Top 5 Canva Alternatives To Create Quality Images [2022]

Canva Alternatives
Top 6 Canva Alternatives

Canva is a great online photo editor and there are plenty of other Canva Alternatives on the market that have similar appearance and functionality. Most applications allow you to start with a template of a predefined size, then add, delete, and edit items such as text and shapes, and more.

People now prefer photo content articles and social media posts with images because they get more actions than content without photos.

There are many tools for creating images for social networks, including Adobe’s essential Photoshop. However, businesses, marketers, and bloggers may have more basic needs for visuals or features, while enhancing quality, creativity, and professionalism.

In a world where “a picture is worth a thousand words”, it has never been more important to integrate images into a communication strategy on social media.

Creating an impactful image is now available to everyone through easy-to-use online editors. Here is a selection of some Canva Alternatives tools for creating images for social networks and blog posts…etc

Top Best Canva Alternatives For Quality Images

1. Stencil – Best canvas alternatives


Stencil is an image creation solution that makes the speed of execution its main asset you can try Stencil without registration, but you will need an account to save the changes.

There are also browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Thus, when you take charge of the platform, you build your visual from a minimalist interface where your content is at the center, surrounded by 5 basic tools and 4 categories (photos, icons, templates, quotes) ready to go.

Two features to note are the one-click adaptation to the size of the desired social format (38+ sizes pre-defined for all categories) and the color outline for the text.

Stencil offers templates for ads on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, it provides licensed Creative Commons images and icons that you can use in commercial projects without having to worry about copyright.

Also, you do not have to pay for each individual image that you want to use – instead, you pay only once and get an entire package with thousands of design materials.

The company offers 1+ million photos from Pixabay & Pexels, 1+ million icons and graphics, and 650+ templates, Stencil can satisfy any graphic design needs.

Plans: Free, Paid ($9 / month)
Support: Web.




2. Desygner – Canva alternatives



Desygner As in the case of Canva, the tool is free for most basic functions and there is no limitation on the number of graphs that can be saved on your computer.

Instead, it is necessary to subscribe to the premium section to take advantage of some special features, such as the possibility to import files in PSD, pdf, or SVG format.

Desygner is for the possibility of resizing the graphs. This feature is particularly useful when you need to prepare a graphic image that must be published on different social networks that, as we know, each have different sizes and formats.

Plans: Free; Paid ($ 2.99 / month)
Supports: Web, iOS, Android.



3. Snappa – alternatives to canvas


Snappa differs from other solutions with a very simple interface whose sole purpose is to allow the rapid creation of visuals adapted to social media. Thus, you are prompted from the outset to use one of the pre-defined sizes of standard formats or to define your dimensions.

It offers 50,000+ HD photos from, as well as 3,500+ graphics, 200+ fonts, and templates some of which are accessible only from the “pro” version.

Available in one click, some features are very useful such as the superposition of color – to bring out the text on an image – or the layering of layers for example with Canva, you can resize an image for other social networks very easily.

Snappa makes it easy and quick to the creation of professional and attractive visuals, thanks to a minimalist interface and creative resources. The professional version is quickly necessary to circumvent the limitations (5 free downloads but no backup of visuals in the freemium version).

Plans: Free, Paid $10/month.
Support: Web.



4. BeFunky – Apps like canvas

befunky Canva Alternatives
Canva Alternatives

BeFunky is another great tool to put in all hands and an interesting Canva alternative. it allows you to fine-tune your photos, it also offers a variety of creative options including great filters ready to be used on your images. BeFunky also invites you to create and share quotes formatted in with beautiful pictures.

This tool is composed of three main parts, The Photo Editor has options for making adjustments (eg, sharpening, saturation, and noise reduction) or adding text, effects, textures, graphics, and more.

By connecting to the BeFunky website, you immediately notice that you can do different things with your photos. Among other things, BeFunky also offers different solutions depending on the purpose for which you want to achieve a certain image with very professional results.

This makes it much easier to find the item for your current project, BeFunky allows you to save images created on your computer without registration, but for any serious work, you will need to create an account.

Then you will be able to save images on Facebook, Google Drive, and Dropbox, as well as share them on your social media profiles.

Plans: Free, Paid $ 2.91 / month.
Supports: Web, iOS, Android.



5. PicMonkey – Powerful canvas alternatives


PicMonkey Canva Alternatives
PicMonkey canva alternatives

This is another popular platform and awesome canvas alternative for authoring images from a blank photo, template, or media. The photo editor has simple options, for example, exposure, color, or brightness change.

It also presents filters or advanced options for retouching portraits (ex: wrinkles, complexion, teeth). The features of Text (fonts) and Overlays (adding elements) are particularly well thought out.

PicMonkey is a very good reference with a solid photo editor! you can use PicMonkey Images for cover photos, banners, collages, stories, geo-filters (Snapchat), and commercials.

Plans: Paid 5.99$ / month
Supports: Web, iOS, Android.



6. Design Wizard – Graphic Design Make it Simple


Design Wizard

Design Wizard is another excellent graphic design software that allows you to edit high-quality videos and images in seconds. You can create images for social media, cards/invitations, and also for businesses.

You can take any of our TV ad-quality videos and edit them to your heart’s content. They will help you to grow your business, announce your event, or anything in between. Online video editing is made incredibly easy with our new video editor.

Design Wizard also features integrations with Hubspot, Marketo, Buffer, and Intercom. Standout features of the product include a custom color palette, a free font library, and the resize button

You can also use stock photo integration Pikwizard for high-quality, free stock imagery. There is no attribution required and the website features lots of high-quality images of people.

Plans: Free, Paid $9.99 / month

Supports: Web”



Final words 

Compared to a few years ago, today creating quality images for social media is no longer a huge and expensive project and these tools are proof of this. I hope I have been helpful to you that’s all for the Canva Alternatives list that you can use on your blog posts or social media promotions.

And now it’s your turn what tool do you use to create images for social networks and why?


Canva Alternatives


Top 5 Canva Alternatives To Create Quality Images 2022

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