5 Best Heat Gun to Buy In 2024

Best Heat Gun

The best heat gun is a versatile tool yet an affordable one. If you are a chemistry, physics, or engineering student, you have undoubtedly seen and worked with a heat gun. Looking at these subjects, don’t think that I will give you a lecture on these subjects to make you mad!

From DIY work to a commercial project, a heat gun proved one of the most necessary tools. You can use them to shrink tubing, dry wet wood, paint stripping, and more.

A heat gun looks like a hairdryer but generates much more heat than a hairdryer. In this article, we will share the best heat gun out there in the market that will make your work comfortable.

We know picking up from so many options will be difficult for you. So, in the end, we added a buying guide too. However, without delay, let me show you the playground.

Top 5 Best Heat Gun Reviews

1. PORTER-Cable Heat Gun, 1500-Watt, (PC1500HG)

How much temperature do you need from a heat gun? 500° F/ 750° F/ 1000° F? This heat gun will give the lowest 120° F and highest 1100° F of temperature.

Don’t think that I am a bluffing man; it’s true. This Porter-Cable heat gun is powerful and comes with high and low fan speeds, and you can control the airflow, too.

Both temperature and fan speed can be adjusted using separate dials. So, as you can adjust the airflow and temperature, what does it mean, can you say?

It means this heat gun is a versatile one that can perform different types of operations. Its weight is only 1 pound, making it lightweight and easy to control.

Due to its integrated stands, you will not feel discomfort while using it. All you need to do is turn the heat gun; thus, the backside will be on the ground, then start using it.

Keeping the balance at the back of this tool, it is designed with a little ridge at the end part of the backside of the handle. As a result, you can use both hands while performing your project and keep the heat gun on the ground when you are not using it.

However, a great tool that can meet all your requirements for your DIY project.


  • Adjustable airflow and temperature.
  • Efficient in versatile operation.
  • Designed to give you comfort.


  • Doesn’t come with additional accessories.

2. DEWALT Heat Gun with LCD Display & Hard Case


DEWALT Heat Gun with LCD Display & Hard CaseAccessory Kit (D26960K)


In continuation, DEWALT is the king of manufacturing different types of tools for both professionals and enthusiasts.

DEWALT introduced a D26960K Heat Gun that is powerful enough to perform in different projects. DEWALT manufactured this tool, keeping in mind that it provides the best user experience to its customers.

It has an LCD screen to let the customer read out the temperature, which can be adjusted at 50° increments. In contrast, the minimum is 150° F, and the maximum is 1100° F.

You will get 12 accessories available with it, and this unique feature makes it different from other heat guns. Thus, purchasing separate nozzles is unnecessary.

It comes with automatic overload technology. Using this technology, it automatically gets shut off when it gets overheated to avoid any unwanted situation.

Using its built-in ring, you can hang it to store on the wall safely. Also, controlling is easy because of its ergonomic and lightweight features.


  • Highlighted available accessories include a cone nozzle, scrapping tool, carrying case, etc.
  • Efficient performer.
  • LCD screen to look at the temperature level.


  • Unavailability of a cool-down feature.

3. Milwaukee Electric Tool Milwaukee 2688-20 Cordless Heat Gun


This Milwaukee Electric Cordless Heat Gun is our top pick because it has several versatile features. It comes with a compact design that you can work within a stable condition. Carrying this heat gun is so cool because of its overall length of 6.4” only.

If your workplace is a wet area where the availability of sunlight is reduced, no worries. Because it has a built-in LED light that will assist you in doing your job correctly in an efficient manner, the power source of this heat gun is a lithium-red battery.

With the help of its single XC 5.0 battery, you can heat more than 40 connections using it. A high-performance heating coil gives you the required temperature within 7 seconds only.

The temperature management system uses harness redlink intelligence. This technology confirms the maximum life of this heat gun.


  • LED lights to eliminate darkness from the working area.
  • Compact design.
  • Quick heating.


  • It does not come with a carrying case.

4. Master Appliance, HG-751B, Heat Gun, 750 to 1000F, 14.5A, 23 CFM

The Master Appliance, HG-751B Heat Gun, is made in the USA and is a commercial-graded heat gun. We all know the first impression is the best; at first sight, this heat gun will surprise you with its design.

Its design is uniquely different from other heat guns. Adjusting the temperature is straightforward in this heat gun. The temperature range started from 750° F and ended at 1000° F.

It heats up immediately with its 1,740-watt master appliance and doesn’t take time to cool down. Once you finish working with it, and if you are in a rush, press its large rubber-backed base and change the mode to “COLD.” Thus, it will get cool quickly.

Undoubtedly, you will be pleased with this high-powered heat gun’s performance. You will be more pleased to learn that this heat gun’s heating materials and motor brush are replaceable. Isn’t it cool? 

Other branded heat guns’ parts are non-replaceable, and unfortunately, the heating materials started burning out first. Then you have no other choice except to replace the full unit.

This heat gun is out of this risk. This means it is ready to give you a long period of service.


  • Unique design.
  • Easy cooling system.
  • Replaceable heating materials and motor brush.


  • Heavyweight, 2.02 pounds.

5. Steinel Heat Gun Kit, 25th Anniversary Edition


Regarding accuracy and safety, the Steinel Heat Gun is one of the best contenders to show its functionality in these 2 criteria.

Using a heat gun, you can save time, and it will assist you in building a fantastic structure. However, if you are seeking an affordable one with excellent performance, this heat gun will be a value-adding undoubtedly.

It has a controllable temperature system that you can adjust in 10° increments. Also, the range of the temperature is 120° – 1150°. Also, its microprocessor and LCD screen will allow you to control the temperature more precisely.

The DuraTheme heating material is enclosed with a ceramic coil, enabling it to deliver even heat and confirm as many years of service as possible.

Another good news is this heat gun version comes during the 25th anniversary of Steinel manufacturer, and they are offering 50% cut prices and additional accessories that have been added with this heat gun.

Moreover, an aluminum-based carrying case is available to care for and maintain the heat gun.


  • Impressive functional heat gun.
  • Microprocessor and LCD screen for precise temperature control.
  • It has come with a 50% lower price, including additional accessories.


  • Basic case.

What to consider before purchasing a heat gun?

We have now given you detailed information about the top 5 best heat guns roaming the market. Now, you can ask one question: what will I consider while purchasing a heat gun myself?

Well, to quench your thirst, we have created this section. Generally, all heat guns work following a simple technique. It pulls the air inside them, then throws the air out via a nozzle while the air comes through a heating material.

Heat guns are different based on the job they can do and how much comfort it provide to their users.

So, firstly, you need to identify for what purpose you will be using a heat gun. Maybe you are looking for a heat gun that can fulfill your requirements by doing a different task. Or maybe a heat gun to assist you in joining pipes or disrobing paint.

Heat Gun Types

  • Electric: The most common and necessary type of heat gun that you will find in the market. Both corded and cordless options are available to give you fantastic performance. An electric heat gun can generate a lot of heat quickly. Also, you can perform several tasks like crafting, small DIY projects, and even industrial operations using an electric heat gun.
  • Gas Powered: This gas-powered heat gun’s main benefit is its portable power. Generally, a gas-powered heat gun uses a fuel cell or cartridge filled with butane oil. Based on the size and temperature, you will find a variety of gas-powered heat guns at your nearest store. These heat guns also can be used in different construction projects.
  • Industrial: This type of heat gun is significant in size and more powerful than the other 2 types. They are highly expensive too. They are specially built to do tougher, harder, and more complex industrial or construction work and offer many additional features. If you are looking for a heat gun for your large industrial project, an industrial heat gun will be the best choice.

Final Words 

If you don’t use the heat gun properly, it may harm both humans and animals. Reading the instruction manual carefully and following it accurately is highly recommended.

When using a heat gun, don’t forget to use safety equipment and precautions like hand gloves, helmet, masks, and goggles, keep the heat gun away from your hair, and confirm your working environment is safe for using a heat gun. All must be considered before you start working with a heat gun.

From our top 5 best heat guns, pick the one that suits your needs meets your budget, and takes your working experience to the succeeding level. The reviews and buying guide will help you choose the right one. Best of luck!



 What are some common uses for a heat gun?

Heat guns are commonly used for stripping paint, bending plastics, shrinking heat shrink tubing, thawing frozen pipes, soldering, brazing, loosening rusted nuts and bolts, and removing flooring and adhesives.

What temperature settings do most heat guns have?

A: Most heat guns have variable temperature settings ranging from around 100°F to 1000°F. Some may go even higher, around 1200°F or more. Lower settings are good for working with plastics, and higher are for paint removal.

What safety precautions should I take when using a heat gun?

Wear protective gloves and eye protection. Avoid directing the heat flow at yourself or others. Do not leave a hot heat gun unattended or near flammable materials. Use scrap material to test temperatures before applying heat to your workpiece. Allow projects to cool before handling.

What features should I look for in a quality heat gun?

A: Look for adjustable temperature settings, a lightweight and ergonomic design, airflow control, a built-in stand, and safety features like automatic cut-off if overheated. Also, consider the wattage for power, warranties, and if nozzles/accessories are included.

What is the difference between a consumer heat gun and an industrial-grade one?

A: Industrial heat guns are designed for continuous heavy-duty use with metal housings, higher wattages above 2000W, and more airflow and temperature control.

Consumer models have lower wattages, around 1500W, and lighter plastic housings but offer adequate performance for DIYers.

How much can hotter a heat gun become?

Some heat gins are available in the market that can go up to 1,1100°F temperature in one go. The minimum temperature range of a heat gun is 90°F – 120°F.

Do I need to wear any protective gear while using a heat gun?

The design of a heat gun is similar to a hairdryer. But heat guns are more powerful, and if you don’t wear protective gear like goggles, they can harm you. Hand gloves will also protect your hands from high temperatures created by a heat gun.

Can I use a hairdryer as an alternative to a heat gun?

Yes, you can use it, but the result will not be very effective because a heat gun is eligible to create high temperatures. However, a hair dryer will not create a similar temperature to a heat gun.