Top 5 High Paying Affiliate Programs You Can Try as a Marketer


high paying affiliate programs are one of the best solutions to monetize a blog effectively and without having to use intrusive advertising.

Affiliate on the internet pay to advertise based on performance. Unlike advertising agencies that pay CPC and CPM, affiliate platforms pay us either with sales commissions (CPA – Cost Per Action) or with commissions for each registration (CPL – Cost per lead).

The best way to get better affiliate results is often to go through content marketing. Therefore, necessary to create content (article, videos, publications …), a lot of content, with added value to hope to obtain results.

Best affiliate marketing websites

I will list only the best affiliate marketing websites in circulation, those that will allow you to earn interesting figures without too much effort, saving you a lot of time.

High paying affiliate programs sites you can handle as a marketer


Amazon guarantees the franchise 5% on the sale of products belonging to the “Consumer Electronics” category and 10% on all the rest. To generate sales you can use links, banners attached to an Amazon page to guarantee one commission.

Certainly, the percentages of income are not very high, but selling the products can be easy because Amazon is an authoritative brand that people trust around the world. The marketplace really sells everything, so it’s great for any niche you choose.


Clickbank is one of the most famous and high paying affiliate programs for those who make money from affiliate marketing. It remains to this day still a valid Affiliate Network and offers products for any niche and the commissions are absolutely the highest.

It is an affiliate platform dedicated to digital information products (ebooks, training …). Registration is very simple and earnings can also be very high. You can choose an infinite number of products, with commissions that can even reach 70 or 80% of the cost of the product with a very professional sales pages& high conversion rates.


ShareASale is an affiliate network in the business for 17 years, it presents a great number of opportunities for those who decide to enroll in its programs and has the objective of providing them with good services.

Today the network works with about 5,000 advertisers and over 100,000 publishers who generate more than 12 million transactions a year, making it one of the most important affiliate marketing websites.

To become a publisher you need to be the owner of a web page or blog with a certain quality of content and, by filling out the online form, you will take part in your business.

Once the registration is complete and the account is confirmed, you can start working. It is permitted for each affiliate to have a single account and it is necessary to know every condition of the agreement, including the privacy policy.

PPS (Pay per Sale) or PPL (Pay per Lead) payment systems are available and are automatically remunerated on the 20th of each month when the account balance reaches the minimum threshold of $50.

Commission Junction

Commission Junction is the leader in marketing and one of the largest affiliate networks in the world and the high paying affiliate programs.

Monetize your business and find new customers. Access the section of your choice: Advertiser to optimize your digital performance or publisher to increase your income. Practical tools are offered on the platform.

Cj has many well-known brands, which makes sales easier for us affiliates (customers who already trust these brands) Add to that a good support and a great experience in, You will understand that the reputation of is not usurped. Once accepted on the platform, you still have to apply for the different affiliates.


eBay, the leader of the online auction, allows you to monetize your traffic. With over 100 million items available, you are REALLY spoiled for choice when it comes to your niche.

So what is The best way to earn money with affiliate marketing ?

The best way to earn money with an affiliate is to meet a need. That’s what I’m trying to do right now, on this page.

I propose a list of affiliate platforms because I know that it interests a lot of influencers, and in this list, there are some affiliate links. Otherwise, I try to write quality articles for my different blogs, in which I put affiliate links.

I have several content sites, mainly blogs. And thanks to them, over time I have made affiliate my main source of income.

Do not listen to people who will tell you that it’s impossible to make a living with affiliate marketing, I’m doing it right now and I know many other bloggers who do.

Contrary to what one might think, it does not need to have thousands of visitors a day to earn money with the affiliate.

The priority is to offer the right products/ services/advertiser sites to the right people and preferably to meet a need. You can also use a Facebook page or a Twitter account, or an Instagram account to promote affiliate links. When it’s done well, you can get good results.

Final words

The list does not end here, there are many affiliate programs that you can find in multiple networks. however, I have focused here on the high paying affiliate programs and the oldest in the business.

Know that the offers are almost endless it’s up to you to find a profitable market niche and then affiliate yourself with an affiliate marketing websites suited to your needs.

So, no matter what niche you operate, you have the opportunity to monetize your audience through affiliate marketing. Of course, if you do not have an audience yet, this is where you have to start …) But enough talk now is the time to take action …

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