How to Change a Drill Bit? (3 Quick Steps)

How to Change a Drill Bit

Drill machines are a needy item for everyone who does a lot of drilling work. With a single drill, you can drill into different materials, but you have to pick suitable bits for the material. One bit cannot drill into everything, and different bits are designed for different materials. This is why knowing how to change a drill bit is highly mandatory. If you are a professional, then we don’t need to tell you how to do all the stuff.

This very guide is actually designed for newcomers who don’t know how to change the drill bit. We have shown the entire process step by step so that everyone understands it.

So without stretching the intro more, let’s get to the actual work!

How to Change the Drill Bit?

The drill bit changing process in new drills is not the same as in old models. That being said, there are still people who pick the old models or use that for a long time. And there are people who are going for the latest models. To make sure that everyone learns, we have shown the bit-changing process of both drills.

Starting with the latest drill bit changing process. Have a look!

Step 1

The very first step of changing the drill bit is loosening the drill chuck. In the latest drill machines, loosening the chuck loosens the drill bit. And tightening that tightens the bit. So you would want to hold the chuck of the grill with one hand and, with the other hand, hold the drill machine handle. Now try to twist the chuck counterclockwise. You might need to apply little pressure to loosen the chuck. The chuck should get loosened with decent pressure.

There is another easy way of loosening the drill bit that professional follows, but we do not recommend this way for beginners. To loosen the chuck, with one hand, hold the chuck and then slightly squeeze the drill machine trigger; the chuck will get loosen easily.

If you are not a professional, please do not try this on the first go! There is a risk associated with this way. Follow the manual one. When you have loosened the chuck, you will see the bit got loose as well, and then remove the bit.

Step 2

When the chuck jaw is opened, you can easily remove the bit. But while removing, check very wisely; if you see the bit got damaged or worn out, immediately throw that on the thrash. Do not keep that with other good bits. You might accidentally install that on the drill on other days.

Step 3

Once you have removed the drill bit, now time to insert a new one. Pick the bit you want to install and then hold that with your thumb and index finger. Make sure to insert the opposite part of the sharp part. Put the bit into the chuck, and do not take your fingers off. You have to hold the bit into place till the chuck jaw doesn’t hold it. You have to give a little effort here!

You have to hold both the chuck and the bit with one hand, then hold the drill shank with your other hand. And then twist that clockwise to make it tight. When you twist it, you should see the chuck jaw holding the bit nicely.

Another easy way is the same way we mentioned in the removal process. Hold the bit and chuck, and then give a short squeeze to the grill machine trigger.

How To Change a Drill Bit

How to Change a Drill Bit in Older Drill Machines? 

A changing drill bit in an older drill machine is quite different from others. You have to use a key to change the drill bit in older drill machines. Take a look.

Step 1

Almost all older drill machines come with a chuck key. That looks like a cog with some teeth. If you want to change the bit having the key is a must, you cannot loosen the chuck without it. However, insert the cog-looking thing inside the chuck and put it in a way so that the teeth on the key match with the chuck keyhole. When you see the chuck keyhole, you will know how to put the key.

As we said, the key is a must. Older drill machines come with a key housing where you can keep the key safely.

Step 2

Once you have put the key into the chuck keyhole, turn the key counterclockwise. As you keep turning the key, you will see the chuck jaw is getting loose. Chuck’s jaw is like a mouth that holds the drill bit into place. Turning the key counterclockwise will loosen the chuck jaw. Lose the chuck jaw enough to remove the drill bit.

When you feel the jaw is loose enough, try to pull the bit out; if that is still stuck in there, that means you have to loosen it a bit more. Or you can loosen the jaw facing it down, so when the jaw is loose enough, the bit will fall down automatically.

Saying again, when you remove the drill bit, make sure you check if that is damaged or not.

Step 3

Now pick the new drill bit and insert that into the chuck jaw. Do you know which part to insert? The smoother part! After inserting that inside, hold the bit. Now with your hand, turn the chuck key clockwise. You will see the chuck jaw mouth is getting closed slowly. Keep turning the chuck key slowly until the chuck jaw holds the drill bit tightly. And that is all!


By now, you should have learned how to change the drill bit. We have tried our best to give you proper guidelines. Changing the drill bit is not a tough job. It is pretty easy. All you need to know is the right way. However, hope this guide helps!