GlobalTestMarket Review Legit or Scam? – Read This Before

In this article, I will be reviewing globaltestmarket and explain to you how to use some of the most popular services to answer questions regarding various topics. Are you ready to start?  Very well, then, before starting, I wish you a good read.

Some of your friends told you how they managed to make money on the Internet by simply registering on Internet sites and answering questions asked by surveys.

Yes, it’s possible, your friends did not make fun of you. There are in fact several Websites that allow you to register and answering questions on various topics, you will earn some money.

But be careful, this does not mean that responding to surveys via the Internet can make you earn stratospheric figures.

It is possible to earn on the Internet with surveys, but we talk about small amounts of money that can come in handy to round off your salary. Also, earning on the Internet with surveys will take time, as you often have to answer a long list of questions.

So What is Globaltestmarket?


The Globaltestmarket company was founded in 1999 by one of the largest operators in the world dealing with market research.

Globaltestmarket offers the opportunity for those interested in being paid to influence global market research. Globaltestmarket gives people who sign up to earn money by participating in online surveys.

Globaltestmarket, in collaboration with major global companies, has the opportunity to influence and improve the development of the products and services we use every day.

Anyone interested in participating in paid online surveys can sign up for free and immediately receive surveys by e-mail.

How GlobalTestMarket works

Each completed survey can earn you 3 to 300 MarketPoints that will be credited to your account. Usually, most surveys have a value between 30 and 100 points, but there are those of higher value.

After registering on GlobalTestMarket, every time a survey will be available you will receive a notification to your email address. Alternatively, you can also log in to Global Test Market and see the list of currently active surveys.

How much does Globaltestmarket pay:

The payment threshold is 50$ to mature 1000 points payments are made automatically at the end of the month and by check or prize.

GlobalTestMarket is a market research site, certainly one of the best where you will be paid to participate in paid online surveys and give your opinion about products and services.

A final thought about GlobalTestMarket 

Pay attention to the fact that not all prizes have the same conversion rate from the points and then doing two calculations you will easily notice what you should redeem, of course always in relation to your needs and your desires,

Even if a $10 voucher for a particular store needs fewer points than $10 for PayPal, however, you will agree to be paid on PayPal if you know that in that store you’re unlikely to go shopping.

By visiting the GlobalTestMarket awards section you can see that they are divided into different ranges of points but also to collect the smaller prizes you will still need to convert at least 1000 points, which you can also get by adding several prizes.

Another peculiarity is that even if you are not completely suitable for a survey, you are still rewarded for the time spent with a “Sweepstakes Entries” with a ticket for the quarterly prize draw of $3,000.
You can also earn 20 Market Points for each friend presented.

Some suspect that GlobalTestMarket is a scam because at first, they think it can make hundreds of dollars a month (also thanks to the false news given by some sites) and then find themselves earning “only” a few bucks.

But as mentioned several times on this site, paid surveys are not a job but only a way to easily round. Though, GlobalTestMarket is reliable, secure, and paying.


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