10 Best Digital Multimeter (Review) In 2024

Best Digital Multimeter

For a professional electrician, there are hardly any tools that are unconditionally crucial to own. A multimeter is an electrical tool widely used by not only electricians but also auto mechanics and solar panel specialists too.

A digital multimeter is designed to figure out electric current and resistance.

Although an analogue multimeter will show you the result through its swinging needle-gauge.

But to get a precise electric reading, the best digital multimeter is a must needed tool.

Below you will get the digital multimeter reviews in 2023 and a discussion about the characteristic of the best electric multimeter.


RLSOCO Carrying Case for Fluke


RLSOCO Carrying Case for Fluke

INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter


INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter

Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter

Premium Pick

Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter


Top 10 Best Digital Multimeter Reviews

You will find a multimeter as a valuable tool when you are going to work with your car or the HVAC system.

A multimeter is a 3-in-1 meal deal: an ohmmeter, a voltmeter, as well as an ammeter.

I have reviewed a total of 10 best digital multimeters further in the detailed review section.

1. Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter

Fluke 117 Electricians True RMS Multimeter


Key Features:

  • True RMS multimeter.
  • High/Low mode.
  • Shows the result of current, voltage, continuity, frequency, resistance, and capacitance.

Fluke 117 is one of the top products in the Fluke 110 series. It comes with an ergonomic chassis, easily fits in your palm and a large display with a backlit for comfortable reading and visibility.

Out of so many features, the best feature of Fluke 117 is, it will give you accurate reading always. Even if you are getting an inconsistent sign wave or square wave state, the result will be correct.

It is an entirely different multimeter from the 110 series because it contains a VoltAlert™ detector. The sensor is placed at the head of the tester, and determining the voltage through a wire or wall like a voltage stick will become easy.

There are 2 modes of sensitivity, High and Low – perfect for nearly 5” and 1”, respectively.

You will love the design of the Fluke 117 multimeter. It is small and shapely manufactured. The design is pretty loveable with a contoured case.

Moreover, it is lightweight enough, sturdy, and durable. Well-built with quality material. Also, controlling it with one hand is effortless because of the raised input dial selector.

If you are a regular electrician or a DIY lover, you will get the best benefit from Fluke 117 RMS multimeter. It will give you the best result when you are working in the light industry, at school, or at home.


  • LCD display with LED-backlit.
  • Provides accurate results.
  • Accurate non-linear load.


  • Unavailability of milliamp/micro-amp range.

2. Fluke 114 Electricians Multimeter

Fluke 114 Electricians Multimeter


Key Features:

  • Dimension: 167mm x 84mm x 46mm.
  • Wide display with backlit.
  • Organized interface.

Fluke 114 electricians’ multimeter comes with a fantastic backlit screen with durable material-made construction. It can measure different AC drive outputs without making any mistakes.

Impressively, you can select the mode to either auto or manual options. By selecting manual mode, you will be able to select the range as per your requirement. This way, measuring response time gets reduced. Detecting the open and closed circuit has become easier as the continuity test includes a buzzer.

Although it is a basic meter, the Auto-V LoZ function makes it different from other multimeters. With this function, you can measure both AC and DC circuits. With the help of the Min/Max mode and an average of the result, you will get an accurate value of a fluctuating signal.

The larger the display, the more obvious it is; in most cases, it becomes a compact meter. The display is capable of 6,000 counts (for example, 5,999Ω before it drops to 600Ω) and refreshes at a rate of 4 times/second. Also, it can provide a quick-update, 33-section bar graph, which presents a signal in analogue form.

If you are using it in a normal condition (without backlit), it will give you a minimum of 400 hours of service a pretty impressive battery life, right? Moreover, to save battery life, when it is not in use, it gets powered off using its auto turn-off function.


  • Operating with one hand is impressively comfortable.
  • Auto, along with manual ranging.
  • Shows accurate performance.


  • Display requires more clear visibility.

3. INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter

INNOVA 3340 Automotive Digital Multimeter


Key Features:

  • Data recovery option.
  • Auto-ranging.
  • Auto shut-off.

Your search for the best digital multimeter will come to an end with INNOVA 3340 automotive digital multimeter since it has come with a wide range of functions. If you are an experienced mechanic, it will be an excellent addition to your tool list.

You will be pleased to hear INNOVA 3340 has the ability to save data so that you can use the data in the future if required. Using the Min/Max and Hold buttons, you can save the valuable information that you have gotten during testing.

This way, you can save valuable time by keeping yourself away from re-testing any apparatuses in the event of any disruption.

Furthermore, it protects your electrical appliance against reverse polarity. It means you will not get any electrical shock when you are working on your car or any other electrical components. Moreover, it can set a specific quality limit for an electrical problem.

The INNOVA 3340 has several vital functions that help the device to work at its full potential and ensure it will offer you a long period of service.

Due to its auto-shut-off and overload protection features, it has become one of the ideal digital multimeters in the world.

Troubleshooting any car or automotive electrical problems will become straightforward with INNOVA 3340 digital multimeter.


  • It comes with an instruction manual for smooth operation.
  • Versatile.
  • Wide range of functions.


  • The performance of a few features is inconsistent.

4. RLSOCO Carrying Case for Fluke

RLSOCO Carrying Case for Fluke


Key Features:

  • High toughness.
  • Shock resistance.
  • Strong bearing force.

I believe, sometimes, you feel irritated with yourself because of not purchasing a carrying case for your multimeter. Many of us don’t think of buying a carrying case, and finally, we believe it is our bad luck when any damage happens to the multimeter.

From now onwards, you don’t need to keep your multimeter in your toolbox because the RLSOCO carrying case comes with all the convenient features to take care of your multimeter.

It is specially designed for Fluke multimeters. Different types of multimeters can easily be fitted in this case too. You can comfortably carry your multimeter when you are travelling as it can take its place in your toolbox or trunk without creating any problems.

You will love its impressive design since it is made of polyester fibre. The inner portion is equipped with hard EVA foam. Due to its well-built design, it becomes shock-resistant.

It means if this case falls from your hand accidentally, nothing will happen to the multimeter, which takes its place inside the case. Even you can carry the case in your hand with its detachable straps.

You will find a mesh pocket at the top portion of the case where you can keep any standard wire or small accessories. The dimension of the RLSOCO carrying case is 23cm X 13cm X 8.3cm, which can carry a pretty standard-sized multimeter.


  • Water resistance.
  • Effortless cleaning.
  • Eco-friendly carrying case.


  • No noticeable cons were found.

5. Fluke 117/323 Kit Multimeter and Clamp Meter Combo Kit

Fluke 117323 Kit Multimeter and Clamp Meter Combo Kit


It is a combination of 2 devices introduced by Fluke and manufactured thinking about electricians who are working with a Multimeter and clamp meter daily.

In terms of measuring AC and DC voltage, Fluke 117 is a real winner. On the other side, non-linear signals will be much more accurate than before with the 323 clamp meter.

Humidity will not be able to do any damage to Fluke 117/323 Kit Multimeter and Clamp Meter Combo Kit since its interior case consists of deep light. Like all other Fluke measuring tools, CAT–III is its rating.

Plus, you can’t resist yourself to love the design. Classic black and yellow colours will assist you in tracing it without any problem from the crowd of tools.

All in all, regular technicians and DIY hobbyists can get the most benefit from it. Also, it will be a perfect choice for school and college students.


  • Wide range of features.
  • Carrying bag included.
  • Ensures protection against any unusual situations.


  • Can’t give milliamp/micro-amp reading.

6. Extech MN36 Digital Mini Multimeter

Extech MN36 Digital Mini Multimeter


Are you looking for a compact, designed multimeter? Shake your hands with the Extech MN36 mini multimeter that is robustly built. It is compatible with measuring both DC and AC up to 600V.

You can read any value by keeping it in a suitable place with the maximum resolution because of its auto-ranging feature. You can comfortably grip the Extech MN36 mini multimeter as it is covered with an impact-resistant rubber holster.

Even this cover keeps it safe from any hard impact. You will never face difficulty in reading the value it shows because of its large LCD display. Moreover, it has a 2000-count digit display.

Additionally, it comes with 10 measurement modes. If you need, you can freeze the reading on display following its data hold function. It can measure temperature ranges from -20°C to 750°C.

The device contains a bead wire Type K thermocouple temperature review for testing. Diode functions, continuity, frequency, resistance, and DC/AC can easily be measurable with the Extech MN36.

The dimensions of the device are 5.43 x 2.83 x 1.5 inches, and 5.4 ounces is its weight only makes it one of the most convenient multimeters surfing in the market. It has an integrated tilt stand, making it an ideal tool for benchtop use.

It is a 2xAAA battery-powered mini multimeter that promises to give you long-term service.


  • The data hold function allows you to freeze the value on the display.
  • It comes with an impact-resistant rubber holster.
  • Battery-powered multimeter.


  • Creates an irritating sound when it gets turned on.

7. DROK 180038 Voltage Temperature Meter

DROK 180038 Voltage Temperature Meter


Key Features:

  • Portable voltage temperature meter.
  • Temp testing range: 10°F – 170°F.
  • Dual display.

Are you seeking an internal temperature meter for your vehicle? Without any tension, purchase this DROK 180038 voltage temperature meter that will give you an accurate reading of your vehicle temperature.

It is a 2-in-1 meter. It means, on one side, it is an auto battery voltage monitor, and on the other side, it can show you the accurate temperature inside your car.

First of all, the gauge needs to be plugged into the car cigarette lighter socket. Then, the screen of this meter will show you the voltage of an auto battery. Be mindful; you can use this volt/temp gauge in 12 – 24V vehicles.

To show you the inner temperature of the car, a temperature sensor is placed at the outer portion of the temperature gauge. If you think it can show you the wrong temperature because if the meter comes in contact with sunlight, it can show you that value.

But the good news is, it will not happen. Because you can bend the sensor to dodge heating parts of the vehicle in your usage. The temperature testing range is 10°F – 170°F.

It will give you clear visibility in the dark, too, since it has a clear LED display. Impressively, you can see the reading of both the temperature and voltage altogether. It is manufactured with durable material, which ensures a superior finish. Without any hassle, it will fit in your car’s DC outlet.


  • Solid size.
  • Durable material construction.
  • Portable.


  • Some customers receive inferior packaging products.

8. INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter

INNOVA 3320 Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter


Key Features:

  • Wide display option.
  • 6.4oz.
  • Suitable for small jobs.

The best digital multimeter should have 3 factors in it. Precision reading, versatility, and user-friendly. The INNOVA 3320 auto-ranging digital multimeter has all 3 features that you can consider it one of the best multimeters in this list. And when it comes from the manufacturer INNOVA, you can’t deny this statement.

The unique feature of the INNOVA 3320 multimeter is its color-coded LED light. 3 different colours show you the level of your household batteries while checking.

If the battery condition is Good, it will show you a GREEN colour; for weak battery condition, it will show a YELLOW colour; and if it is time to change the battery, it will show RED colour. And if the LED light doesn’t light up, it means the battery is holding less than 10% charge in it, which is not a good indication. Pretty impressive, right?

Additionally, no damage will happen if it falls accidentally because of its rubber corner guard. Identifying any faults in in-home wiring will become simple with INNOVA 3320 digital multimeter.


  • Less expensive.
  • Active battery test feature.
  • User-friendly.


  • Doesn’t come with a backlit option on the display.

9. Fieldpiece HS33 Voltage Temperature Stick Meter

Fieldpiece HS33 Voltage Temperature Stick Meter

Key Features:

  • Min/Max.
  • Manual ranging.
  • Data hold.

This Fieldpiece HS33 stick meter is specially built to inspect heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning kits. The design is pretty unique and shaped in such a way that it can take its place in your palm comfortably.

Expandability is the most significant feature of the Fieldpiece HS33 stick meter. Users have the opportunity to turn the one-piece multimeter into a genuine surplus of devices with the availability of a detachable head collection.

With the 15 selected options, you can measure out nearly everything, such as temperature, vacuum to high voltage, and level of CO2.

You can’t raise any questions regarding its built quality. Field Place is renowned for its quality products, and the HS33 stick meter is proof of its quality. No damage will happen due to knock and drop as it comes with a rubberized corner.

It also has Min/Max features, an indicator of high voltage, data hold, and long battery life, making it a reasonably well multimeter in the industry.


  • Detachable head option.
  • Great customer service.
  • It comes with an amp clamp head.


  • Can’t measure mili/microamps.

10. Fluke 116/323 HVAC Multimeter and Clamp Meter Combo Kit

Fluke 116323 HVAC Multimeter and Clamp Meter Combo Kit


Key Features:

  • Fluke 116 digital multimeter.
  • Fluke 323 True RMS clamp meter.
  • Test leads.

Are you an HVAC technician? Well, embrace the Fluke 116/323 multimeter kit as it has come with all unique features to meet all the requirements of an HVAC technician. It is built in such a way that an HVAC technician can get the most benefit from it.

You don’t need to carry any separate tool to measure voltage, resistance, or continuity. Because it has all the features, you can get an accurate result while measuring these terms. Moreover, you will not get any wrong results in terms of non-linear signals.

Operating the Fluke 116/323 multimeter is exceptionally simple since it has an instruction manual with it. Furthermore, carrying it will become worry-free because a nice carrying case will let you do so.

One of the unique features is its AutoV-LoZ feature will prevent getting a wrong reading which usually happens for ghost voltage. Working in a dark condition will become exclusively comfortable with it due to the LED-backlit.

Besides, if you are an electrician working in a commercial and residential area, with the Fluke 323, a true RMS clamp meter will meet your general requirements. Using it, you can measure current up to 400A, even in a tight cable compartment.


  • Instruction manual to make your job easy.
  • It doesn’t provide the wrong reading with the help of the AutoV/LoZ feature.
  • Carrying a separate thermometer is unnecessary.


  • Inconsistent temperature reading.

Buying Guide of the Best Digital Multimeter

As long as you have the right tool in your hand, you will be able to accomplish your task efficiently.

Before hitting the buy option, you should be aware of the characteristics that make a multimeter the best among all other multimeters.


Do you think all types of multimeters give an accurate reading? The fact is, due to cheap components or user mistakes, you can get the wrong reading from a multimeter.

Although DIY lovers or electronic enthusiasts don’t care about accuracy, accuracy is highly important. Because if you are getting the wrong reading from a multimeter, you will make the wrong decision by looking at the value.

And the wrong choice may lead you to a dangerous situation.

That is why professionals look for multimeters that provide an accurate reading.

Safety Options

If you are tackling circuits which have more than 30 – 35V in it, you should think of a multimeter that comes with safety options.

You can learn about the safety features of a multimeter from the measurement category rating. Also, the design will give you an idea of the safety features of a multimeter.

Inner blast armours, masked banana plugs on the probes, extensive flanges to avoid slippages, and separation slots are some of the safety features that a multimeter should contain.

Build and Durability

Top-notch quality multimeters come with long-lasting casing and polish. The standard colour of the best digital multimeter is black and yellow. This colour identification keeps your device away from any accidents and crushing.

Also durability is another important factor. Because if the device accidentally falls from your hand and it breaks, undoubtedly, this incident will break your heart too.

The best multimeter is built with quality material so that it can give a long-time service to its user.


If you are planning to do simple tasks, it is unnecessary to break the bank. An affordably priced multimeter will be able to meet your requirements. Even these multimeters have the ability to fulfil the demand of professionals too.


Digital multimeters are used for what?

Using a digital multimeter, you can repair, test, and install different electrical apparatuses such as batteries, electric motors, household wiring, and many others. Also, some other areas are construction sites. Different electric hand tools.Electrical items manufacturing industry.

How can I keep my digital multimeter away from damage?

Avoid overpowering your digital multimeter. Before turning the multimeter on/off, make sure you keep the signal level to its minimum.

What is the meaning of peak mode?

A signal has both extremely positive and negative voltage. Peak mode allows us to measure the highest positive and negative signals. For instance, +/- 169V will be the peak mode of a 120V signal.