How Hot Does a Plasma Cutter Get?

How Hot Does a Plasma Cutter Get

Solid, liquid, and gas- we are usually used to these three states of matter. Around us, we don’t find anything except these three. But the fourth state of matter is unusual and obviously has totally different features from the rest of the three. The name of the state is – plasma.

Cutting liquid and gas is merely impossible. But when you have a plasma cutter like Lotos LTP5000D, every equation changes instantly.

To cut with a plasma cutter, you have to go through a whole special system. The very first step is to make it hot. By hot, I really mean hot! But how hot does a plasma cutter get? We’ll find that out here in this piece!

Plasma cutting: Why so necessary? 

There are so many cutters that are cost-effective and also available everywhere. Once, I also was so surprised about the price, system, and cutting hazards.  This process is much more complicated than other cutting style. And moreover, the collection of plasma to make a cutter is one of the most challenging tasks. But my perception changed when I learned more, and I promise yours is going to change now.

Usually, materials like steel, copper, stainless steel, and aluminium are cut with the plasma cutter. Even in the fabrication shop or automobile factory- plasma cutter is a common name. Here comes the question, why not the other readily available cutter? Why should we use the plasma cutter? Here’s the answer you need to know.

High Speed

More efficient work in a short time. This is the primary goal of all companies. So the plasma cutter’s high-speed working capability has made it an essential element for cutting the materials.

Precision cuts: 

Standard cutters do not bring results as perfect as the plasma cutter. With the plasma cutter, the amount of the products is smoother than any other thing. And the cut is, of course, more precise than any other cutter.

It’s cost-effective!  

Sounds surprising? Yes, I got surprised too. But the real fact is, it’s more cost-effective in comparison to another similar working cutter. That’s why the plasma cutter has now become the first choice of manufacturers for cutting.

Why is a high temperature needed in plasma cutting?   

Plasma is something Between solid and liquid. And the only place on the earth where we can get plasma is the lowest region of the earth’s atmosphere. But however, we can’t get plasma regularly on the ground. It’s made of positive and negatively charged particles. We found them in the lightning strike.

You may think plasma is so rare; it’s actually accurate for the earth. But in eternity, plasma is a huge name. About 99% of the matter of the eternal universe is made of plasma. Seems interesting, right? The most amazing, scary fact is that plasma is 25000-45000° Fahrenheit hot on its own!

So, I hope you’ve guessed already, the plasma cutter Isn’t an ordinary cutter. It should be more seductive than any cutter on the earth. And also, the plasma is not like a tangible thing or like gas/liquid. That’s why the features of the plasma cutter can’t be like the other material cutter. And the essential characteristic of a plasma cutter is. It’s high temperature. Now I’m explaining it in detail and waiting for the wow fact I’m going to share about the plasma cutter’s weather.

How hot does a plasma cutter get? 

A plasma cutter is hot; how hot does a plasma cutter get? The cutter gets 40,000° F hot when it starts raising the temperature. If we convert the number to Celsius, it would be 22204.444°!

The system needs high-voltage electricity. It requires a continuous dc voltage of 200 to 400VD. Of course, it occurs in high powerful electricity supply. The plasma cutter includes some of the elements.

Considering them, you can call it a complete and comprehensive system. It consists of a plasma torch also. The plasma torch is impressive. It does the opposite of electricity. It provides the cooling of the consumables. Also, there are so many components, like  An additional shielding cap, which ensures the cut quality. However, temperature control is the main task here. It has to be as hot as it should be, and without that, a cat can’t be done.

Wonder facts about the temperature of the plasma cutter 

The temperature of the plasma cutter is always at the centre of attraction. Even people of all ages get interested in the weather. So some facts will surprise you. Let’s see the most popular one!

Hotter than the Sun! 

What is the hottest thing you know? If I ask you the question, most of you will reply that- of course, the Sun. But what if I tell you that even plasma is hotter than Sun? Yes, this is true. The temperature of the surface of the Sun is 5505° Celsius.

On the other hand, if you think about the plasma cutter, its climate is 220000 ° Celsius. So you can see that the temperature of the plasma cutter is hotter than the Sun. This surprising fact always wonders people. Indeed, many of us don’t even know something hotter than the Sun is available in automobiles workshop!

18 times hotter than lava! 

You must hear about the lava. In the deepest part of the earth, it exists. Even the temperature of the lava is only 700-12000° Celsius!  So count it; the cutter is 18 times hotter than the lava.

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Final Words

A plasma cutter is one of the best cutters in the world. In a mini-manufacturing company, it is an essential element. And for the comparatively low cost, it has become much more popular.

However, temperature maintenance and the power supply, and the whole system must be handled carefully by highly efficient engineers. People from standard backgrounds should not try to use such Karta regularly.

It needs a considerable energy supply and also a highly secure taking care. The plasma cutter is one of the best wonders of the 21st century.