History of the Drill

History of the Drill

Do you know most of the machinery products that we are using were invented more than 100’s to 1,000’s years ago?

The drill will also take place under this machinery product list.

In nearly 3,000 BC, in Egypt, the bore drill was the first drill that was invented.

Auger drill is considered as the next invention in the drilling industry during the Roman ages, and still, if you search for this drill in the market, you will find it.

Even one of the most common drills, an electric drill, was created in 1889. So, the history of the drill is quite long, which will undoubtedly surprise you.

However, in this article, I am going to give a bit more focus on the cordless drill, an electric drill, and drill bits.

Invention History of the Electric Drill

Arthur Arnot, along with William Brian, is the inventor of electric drills. They came up with an idea of a drill that can run with an idea of traditional drills that can run with electricity.

Unfortunately, the first design of an electric drill was a prototype. It was so heavy that nobody could move it from one place to another. For this reason, it was used for industrial type work or for those work where ample power was required.

The electric drill soon gained popularity among the working community because of its advanced technology.

Because of this, just after 5 years, Wilhelm Fein and Carl Fein improved the design of an electric drill and made it a transportable tool. Due to this idea, the working community could do more robust tasks in their job sites.

After the invention of the moveable electric drill, the age of the electric drill just started to come into flower. Contractors flocked themselves in using this innovative and upgraded electric drill.

Besides, research was not stopped to do more up-gradation of the electric drill. Refining and developing design continued. Several companies were manufacturing their developed electric drill.

In 1917, the next world-shattering changes came, and the whole world got shocked once Black and Decker introduced the new design.

They came up with a design that could run with an activate switch and pistol grip.

Undoubtedly, this design has also achieved acceptance by the contractors and associates.

From then, multiple companies started producing accessories that could be utilized with the drill. As a result, the electric drill was becoming much more multipurpose and usable in several tasks than before.

Due to these improvements and innovations, the capability of an electric drill grew much more than before. So did the popularity of electric drills too.

The Invention of the Cordless Drill

The invention of the cordless drill has taken a monumental change to the power tool market. Now contractors are not only carrying the drills to their workstations but also, due to the additional power to the electric drill, there was no limitation to the variety of applications done by the cordless drill.

Controversial statements are there about the creator of the cordless drill.

However, many stated that in 1961, Black and Decker invented the cordless drill.

Another team stated Makita was the inventor of the cordless drill in 1978.

In the end, many dissolved this controversy by giving credit to Black and Decker for the design of the cordless drill and thanked Makita for starting manufacturing for the general public.

The invention of Drill Bits

You will be more surprised to learn that the first drill bit was created a long time before the drill.

Archeologists believe drill bits were used in primeval times and stated that humans were dealing with the drill bit in 35,000 BC. Drill bits were used to access several kinds of accessories. The development of drill bits continues year after year, and it has got the current shape after so many upgradations.

However, at the initial stage, drill bits were made of wood, shells, and animal bones. From the 13th century, people started using metal for manufacturing drill bits. These ancient metallic drill bits are closely assembled to the up-to-date drill bits. From its invention to till now, the drill bit has come through many advancements.

Contribution of Major Companies to the Drill Bits Advancement

Several companies and people are involved in the advancement of the drill bit.

Out of all other companies, history can’t deny the contribution of the Black and Decker company in the up-gradation of the drill bit. For any up-gradation of the drill bit, Black and Decker’s company is always related.

Another company named DeWalt Power Tool Company in Baltimore, Maryland, founded by Raymond Dewalt, started selling the most reliable drills in the market in 1923.

Another best-selling power tool company, named the Milwaukee Electric Tool Company, was formed in the same year by A.F. Siebert.

In 1924, a new brand arrived in the power tools market, which is known as Skil under the Michel Electric Hand Saw Company.

Without the Sears Craftsman brand, the list of power tool companies will remain incomplete. This company introduced them to the market in 1927. Although its reputation is not the same at the retail stores, it is still playing a significantly essential part in the evolution of the drill.

You can’t resist from giving thanks to these companies due to their unanimous contribution to the up-gradation and history of the drill.


I have given you a highlight of the development of the history of the drill. Today we know that there are only a few that have influenced the design and construction of the drills. Nevertheless, commercialization and popularity were made possible by multiple companies that saw their effectiveness in their general people.

We need to give thanks to the inventors of electricity and battery too. Because without the invention of these two things, advancements in the drill were quite impossible.