How To Clean Welding Helmet Lens? Stop Struggling to See!

How To Clean Welding Helmet Lens

Welders need to put deep concentration. That’s a prerequisite, after all. But what if frequent blurred vision while working diverts your attention? It’s not a favorable moment at all.

So, the solution is- cleaning the lens. More specifically, it’s regular cleaning of the welding helmet’s lens. It doesn’t matter which brand’s product you are using.

There’s no alternative to cleaning to ensure clear vision through the lens. If you are not likely to clean the welding helmet daily, I’ve tips for you. And I am also sharing some tips and tricks for regular cleaning.

Before diving into how to clean a welding helmet lens, look at the products or materials you need to clean a welding helmet.

 Best way to clean welding helmet lens 

The best part of the cleaning is you don’t need to make a dent in your pocket to buy materials. Easy and household materials are enough for the cleansing process. Let’s see what products you need:Best way to clean welding helmet lens

  1. It would be best to have a lens cleaner to clean the lens. Of course, the essential part is to clean lenses. Avoid harmful chemical-made cleaners. I’d suggest using the regular glass cleaner that is easy to find and safe.
  2. So, with a glass cleaner, you need something to rub with. Use pure, soft cotton cloth. Another option you can try is tissue paper. I like using tissue paper because it helps to clean more clearly.
  3. Have some room-temperature water. It’s for regular cleaning. It will not be good enough when you don’t care for the helmet for long.
  4. And lastly, have a brush with a soft bristle. You will clean glass; something hard can make a scratch on it.
  5. You may also need a screwdriver or a new battery if there’s any technical defect. If not, they are not essential.

So, now let’s get started on the tips and tricks with the detailed process.

Initiate With Lens Cleaning

You may have noticed the lens gets dirty too quickly! So we must start cleaning from here, and most of the dust is on the lens.

Don’t panic; it is easy to clean. Just take the brush with a soft bristle and rub it in the lens. How’s it looking? Too Dirty or less dirty? If it is too dirty, take the glass cleaner. Put more liquid and rub again with the brush. It works like magic.

Suppose it’s less dirty, then there’s no need to use a chemical cleaner. Just take some water and wash it while rubbing it with a brush gently. And, of course, use the tissue (or soft cloth) to wipe away the liquid. It’s done. Now comes the second step.

Don’t Forget To Remove the Dust 

Remove the Dust from the welding halmet

Cleaning the dust off the lens is the second step. Usually, we find no dust. But if you look closer, it’s not that hard to find. As it’s not a heavy thing, don’t use special techniques.

Just take the soft cloth and gently clean the outer part. Avoid chemical cleaners as well. However, if you think it’s too dirty, then use the brush to rub and wash it with water nicely.

It’ll be okay. Are you most likely to clean every day? Then, you can skip the part most of the time.

Check Out the Technical Defects

Technical defects are not part of cleansing but a significant part of taking care. Then why shouldn’t I include it? Check the technical things, like if the screws are tight enough or if there are any broken parts.

If you find such a problem, you can service it from any shop or alone. For small defects, avoid shops. Use a screwdriver, glue, etc., to ensure your helmet lasts long.

Take Care Of Scratch

Is it possible to remove the marks of the scratches from the lens? Unfortunately, no. So, what can you do? Well, you can be careful not to scratch anymore. So here are some of my tips you can follow to avoid scratches.

Don’t keep it with sharp accessories: sharp accessories create scratches. Once I placed my helmet with my keys full stop and guessed the result? The helmet was full of lousy scratches, and I had nothing to do anymore.

Don’t rub with a stiff bristle: I have already mentioned using soft-bristled brushes while cleaning the helmet to stop because the stiff bristles create scratches.

Store It Carefully 

Finally, you have to store your welding helmet in the right place. After a long day of work, you may get too tired to care for the helmet. Don’t go hard on yourself.

Just keep it in a box with a good cover (use a soft cloth inside the box). You can control it at the place of your work or home. I prefer keeping it in the workplace. So, the full caring process has been done!

  Cleaning Welding Helmet Lens Disclaimer!  

All the helmets are not the same. Cleansing the lens is easy, but there’s no alternative to being careful. Don’t rush; do the cleaning process gently.

And as different companies’ helmets act differently, don’t forget to check the company’s user manual before cleaning.

You might use a Battery-powered helmet. In case of this, don’t forget to keep it away while cleaning the helmet. And after cleaning, you should replace the battery.

Using the same battery may create inconvenience. And if it is solar-powered, you can’t remove the battery. So, then be careful when cleaning around the battery area. This is all you have to maintain.

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Wrapping Up      

All products we use need to be taken care of. Welding helmet lenses are no exception. Even a lower-quality product can last longer! Regular cleansing is the key. Now that you know how to clean the welding helmet lens, it should get easier.

If you clean regularly, you can fix it in a short time. And after having any scratches, you can be alert quickly. Sadly, cleaning with a long break won’t bring you satisfying results.

My advice is to clean at least two days a week. As a result, you won’t find your helmet too dirty ever. You will be able to use it for a long time as well. Happy welding!