5 Best Free CDN For WordPress (Improve The Performance 100%)


free CDN For WordPress
Best Free CDN For WordPress

Choosing the best free CDN for WordPress today is a better way to increase the speed and performance of your site by reducing usage. A CDN will quickly place your stats content (images, CSS, JavaScript, videos, etc.) by carrying it from your visitor’s closest location, dramatically improving server response time. CDN provider’s Network is for important sites, with a lot of content.

Do you know now what the Content Delivery Network (CDN) is for?

Well if not, then you will discover by reading this article that using a CDN has only advantages for your blog And if you simply do not know which solution to choose, then in this article, I will present the best free CDN for WordPress Right now that you can use for your WordPress blog.

Benefits of using a CDN service (Content Delivery Network)

In short, here are the main benefits that your distribution network will provide to your site:

  • CDNs are excellent for websites with large visitor peaks
  • CDN providers ensure that a web page is available around the world. By reducing the number of requests made to your hosting server,
  • CDN is useful for reducing the use of resources (such as disk space and bandwidth)
  • You will have an overall increase in speed, especially if a visitor is close to the CDN
  • You will have a higher ranking in the search engines because of the increase in speed that the CDN provides
  • All types of websites and hosting platforms are compatible

Top Free CDN For WordPress To Improve The Performance – Table

CDN providersPlanRating Action
IncapsulaFree Trial/Paid4.8/5VIEW
SwarmifyFree Trial/Paid4.8/5VIEW
KeyCDNFree Trial/Paid4.9/5VIEW
Rackspace Cloud FilesFree Trial/Paid4.7/5VIEW

Note: The rating is based on a lot of research and reviews from real users

1. Cloudflare – Best Free CDN For WordPress

Cloudflare free CDN for WordPress
Cloudflare free CDN for WordPress


Cloudflare free CDN It is certainly one of the most used CDNs currently and it is also the most powerful in my opinion.

Cloudflare is an excellent option and can be more than just a CDN provider, including better protection, the speed of your site, and more, so I recommend you take a look at it.  it provides a free plan great enough for the majority of users (and if you want more features, professional plans start at $ 20 per site per month).

Once your site is integrated with the Cloudflare community, its traffic is routed through their network and will automatically optimize the deliverability of your web pages to reduce loading time and improve performance.


2. Incapsula – Powerful Free CDN for WordPress

Incapsula best CDN is a CDN provider as well known as Cloudflare the service is similar to Cloudflare, gives you performance and security services, and a free plan that is great and is relatively easy to set up (and they provide you with the addition of WordPress tools to integrate of the service with your site.

They also offer free solutions. In addition to the CDN service, you will receive spam protection to protect your blog from malicious robots and to protect access to your blog’s login interface for free.



3. Photon – Image CDN for WordPress

jetpack photon Free CDN For WordPress
jetpack photon Free CDN For WordPress

Photon is another free CDN For WordPress for all sites hosted on and is also available for self-hosted WordPress blogs through JetPack.

Jetpack CDN since images are part of the slow-motion elements of a blog, using Photon will serve your images from, which can reduce the loading time of these images.

This is part of the Jetpack plugin, and Jetpack has many useful features you’re likely to use on your site; all you need to do is install Jetpack, and no need to take any additional steps.



4. JsDelivr – Easy free CDN for WordPress

JsDelivr Free CDN For WordPress
JsDelivr Free CDN For WordPress

Most WordPress blogs now use JavaScript in one way or another. In reality, there are plugins that are dependent on JavaScript. By using JsDelivr, which is also a good free CDN for WordPress, you can host your various JavaScript files through the site for free.

All you need to do is just install the free extension and use the service. You will not necessarily need to find the different files manually, all you need is to scan your blog to find the different files that will be hosted on the CDN.



5. Swarmify – Affordable CDN for WordPress

swarmify Free CDN For WordPress
swarmify Affordable CDN for WordPress

Swarmify is a paid CDN that offers a bandwidth of 250 GB per month. After buying a subscription, the other services of the platform are free of charge. This is the case of unlimited hosting of your different files in their servers around the world.

They offer what will suit new websites, you can even test the service for 14 days.



Top Affordable and famous CDN for WordPress


KeyCDN It is a relatively cheap solution for WordPress sites, and it provides a WordPress add-on that is well-maintained, up-to-date, and worthy of the experience With a price from $ 0.04 / GB up to 10TB it costs only $ 40 per TB. With prices of 0.01 $ / GB for 2PB!

MaxCDN is One of the sites that are characterized in this field because of the wide popularity of foreign sites and ease to deal with them and also has affordable prices. You can get a free trial with a bandwidth of 100GB for 30 days, You can add MaxCDN service via a WordPress CDN plugin such as W3 Total Cache, or WP Super Cache… and prices start at $9 per month you will also be charged if you buy extensions. 3. Rackspace Cloud Files: In the absence of problems with WordPress

Rackspace Cloud files work perfectly with all WordPress plugins that offer CDN integration. Prices start at just 10GB for 1TB of storage and $ 0.12 / GB for 10TB of CDN bandwidth. The price structure is simple: storage and bandwidth, with no specific price differences from the region.

Final Words

Using free CDN For WordPress is a great way to increase speed while reducing the use of resources. You’ve also learned what a CDN is and how to take advantage of it. Improving the performance of your website will make your site more attractive to your visitors or customers.

I hope I have been helpful to you. That’s all for this CDN providers list that you can use on your WordPress blog. Feel free to share this with your friends on your favorite social networks.


  • 5 Best Free CDN For WordPress


Best Free CDN For WordPress 2022

Activating CDN Network does not require any advanced coding knowledge. So it’s a great solution for everyone! All free CDN For WordPress listed above are a great solution for your website choose wisely

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