Top 5 Best Rosin Press to Buy In 2024

Top 5 Best Rosin Press

Recently, different types and models of rosin press have been hitting the market. And picking the best rosin press under $500 is a tricky task.

Well, can you use all these affordable rosin presses available in the market?

The fact is, cheaply made rosin press will not give you the best result. The accurate heat and force will not come in the rosin press machine, and the required extraction will not happen.

A quality rosin press will use the best processing method with accurate pressure and heat to extract resin from marijuana plants.

However, this is a guideline that will assist you in finding a quality rosin press. Also, a buying guide section will give you a clear understanding of the characteristics of a quality rosin press.

Without causing a further delay, let’s start the discussion.

Top-rated Rosin Press


Top 5 Best Rosin Press Machine Reviews

After looking at several rosin press features and options and working with them practically, I have created a list of the top 5 best rosin presses. Let’s go through all five rosin press reviews.

1. Dabpress 10 – Best Rosin Press Under $500

Dabpress 10 Ton Rosin Press Machine


Key Features:

  • Aluminum-made body construction.
  • Aluminum-made body construction. Drip technology.
  • Replaceable PID temperature controller.

It is one of the best rosin presses that is made of durable 6061 aluminium, and the sticks are stainless steel-made, which ensures high durability.

The 4 pieces of a linear bearing confirm the optical lineup. And there is no doubt this rosin press machine will give you many years of service.

The design is compact and small, and it is equipped with a 10-ton replaceable hydraulic cylinder.

You will also get a hydraulic hand pump along with a gauge. With its 10-ton pressure force, the machine has become one of the best rosin presses on the market.

You will love to hear the Dabpress 10-Ton Rosin Press Machine comes with innovative drip technology. With the help of this technology, the drip falls into the baking paper without any mistakes.

Besides, the machine doesn’t get overheated, and you will not feel any problems while using it. Additionally, the bamboo insulation layers provide extra safety for the unit.

One of the best features of this unit is it is impressively portable and the best home rosin press. The weight is only 32 lbs. And thus, you will not face any issues carrying it at any place.

If you own a professional printing business or use it at home, this feature is an ideal solution.

Furthermore, the PID temperature controller is replaceable. Plug-in parts are used to make the controller, and you will get a maximum temperature of up to 399°F.


  • It doesn’t get overheated.
  • Portable, no hassle while carrying.
  • Delivers temperature up to 399°F.


  • No pump included.

2. Dulytek DM800 Best rosin press under 200

Dulytek DM800 Rosin Press Machine


Key Features:

  • Lightweight.
  • Dual heating plates.
  • Double temperature option.

It is a model that is too effective in its performance. You will find the DM800 heat press is one of the lightweight models in the heat press industry, making it the best at-home rosin press. The maximum pressing force of the unit is 1000 lbs, which is pretty impressive.

The DM800 is an ideal unit for personal use. With its impressive lightweight feature, you can effortlessly carry it in your hand. Also, you can take it to any party, gathering, or travelling.

Operating the machine is straightforward and fun. Using any additional equipment is unnecessary when you are operating it.

You will find a digital controller with the DM800 personal heat press. The controller is placed at the backside of the press. You must set the temperature for its 2” X 3” double central heating plates.

To ensure your comfort, the Dulytek DM800 Rosin Press Machine comes with dual temperature options, Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Moreover, it has a pressure variable nut that will allow you to regulate the highest volume of power that is required for your material at the time of extraction.

Interestingly, the best cheap rosin press will get a beginner’s kit without cost. The unit contains a silicone mat (1 pcs), stainless steel collection tools (dual-sided, 2 pcs), 10 inches by 7 inches parchment paper (10-sheet), a lidded silicone storage container (1 pcs) and 4 magnets.

It is primarily suitable for small batches, and within the price range, you will get excellent performance from the DM800 personal heat press.


  • It is constructed with high-quality materials.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Easily fits in your tote bag.


  • The handle is tough to pull down.

3. Dulytek DHP7 Rosin Press Machine

Dulytek DHP7 Rosin Press Machine


Key Features:

  • Innovative touch screen.
  • Solid aluminum-made body.
  • Thick and soft grip.

The Dulytek DHP7 Rosin Press Machine is equipped with all the necessary features to meet your needs; this could be one of the best inexpensive rosin presses.

It is specially designed for DIY lovers, business people, hobbyists, and other persons in between. Setting up of the tool is so simple, that is the reason it has become one of the popular Rosin Press machines surfing in the market.

You can’t resist saying “WOW!” after hearing the dimensions of the plate. It is 6 inches X 2.5 inches, which offers you sufficient space for medium to large decals.

The plate is made of aluminium as well as insulated and heated up by 2 particles so that you can get even and quick heat up. Additionally, the maximum force is 1400 lbs, which is pretty powerful.

It comes with an innovative grip that is soft and thick, and this way, the unit has become straightforward to use.

Also, you will not face any problems while adjusting the settings, and switching from one setting to another is much more comfortable.

Moreover, controlling the advanced touch screen is easy, and a beginner can handle the machine without any hassle. All you need to do is press the icons on the screen and swipe through the settings until you find the best one.

Once you complete setting up the heat and time, let the machine accomplish the rest. The maximum temperature is 232°C, which makes the Dulytek DHP7 V3 hydraulic Rosin Press Machine suitable for any project.


  • Sufficient plate size for medium to large decals.
  • Comfortable carrying.
  • Suitable for all types of tasks.


  • Bit pricier.

4. Mypress Gen 2 Rosin Press Machine

Mypress Gen 2 Rosin Press Machine


Key Features:

  • LED counter display.
  • Stainless steel-made body.
  • Efficient.

The Mypress Gen 2 portable Rosin Press Machine comes with all comfortability options. It is lightweight and small in size. The unit is designed in such a way that you can carry it at any place.

The dimension of the axiom plate is 3” X 3” and made of stainless steel. Using the plates, it can deliver heat ranges of 160° F – 280° F in 10° increments.

The device offers enough surface area so that you can press your materials most efficiently. Also, you don’t need to press it with maximum manual force.

Nominal physical force is enough to lock the plates that are made of stainless steel. After the plates get locked, the machine will do all the necessary tasks to give you the best result.

You can’t resist loving the exceptional LED counter display. The display will show you accurate pressing timing.

As a result, you will be able to control the press more precisely, as you will get the best result from the press machine.

As soon as you press the axiom plate, the counter will start taking time. And it will freeze just after you open the plates again.


  • Effortless use when using.
  • The rosin press is exceptionally portable.
  • It provides accurate data and saves it for future reference.


  • Produces a very small amount of rosin, ideal for personal use.

5. Dabpress 4-ton Best budget rosin press Machine

Dabpress 4-ton Rosin Press Machine


Key Features:

  • 4-ton bottle jack.
  • Accurate controlling.
  • 399°F maximum temperature.

Dab Press is a well-known rosin press machine manufacturer with a reputation for manufacturing quality Rosin Press Machines. The design is fantastic and lightweight so that you can carry it anywhere without problems.

It can be your best personal rosin press. Impressively, it doesn’t have any plastic parts in its construction. The unit is manufactured with high-quality materials and components to provide you with long service.

No matter what project you accomplish with it, it is promised to give you service for many years. It will provide consistent performance with accurate temperature and deliver the same temperature you selected in the controller.

Dabpress 4-ton Rosin Press Machine comes with extended safety features like the bamboo insulation layer. It contains an easy controller that will allow you to set the machine temperature up to 399°F.

The price range is within an affordable area, and it is a high Rosin Press Machine for professionals. Even a beginner can use it because of its easy operating process.


  • Flexible handle that ensures no pain in the wrist.
  • No plastic components.
  • Accurate reading.


  • Lack of instruction.

Buying Guide | Characteristics of the Best Rosin Press

Well, as you have already gone through the review of the top 5 quality rosin presses, it is also significantly important to learn the characteristics of the best rosin press.

For this reason, I have created this section. Learn the characteristics of an excellent rosin press.


To get high-quality rosin, you have no choice except depending on the temperature.

If the temperature is between 150°F 220°F, you will get a better flavour but less yield rosin press. And if the temperature range is between 220°F 250°F, the resin will have less flavour but better yield.

Generally, choosing a rosin press that can provide more than 300°F temperature would be best.


The characteristic “pressure” should get 2nd priority when looking for a rosin press.

You should look for the best press for a rosin that has a minimum of 500PSI pressure. However, you will also get rosin presses in the market, which are available with 1300PSI pressure, which is enough for most applications.

Let’s say,

A 10-ton press = 20,000 lbs. If you have a 4″x5″ plate = 20 square inches.

Hence, 20,000/20 = 1,000 PSI

Note: The above calculation is for your guide only.

The result will always vary depending on the temperature, pressure, and material.

Digitized Temperature Controlling

As I stated earlier, temperature plays a vital role in getting quality rosin. The temperature will either break or make the full extraction process.

You will get a minimal amount of yield if you decide to go with a cool temperature. Conversely, if the temperature is too high, the oil will get burned.

You can easily control the temperature using a digitalized temperature controller. With the help of a digitalized temperature controller, you can set the temperature accurately.

Most quality rosin press machine comes with a digitized temperature controller.

Accurately Sized Heat Plate

Many people have a common understanding that a large plate will give large production.

But that is not the fact. The truth is, this will lead you to burned rosin, which is undoubtedly poor quality.

You will get the best rosin extraction from narrow and long heat plates. This type of plate will allow rosin to move faster and move to the corner that provides impressive quality rosin.

Rosin Press FAQ

What is a rosin press?

A rosin press is a heat press machine used to extract and harvest rosin from plant materials like cannabis or hemp. It applies controlled heat and pressure to plants placed inside to melt trichomes and extract the rosin.

What should I look for in a good rosin press?

Look for presses with sturdy construction, high-strength pressure, even plate heating, precise temperature controls, and excellent heat retention. Quality manufacturing, warranty, and customer support are also important.

What size plates do I need?

Common plate sizes are 3×3 inches up to 10×10 inches. Bigger plates allow larger loads but cost more. For personal use, 4×4 or 5×5-inch plates are ideal. Commercial producers need 8×8 or 10×10 inch plates.

What are the best rosin press brands?

The top brands for rosin presses are DabPress, NugSmasher, Sasquash, and ROSIN Tech. They build high-quality presses suited for personal or commercial rosin extraction needs.

Can you make rosin from weed without a press?

It is possible but difficult and less efficient. A proper press applies optimized, controlled heat and pressure for much higher rosin yields. Hand pressing is not recommended.

How much do rosin presses cost?

Personal presses with 3×3 or 4×4 inch plates cost $200-$800. Commercial/industrial presses range from $1500-$5000+ depending on size and features.

What safety tips should I follow when using a rosin press?

Wear heat-resistant gloves when operating. Place on a stable, non-flammable surface. Ensure proper ventilation. Allow plates to fully cool before handling. Keep away from children. Follow manufacturer guidelines.

What is the best temperature to press rosin?

Providing the right temperature is essential to get good rosin. If you love honey-like consistency, the temperature should be lower (180°F – 210°F), and to get a sap-like result, the temperature has to be higher (210°F – 250°F).

What is the best rosin press for the money?

Dabpress 10 Ton Rosin Press is the best value rosin press machine on the market.

What characteristics make a rosin press good?

A good rosin press will have the following characteristics. Consistent and even heat distribution.Rectangular-shaped plate.


Picking the best rosin press machine depends on your personal use. It is always essential to learn your requirements before purchasing a rosin press.

I have shown some of the best quality rosin presses. All you need to do is, before purchasing, be sure your selected rosin press will meet all your needs. And then make a precise decision.

One last piece of advice is never to go for a cheap rosin press. They will cost you more rather than save you money.