The Bosch CS10 Review: Is It Worth the Investment?

The Bosch CS10 Review

Anyone associated with the artisan and crafting industry already knows about Bosch due to its name and fame for producing top-tier products.

They excel even better when it comes to manufacturing circular saws. Similarly, the Bosch CS10 circular saw offers everything you need, from a powerful 15 AMP motor to variable and smooth cuts.

Furthermore, the circular saw brings great durability and easiness at work. But these are only the top of the mountain that lies under the surface. And in today’s Bosch CS10 Review, we are going to investigate the worthiness of investment in the circular saw.

So, shall we start?

Bosch CS10 Circular Saw Review

The CS 10 circular saw is a piece of great equipment for those who ardently need a powerful saw machine for professional and commercial purposes.

Anyone looking for a budget-friendly yet high-quality and featureful circular saw is going to love Bosch CS 10 circular saw. Here’s a look at the most components prominent features and benefits of CS10.


A Power Motor

For professionals who generally handle big projects, a powerful circular saw is a must-have thing. Thus, artisans would love using CS10 since it comes with a motor that generates 15AMP power.

Also, the brushed motor is one of the most durable engines of its calibre available in the market right now. Thus, even non-professionals can handle the circular saw without thinking about damaging the motor.

Superior RPM for Faster Ad Accurate Works

Bosch CS10 7-1/4” circular saw comes with 5800 RPM speed provided plenty of support by the stealthy motor. You will be glad to know that RPM is one of the leading in the circular saw industry.

The fast-spinning of the circular saw means you will be able to complete the work faster. Also, higher RPM supports accurate finish in the works. So, you should enjoy working with the CS10 circular saw.

Incredible Beveling and Cutting Capacity

Incredible Beveling and Cutting Capacity

When you buy a high-quality circular saw, you want the best cutting and beveling capacity with it. Am I right?

Embrace the circular saw with one of the highest bevelings in the industry. Yes, it can cut with a 56° angle, which is unthinkable since most manufacturers provide only 57° beveling.

During the positive detentions, CS 10 can cut at 22.5° and 45° angles. Therefore, you will get one of the best versatilities with this circular saw from Bosch.

And at 90-degree, CS10 can cut between 2-7/16 inches in depth. Therefore, you will get a good cutting depth with the handy tool.

Lightweight and Durable Design

Bosch builds the circular with comfort and durability in mind. So, CS10 can be the very last device of its class that you might need to purchase. First off, its 10.2lbs weight is light enough to support your one-hand portability.

It also ensures you won’t feel fatigued while transporting the tool. However, the weight distribution isn’t evenly distributed, which may sometimes cause slight problems.

For durability, Bosch has used magnesium to build the footplate. Hence, it ensures premium steadiness in real life. Also, the blade guard comes with an anti-snug feature. It thus provides the blade remains safe even during demanding work conditions.

Better Reach

During our Bosch CS 10 review, we found that the circular saw comes with a 10 feet cord. So, you can reach further with the circular saw.

It means that even if the workpiece is at a distance, you can easily reach and work with it. It is beneficial for operating in a large workplace.

Dust Cleaning

Since you will be operating with woodblocks, naturally, it will produce lots of specs dust. It can soon make the workplace dirty. Thus, it would be prominently best if you had a proper clean-up mechanism while working with a good-quality circular saw.

Thus, the provided blower with CS10 circular will assist you in cleaning the workplace and keeping it tidy.

Easy Visibility

When you work with woodblocks to make furniture, a smooth finish is the ultimate goal. To achieve satisfactory smoothness, visibility of the workpiece is a must. In this regard, CS 10 ensures the highest visibility with an added porthole.

Thus, you get a clear-cut line to look at the workpiece. It makes sure the work has premium accuracy and a smooth finish.

Key Features:

  • Robust design with a cast magnesium footplate.
  • The blower has a patented louver design for duct removal.
  • The 10-foot cord ensures easy reach to too-far corners.
  • At 90-degree, it cuts between 2-7/16 inches.
  • The beveling capacity is 56 degrees.
  • Depth adjustment facility for consistent performance.
  • You can replace the end cap with ease.
  • Ergonomic switch and handle grip.
  • 15 AMP motor provides unmatched strength.
  • The sightline has been recently optimized for increased worksite visibility.


  • Only 10.2 lbs lightweight design.
  • Saw hook for convenient storage.
  • Lower guard protection with the anti-snug feature.
  • Consistent spindle lock mechanism.
  • Cost-cutting price tag.


  • Uneven weight distribution.
  • During long cuts, the blade sometimes wanders.
  • Issues with the squaring.

Watch the quick video review!

Bosch 7-1/4 in. Circular Saw - CS10

Bosch CS10-RT Review (FAQs)

Is CS 10 for left-hand use?

No, CS 10 Circular Saw from Bosch isn’t for left-hand use. It comes with only right-hand use. Nonetheless, if you want a usable left-hand saw, Bosch CS5 is ideal since it comes with all the benefits of CS 10.

Does Bosch provide any carry bag with the saw?

No, Bosch doesn’t include a carry bag with CS 10 circular saw. However, the manufacturer gives a zip bag for easy transportation.

Is CS 10 usable with a rip guide?

Yes, Bosch has made CS 10 for compatibility with rip guides or fences. However, you will need to purchase the rip fence separately.


Bosch cs10 vs Makita 5007mg?

The Bosch CS10 is very comparable to the Makita 5007MG in power and performance. The Bosch gives you marginally more cutting capacity and speed.

The Makita is a bit lighter weight. For most users, either saw would perform well for general home and job site use. Personal preference on features and price would likely determine which is better for each user’s needs.

Bosch cs10 vs Skilsaw spt67wm-22?

Bosch CS10 and Skilsaw SPT67WM-22 are comparable in power and performance. The Skilsaw can cut slightly deeper and is built very sturdily.

The Bosch is lighter, has easier bevel adjustments, and better dust management. The Skilsaw would suit heavy-duty construction sites, while the Bosch is better for portability.


Many professionals and DIY craftsmen complain that their circular saw fails to provide consistent performance. Also, the beveling isn’t at a satisfactory level.

You can immediately get rid of such issues with the Bosch CS 10 circular saw. During our Bosch CS10 review, we discovered that it is durable and always provides a consistent locking mechanism.

What’s more, it is lightweight, which makes it possible to transport the power tool from one workspace to another. In short, those who love consistency and a smooth finish at work must get a CS 10 circular saw.