and you will also fall into a dangerous situation.

To avoid these types of situations, you have no other choice but to purchase the best bench vise. Look at the below considerations that will make your pick easier.

Jaw Width

The jaw width refers to the size of the jaw in inches units. In the market, you will find 4”, 5”, 6” and many other differently sized jaw width bench vise. If you need to accomplish a heavy-duty task, 6” jaw width will be a perfect choice. For light to the mid-level task, a 4” jaw width will be a wise pick.

Throat Depth

The available space between the top of the jaws and the bench vise base is known as throat depth.

If your projects are to handle large materials, look for a bench vise that comes with a large throat depth. A 3” or 5” throat depth bench vise means; you can comfortably fit a 3” or 5” workpiece inside the bench vise.

Jaw Opening

The horizontal distance between the jaws is jaw opening. Similar to jaw width and throat depth, this also varies from bench vise to bench vise.

So, pick a bench vise that is available with a maximum jaw opening distance. Maximum jaw opening will ensure you can work with a wide object without any hassle.


Bench vises are made of many different materials. Stainless steel, cast iron, forged iron, and many more. All these materials are good enough to provide long-term service.

Depending on your project type, you have to know what material-made bench vise will be best suited for you.

Bottom Line

Without a bench vise, you can’t expect a workshop. The best bench vises work silently to make your life easier.

Bench vises are not only a useful tool for woodworkers, but also it will serve you its service in many other projects. When you sharpen the blade of a lawnmower, you will find a bench vise as one of your best companions.

Many thanks, as you have saved valuable time reading this article.


Medium-duty or heavy-duty, which bench vises should I prefer?

The answer to the question is entirely depends on your project and how often you need to use a bench vise. However, for most of applications, a medium-duty bench vise will be the right choice. On the other hand, if you are professional and handling extensive projects, pick a heavy-duty bench vise.

Do I need to do any pre-inspection before starting work with a bench vise?

Absolutely. Make sure the bench vise is well attached to the workbench. Before starting work, double-check whether the screws are well-tighten or not.

What is the importance of a swivel base in a bench vise?

A swivel base is not the essential part of a bench vise, but providing versatility is its primary responsibility. But this is certainly effective when you require to place a workpiece or wood or metal in an unusual corner for a particular cutting.