ESAB Sentinel A50 Review (Welding Helmet): Safety First

ESAB Sentinel A50 Review

The advent of wielding has enabled people to perform some of the most advanced fabrication processes of several materials and still get a satisfying and immaculate finish.

Nonetheless, wielding brings several risk factors with it, such as exposure to flying particles, harmful gases, fabrication debris, electric shocks, and, above all, sparkles. Most of them are potentially dangerous for your eyesight.

Hence, in today’s ESAB Sentinel A50 Review, we will investigate whether or not the welding helmet is capable of protecting you from such hazards.

As part of the 3350 series from ESAB Sentinel, the helmet features an eye-pleasing design. It is claimed heavily to be one of the sturdiest protective gear around the corner.

Also, increased visibility has made the headgear an ideal selection for professionals. Thus, we will find out the prominent features of the helmet and discuss whether or not it’s worth it for you.

Esab sentinel a50 welding helmet review

ESAB built the state-of-the-art wielding Sentinel A50 helmet to ensure safety and convenience for wielding severe professionals. It has a high-quality lens and amicable visibility port and, above everything, a comfortable interior for wearers.

ESAB Sentinel A50 Review


Broader and Quality Lens

The broadness of the helmet lens has a pivotal role to play when it comes to wielding headgear. It is crucial since a wider lens provides a broader viewing angle. A50 headgear is thus equipped with a thicker glass that is rated 1/1/1/2 –5-13 ADF of viewing angle.

Therefore, wearers will be able to see workpieces with developed visibility. It will make your welding comfortable and increase efficiency at the same time.

Utmost Clarity

The optical clarity of a welding headgear is as critical as the lens broadness. Optical clarity refers to the highest possible visibility through the lens. With high clearance through the lens, you can perform welding tasks effortlessly.

A50 welding helmet has an optimal optical clearance. So you can easily see the workpiece without pressuring your eyes you get favorable working conditions.

LED Touchscreen

The fantastic LED screen of the ESAB Sentinel A50 will make every wielding task comfortable and convenient- whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Furthermore, LED has touch sensitivity to allow you easy access to the intuitive control panel. The controls are placed inside and easily adjustable. It enables you to change every setting quickly and fast without being stressed.

Eight Memory Settings

Sometimes, setting up the visibility and clearance range for the A50 welding helmet, again, can be a bit tedious. Especially if you are prominently in a hurry and need to shift to various visibility ranges, it can become even more challenging.

Hence, users will love eight different memory settings that come built-in with the headgear. You can manually adjust and save them for future use. So, during demanding welding tasks, you can shift between memory settings with a push of the touchscreen only.

6-13 Shade Settings

One of the highest selling points of the Sentinel A50 welding helmet is its wide range of available settings for the shade. Most standard welding headgear in the market features 9 to 13-shade range settings. It is undoubtedly a good and acceptable range for most welding jobs.

However, when it comes to low TIG-rated welding projects with high precision, the 9 to 13 shade setting falls short of acceptance. It is a problematic issue for professionals. You can quickly get rid of such problems with ESAB Sentinel A50 since it offers broader 6 t0 13 settings for the shading.

Aren’t you impressed? Then embrace the external activation of the shade range with 4 grind buttons- easy and convenient.

Increased Comfortability

Whenever you purchase a welding helmet, comfort should remain at the top of your priority list. Since you will be ardently wearing the helmet for a long time and work in a steamy condition, it should facilitate breathability.

A50 welding helmet ensures that the wearer enjoys the utmost mesh capacity and can focus on the welding job instead of putting effort into cleaning the sweats. Also, the lightweight design causes less fatigue to your head and shoulder, especially during long working hours.

High Impact Capacity

ESAB Sentinel A50 welding helmet could be the very last headgear that you may need to purchase unless you lose it. Yes, the helmet is made of impact-resistance nylon that surely would take the toll of wear and tear.

Also, the inclusive shell design supports heavy-duty use for a really extended period.


Although, as a wielding professional, aesthetics might not be a significant concern for you, the A50 features an innovative design.

Also, its beautiful color presentation suits every welding worker. It may not be a useful wielding feature, but sometimes, a bit of handsomeness isn’t bad, either.

Availability of All Accessories

When you decide to get a high-quality helmet for your welding purposes, the final consideration focuses on the availability of necessary accessories with the headgear. It is crucial since buying the accessories additionally will cost you more and also need time.

ESAB provides a beautiful carry and storage bag for the helmet. So, when not in use, you can keep the helmet away from dust. Also, it supports that adapter in case you need to use PPE for demanding situations.

Lastly, if the workplace demands high breathability, you can always use the respiratory to increase breathing capacity.

Key Features:

  • The low-profile design and intuitive controls provide exclusive comfort.
  • The headgear has 5 adjustable points to suit every head position.
  • The Control panel has a colored touchscreen for easy adjustments.
  • Wide viewing area comprising 3. 93 x 2. 36 inches (100 x 60 mm).
  • It has an excellent optical clarity rating with 1/1/1/2 –5-13 ADF.
  • It has eight various memory settings for easy adjustability.
  • 6-13 shade range supports intuitive usability.


  • Beautiful aesthetics.
  • Enhanced breathability.
  • Weighs only 1.4 pounds.
  • The auto-darkening is super-fast.
  • Compatible with most wielding.


  • Expensive welding helmets.
  • Not so praiseworthy heat resistance.




The ESAB Sentinel A50 review found that the headgear has several stunning features that we might recommend to users. Therefore, if safety and convenience are your concern and you are not frightened to spend a few bucks, the A50 helmet is your best bet.

With multiple shade ranges and memory settings, as well as enhanced visibility with maximum optical clearance, you will undoubtedly love the helmet.