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In this article we will learn about the best URL shortener to earn money online and how we can earn from it. URL Shortener is one of the easy and profitable ways that does not require a great effort. Profit from Url shortener is one of the most common ways to earn from the internet as it has the advantage of being easy in dealing and ease of profit strategies, especially for beginners.

How does a link shortener work?

As it appears from the name, a URL shortener is a process of shortening URLs (link shortening). Basically, it is a method of shortening long URL links into shorter links that can redirect the visitor to the target URL.

URL shortener sites allow bloggers and publishers to generate more revenue when a user clicks on the shortened link. It is the best way to make money online, having a website or professional skills is not mandatory.

The Internet market is home to many websites. However, many scams and fake sites do not pay and engage in fraudulent activities. Therefore, you should always work with legitimate and real websites that pay at the right time to make money online.

It took a lot of my efforts and time to research and I was able to find some of the best URL Shorteners to earn money that is reliable and always pay on time. Shortening URLs and earning money with ULR shorteners is an easy game; All you have to do is register on the URL shortener site, followed by shortening the link you want to promote, and eventually generating revenue.

Which is the highest paying link shortener?

Are you looking for the best and highest paying URL shortener sites to fill your pockets in 2022? Do you have high organic traffic on your youtube, blogger, or website but you are still not led to earning a significant amount of money? We inform you! Today is your lucky day because we are going to discuss the most reliable and highest paying URL shortener, This article will explore the list of top highest paying URL shortener sites that you can use to earn money.

How to shorten URLs and earn money?

To earn from URL shortener sites, you should understand the mentality of prospective visitors and then publish links that they care about to bring in a lot of traffic. This will be converted to profit. You can withdraw it after reaching the minimum draw.

The way URL shortener sites work is based on fetching your own links from anywhere and then shortening them. You can publish them on your sites, forums Facebook groups… If you do not have a source of visitors, you can join large Facebook groups and Google Plus

You spread your links in these groups using an interesting style – away from misinformation – and eventually, you do By placing the link, this ensures that you will not be banned from the group and benefit visitors from the link as well as profit yourself

To choose the best URL shortener to make money you need to put several factors to apply to the URL shortener sites

Choosing the right URL shortener sites can be determined by these factors

  • Web Design
  • The site’s age
  • Price of 1000 clicks in all countries.
  • Minimum Payout
  • Payment Dates

These factors are important but there are some sites that may abandon one of these factors and this does not diminish the company. But in this case, you need to look for payment proofs of these sites.

How do you earn money from shortening links?

Earning money from URL shorteners is probably the quickest, simplest, and easiest way. All you have to do is shorten the URL and share it with the users. For example, if you shorten a YouTube video link and then share it on social media sites like Facebook.

When users click on the short link, they will be redirected to YouTube but have to watch an ad for 5-10 seconds before they get to the video. After 10 seconds, users have the option to continue watching the ad or skip it to watch the YouTube video, using the Skip Ad button.

It looks great! right?

URL advertisers will pay you to display their ads on your links.

Without having to wait for more information, let’s discuss our list of the top 20 highest paying URL shorteners.


Best URL Shortener To Earn Money Online 2022


#1 ( Former Cut-urls) url shortener (Cut URLs) is one of my favorites hands down it’s the best URL shortener to earn money at the moment! You can earn up to $15 per 1000 views. they have one of the highest CPM and their referral program is %15 which can be more profitable. The payment methods are PayPal, PTC, Payer, Skrill, and Western Union. I also have received several payments with the site and I definitely recommend it.

There is only one downside of this URL shortener it has sometimes delayed the payment which can be up to 3 days. Other than that if you are looking for the best URL shortener that can pay you through bitcoin and other famous payment methods then is your option.


The minimum withdrawal is: $5

Payment methods are: PayPal, PTC, Payer, Skrill, Airtm, Advcash and PerfectMoney

Referral Bonus: 15%


#2 ShrinkEarn


ShrinkEarn url shortener

ShrinkEarn is one of the most trusted and old URL shorteners in the game. With high CPM rates and daily payments. If you want to earn money with ShrinkEarn then short any long URL link using their tools and then share it anywhere online, if anyone clicks on your shortened links then you will be paid. Currently, ShrinkEarn is offering up to $20 per 1000 visits with the lowest CPM of $3.


They are paying on a daily basis (payment within 12 hours).
Its minimum cashout limit is only 5$.

Also, it offers a 25% referral commission to all its users.

ShrinkEarn pays using multiple payment methods: PayPal, Skrill, Payeer, WebMoney Z, Airtm, Bitcoin, USDT

Perfect Money, PaySera, and UPI (India)




FC.LC is another URL Shortener to earn money online with a different style, it has some decent CPM rates it varies from a minimum of 3.5$ up to 10$. The minimum payout is $5, also you can withdraw your balance daily! FC.LC has many payment options such as PayPal, Payoneer, Payeer, and Bitcoin, and has the advantage of counting multiple views from the same visitor. FC is one of the best highest paying URL Shorteners.


The minimum withdrawal is $3

Payment methods are: PayPal, PTC, Payer, Payoneer, and WebMoney Z


#4 ShrinkMe Url Shortner

ShrinkMe is the Best URL Shortener to monetize your traffic. You can trust ShrinkMe as they always pay on time. You can earn the highest payout rates and can expect to earn up to $220 per 10000 views. The minimum payout is $5.00, and the payment is made Daily through Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Paytm, UPI, PhonePe, Skrill, etc. They also offer 24×7 support through Live Chat, Skype, and FB Messenger.

The ShrinkMe also gives $1 as a Sign-Up Bonus. They also run a referral program through which you can refer your friends and receive a 20% referral bonus of their earnings for a lifetime. You can see the real payment proof on this website. Simply visit the site and click on the payment proof section in the menu.


Free $1 Sign-Up Bonus

Daily Payment

$5 minimum payout: The minimum payout is $5 and it is not hard to achieve if you have good traffic on your website.

Payment Methods: You can receive your payment through PayPal,Payeer,Airtm ,WebMoneyZ,Perfect Money (USD),PhonePe,Paytm ,UPI,USDT (TRC20) ,Litecoin,Bank Transfer

Referral Bonus: 20% for Lifetime



#5 ouo



Ouo is one of the best URL shorteners to earn money and it’s among the oldest, Ouo is another fastest-growing profit URL shortener with amazing features and services to make money online. Ouo offers a profit of up to $5 per 1000 views, the opposite of adfly which gives you a profit of $5 for every 10,000 views, and the minimum payment is $5 via PayPal and other payment methods are also available. Ouo make it on our list of best URL shorteners to earn money online

$5 minimum payout: The minimum payout is $5 and it is not hard to achieve if you have good traffic on your website.

Payment Methods: You can receive your payment through PayPal, Bitcoin, Payer, and Payoneer




Clk. sh is also one of the trusted URL shortener sites because it is the other brother of ShrinkEarn. without thinking, if you are looking to earn money with a high CPM rate Clk is a great URL shortener to make money online. Currently, it is paying up to $20 per 1000 visits with the lowest CPM of $3. Also, it offers a 25% referral commission to all its users to refer to other users.


The minimum payment is only: $5 with daily payments

Payment options are: PayPal, Skrill, Bank Transfer, and UPI

Referral Bonus: 25%




ally-review offers a profit rate between $1 to $10 for different regions. provides you with a basic account that is free when you register and the other with features. The minimum payment is $1 via PayPal, Payza, and Skrill and $20 by Payoneer payment.


#8 Adfly

Adfly is one of the best URL shorteners to earn money because it is a reliable site that pays on time. You can get about $5 for every 10,000 views via your URL.

The minimum payment is $5 which is decent compared to other sites. The site is reliable and you can get paid by PayPal or Payoneer. Most people use ADFLY as they are an old and legal company, and trusted to shorten links and earn money that takes the best care of their clients.


#9 Shorte

Shorte is a site that gives you $2 per 1000 views for your URL link and the minimum payment is $5. If you are not satisfied with paying any much you can make money from the referral system will give you 20% off referrals. Shorte User-friendly Payment can be obtained securely via Paypal and Payoneer. Good URL shortener to make money online.


Conclusion: Best URL Shortener To Earn Money

This is a list of the best and highest paying URL shortener sites that you can use to generate a massive amount of money. All platforms are trustworthy and 100% reliable, just choose one from the list and start filling your pockets. I hope the article will save you time and help you achieve your goal of making money online without any big effort.

Now you know what a URL shortener is, all you have to do is share a link and earn money hope I have been helpful to you. That’s all for the best URL shortener to earn money online If you have any questions about the sites drop a comment and don’t hesitate to share your opinions with us.


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