10 Best Pruning Saws (Review) In 2023

Best Pruning Saws

Let me guess if you are reading this article. You might have been dealing with wood for many years. And you are looking for a tool that can clean up your front and back yard efficiently.

Did you discuss with anyone which tool can become handy in assisting you during the clean-up task?

Some might have advised you to go with a hand saw. Unfortunately, the hand saw is too small.

Some might have given the idea to choose a chainsaw. Bad luck; a chainsaw is over-skilled, even dangerous too.

Then, which tool should you use?

At this point, a pruning saw will be the best choice, undoubtedly.

Cleaning your yard will become so simple with a pruning saw, and the best pruning saw is not an expensive tool too.

If you are looking for an affordable and efficient pruning saw, you are in the ideal place.

After in-depth research, I have assembled the 10 best pruning saws 2023 to assist you in choosing the right model for you.


TARVOL Heavy Duty Pruning Saw


TARVOL Heavy Duty Pruning Saw

EverSaw Folding Hand Pruning Saw


EverSaw Folding Hand Pruning Saw

Corona Razor Tooth Folding Pruning Saw 

  • Premium Pick

The 10 Best Pruning Saws Reviews

In fact, the best pruning saw will give you comfortable service for an extended period. The price tag will be reasonable and versatile as well. While doing the research for the best pruning saw, I kept these points in my mind.

So whether you are a novice looking for a mid-priced pruning saw or a pruning master who wants to purchase the next buy, you can get information by reading this article.

1. REXBETI Heavy Duty Extra Long 11” Hand Folding Saw


REXBETI Heavy Duty Extra Long 11” Hand Folding Saw



Pruning blades need to be durably made and longer-lasting to do any pruning job efficiently. REXBETI Heavy Duty Extra Long 11” Hand Folding Saw is made of durable SK-5 steel suitable to cut 6” – 7” diameter branches without any hassle. Thanks to the manufacturer for introducing this exceptional reciprocating saw blade.

The length of the saw is 11,” and with the help of sharp teeth, you can easily prune backyard and front yard trees. Moreover, cutting deeper cuts will not be an issue with this long blade. The best thing about this blade is it will not get clogged in the middle of any pruning session.

With its 7 TPI, you will have an effortless cutting of wet rough wood. The blade will give you fast cutting, and the good news is it doesn’t get dull within a short time. The blade is impressively flexible and will not break whatever pressure you provide on it.

It is full of different safety features. The handle is long and polymer made with rubber coated providing additional comfort while pruning any trees. Both left and right-hand users, as well as small and large hands, will not face any hassle in operating the saw.

  • SK-5 steel-made construction confirms high durability.
  • Deep cutting with the help of an 11” long blade.
  • A comfortable rubber-coated handle will allow you to accomplish any challenging task with ease.
  • Re-sharpening is not a smooth process.

2. Corona Razor Tooth Folding Pruning Saw RS7265D


Corona Razor Tooth Folding Pruning Saw RS7265D



This pruning saw is designed in such a way as to let the user feel safe. Also, it is highly powerful that it will insist you love this pruning saw. The manufacturer, Corona, is a trustworthy company who always keeps its focus on providing the best products.

The best feature of this pruning saw is it comes with a hinged option. It means when you are not using the tool, you can fold the blade into the handle. This way, you remain safe from any accidental injury.

When the blade is expanded, you will have 3-sided razor teeth that are eligible to make tough cutting work smooth. Moreover, using this saw, you can cut logs or branches which are 5”-6” in diameter. For most pruners, it is a significantly wide diameter.

The handle is ergonomically designed that will fit in your palm comfortably. You will get the best service from the handle for many years, and using it is too convenient. The blade is chrome-plated and offers a long period of service.

All in all, this is one of the best foldable pruning saws at an affordable price available in the market.

  • Suitable for medium to large-sized branches.
  • Sharp and hardened blade.
  • Smoother and faster cutting.
  • The pivot point is weak.

3. TARVOL Heavy Duty Pruning Saw

TARVOL Heavy Duty Pruning Saw


With 7 teeth per inch and a 14” blade, this TARVOL heavy-duty pruning saw is capable enough to cut 8” branches without any issue. It means the blade is excellent and flexible in cutting larger branches. You can perform with your full efficiency with the help of a rubber-coated and pistol-shaped grip.

Barely will you find sheath with the similarly-priced pruning saw? The sheath of the pruning saw will give you full protection during its idle period. The great feature of the sheath is; you can easily fasten it to a belt.

This pruning saw is lightweight, and your hands will not get tired if you work with it for a long time. Due to the bright green color, you can easily trace it from the crowd of other tools. If you find any fault or issue in the sheath or any other tools, customer service is ready to give you a replacement without asking any questions.

  • 14” curved and long blade.
  • Pistol-style grip.
  • Impressive customer service.
  • You have to struggle to open the blade from the sheath.

4. EverSaw Folding Hand Pruning Saw


Do you love hiking and camping? And missing your pruning saw, which doesn’t come with a carrying option? Well, EverSaw came up with a solution for trip lovers and introduced this folding hand pruning saw, which has a sharp 8” blade and is foldable too. Besides, it can take its place in the corner of your pocket easily when you are on a trip.

You don’t need to worry about the durability of this pruning saw. This premium quality material-based blade confirms; it will never bend or break when you are operating a tough cutting operation. The 8” blade can cut any type of material listed to wood, bone, or plastic, which has a diameter of 4” maximum.

You will love the gear lock mechanism, which secures the blade gently to its position. Thus, an unexpected close or snap will not lead you to any hazardous situation.

It comes with a beautiful portable toolbox that you can give this item as a gift to your beloved one. This is a genuinely multi-purpose pruning saw that can provide you with a hassle-free sawing experience during camping beside a beautiful lake.

  • Foldable blade.
  • Gear-styled lock for additional security.
  • 8” carbon steel blade.
  • Bit pricier compared to other pruning saws.

5. TABOR Tools T6 Folding Saw


Except for TABOR tools T6, I have no other choice but to give the place of budget-friendly in this list. Indeed, without any competition, this pruning saw has gained this place. By hearing budget-friendly, don’t presume it will not give you premium quality performance. The reality is it will not give you any chance to raise your fingers about its performance.

The blade is straight, 8”, and sturdy with a rust-free feature that works significantly in limbing trees such as oaks or pines.

The handle is red-colored, and thus you can easily find this saw from the deepest corner of your toolbox. When it is folded, you can comfortably keep it in your pocket. The locking system is not a complex one, which will let you use the saw easily.

While working with the saw, it will not slip out from your hand due to its non-slip material-based build. It is compatible with taking its place at any hand size. The handle contains a quick storage hole that offers secure storage in a wall.

  • Sharp 8” teeth.
  • Easy to operate.
  • The maximum cut-able diameter is 4”.
  • Plastic-made handle.

6. Amazon Basics Folding Pruning Saw 7” Blade


Amazon Basics Folding Pruning Saw 7” Blade


If you are looking for a simple and easy gardening tool, this pruning saw will be the best choice without any confusion. Cutting any green branches will become impressively easy with its sharp blade. You will get highly efficient performance from this durable pruning saw. Its weight is only 8.2 ounces, which makes it a lightweight gardening tool.

You don’t need to be worried because of its massively sharp blade that may lead you to any unwanted situation. The good news is; you can fold the blade when it is not in use.

It will not only assist you as a gardening tool, but also you can use this as your survival tool during hiking or camping. You can carry it either in your pocket or tote bag.

One of the best features of this tool is, if required, you can use both of your hands while working with it. Moreover, your hands will never get tired of operating this tool for an extended period.

To sum up, this tool is an excellent deal for gardening and other outside task. You can proficiently use this tool as a hunting knife or any other task during a trip.

  • 7” blade for pruning branches.
  • It is highly built.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • Flimsy construction.

7. Fiskars Folding Pruning Saw (93516935)

Fiskars Folding Pruning Saw (93516935)



If you are a fan of big names, you should look at the features of Fiskars Folding Pruning Saw (93516935). Fiskar is a brand that never compromises on quality. This pruning saw contains all the basics that make it one of the best pruning saws surfing in the market.

The size of the blade is 7,” which is not only powerful but also efficient to let you accomplish your task without any hassle. This 7” blade is merely big enough to let you keep it in your pocket or tote bag.

The price is pretty reasonable, but regarding quality, there is no compromise, as stated earlier. If you are thinking about satisfaction, no doubt this pruning saw will fulfill all your requirements to satisfy you.

It is specially designed for cleaning thick branches. Similarly, its razor-sharp teeth will allow you to cut wood without any problem. The manufacturer gives particular care to the grip. Thus, non-slip material confirms comfortable gripping.

  • Eligible to accomplish any small task efficiently.
  • Inexpensive, yet quality confirmed.
  • Product from a renowned brand.
  • Weak locking mechanism.

8. FUJIWARA Folding Pruning Saw 8.” 


FUJIWARA Folding Pruning Saw 8” 


Looking for a pruning saw that is promised to provide long service? FUJIWARA saw is a new name in the gardening tool industry, and within a short time, they have created buzzwords with their premium quality tools. This 8” steel pruning saw is also singing a song of high quality that you can trust this product to get top performance.

By looking at its performance, it will insist you give a new name to this product, which should be “Mr. Dependable.” Yes, this pruning saw will take all responsibility related to trimming trees and shrubs. Your arms will never get tired if you work with this tool for a whole day.

Yes, I am not joking! Its blister-free grip will give you comfortable gripping. And you will be able to get an efficient cut without the bumps and staining.

It will let you save money because this 8” steel-made blade will give you long time service without any doubt. Thus, you don’t need to find a replacement for this saw within a short time.

  • A sharp blade that is ready to provide efficient performance.
  • Relaxed grip design.
  • The blade is made of steel, which confirms long-lasting service.
  • The blade angle is absurd.

9. Fiskars Extendable Tree Pruner (93016059J)


Another product from the manufacturer, Fiskars, is on this list. It will be an injustice if I don’t keep this product in the top 10 pruning saws. This tool is a combination of a pruner and a lopper. The size of the pruning blade is 15”. Yes, it is 15”; I didn’t type the wrong number. Also, it has a lopper that can cut up to 1-1/4” thick branches without any disturbance.

With the help of this pruning saw, a pruner can solve the most common problem that a pruner faces while cutting a thin branch. Generally, thin branches get bumped when you are cutting them with a blade. As this design has a lopper with an extendable pruner, you will not face the same problem again while cutting thin branches with it.

Using the pull cord system, you can operate this pruning saw from the ground. You will be amazed by learning about the cutting power of this saw. The cutting power of this pruning saw is 2X times more than a typical pruner because of its power-lever technology.

  • Comparatively better than other pruners.
  • The pruning blade size is 15”.
  • Variable grip.
  • Blade’s performance is inconsistent.

10. Samurai Ichiban Pruning Saw (GC-330-LH)

Samurai Ichiban Pruning Saw (GC-330-LH)



While working with this pruning saw, you will feel like you are a samurai with its 13” blade that is good enough to make smooth and clean pruning. The scabbard is well-constructed from heavy.

The saw will not get slipped, or no sudden fall down will happen because of its rubberized handle. Moreover, the rubber coating on the handle will make the grip comfortable, undoubtedly.

The curved blade confirms this blade is highly efficient. High-quality material makes the blade durable enough that it doesn’t break or bend during any action. You will get additional stability, and the cutting will be easier due to the curved blade.

While handling, you need to be very cautious because the blade is tremendously sharp.

  • Robust and harsh blade.
  • The curved blade gives effortless cutting.
  • Easy use due to comfy grip.
  • Holder quality is poor.

Best Pruning Saw Buying Guide

Do you want to spend your valuable time and money on any cheap tool? Definitely No, right? But sometimes you make a mistake and purchase the wrong product. It happens because you were not cautious about a few factors that you need to keep in mind.

Below are some essential factors that you should note down.

Manufacturer and Quality of the Material

It will be a wise decision to purchase any tool from a reputed company. You will never regret purchasing a product from a renowned manufacturer. They promised to provide a high-quality product to their customer. Moreover, you will get significant service from their customer service.

Let’s assume you have a sharpened pruning saw, but the handle is broken. Will it come to any use? The material quality of a pruning saw is also significantly essential. And a renowned manufacturer always uses high-quality materials to build pruning saws.

Blade Size and Sharpness

In the market, you will find a curved and straight-shaped blade. Both the curvature and thickness play a vital role in blade performance.

Will you purchase a pruning saw that is dull? For sure, No. A dull pruning saw will kill both your time and money.

How will you know about the sharpness of the blade of any model? Read the reviews online. Also, learn how to re-sharpen a dull blade. This will help you when your blade gets dull.


Handling a pruning saw comfortably entirely depends on the handle. You will get a quality performance from a pruning saw if only the handle is made of top-notch quality material. Besides, to ensure safety and durability, more definite joint points with the blade is inevitable.

Handles are available with a pistol or telescoping pole grip. Learn which type of handle will give you much comfort while trimming.

Shape of Teeth

Teeth are the major part of a pruning saw, which is playing the game precisely. As they come into physical contact with the wood, they directly affect the pruning. So, avoiding the importance of a quality blade will be a wrong decision. Moreover, you need to keep the TPI and size of the teeth in consideration.


Do you need to prune your garden daily? Then you have no other choice except to look for a durable pruning saw. Because it is unnecessary to invest in pruning, saw every after few months. The durability of a pruning saw depends on sturdy and high-quality material.


Do you know how much weight your pruning saw can bear? Or how much thicker or sturdier branch can it cut? You need to know the answer. The best way of learning the solution is to determine what type of task you are going to do with your pruning saw.

Obviously, a heavy pruning saw will assist you in handling thicker and more rigid branches.


When you are working with a pruning saw, you can’t avoid taking safety precautions. Pruning saw blades are exceptionally rough and sharp. Your selected pruning saw should contain safety features that will protect you and your surrounding people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do blade materials play a vital role when purchasing a pruning saw?

Yes. Through the blade material quality, you will know how long the pruning saw will last. Choose a pruning saw that is made from high-carbon steel. Since pruning saw blades are hard to sharpen and replacement blades are also challenging to find. So, the blade material has to be much more durable.

How many types of pruning saws are available?

Pruning saws are 4 types: hand saw, folding saw, bow saw, and pole saw. Each of them is unique in its characteristics, and they have their strengths and weaknesses.

Do I need to pick a pruning saw that is available with safety features?

Since pruning saw blades are sharp and can do harm if handled carelessly, so pruning saws should come with safety features like a non-grip handle and locking mechanism.

Summing Up

For all gardeners, a pruning saw is a vital tool. To take care of your yards and lawn, all the pruning saws mentioned above can assist you with their efficient performance.