How to Load a Staple Gun? (4 Simple Steps)

How to Load a Staple Gun

Staple guns are handheld machines and come into play in nearly every crafting, woodworking, and upholstery work. They are used to put metal staples into different materials to attach them. That said, you cannot use staples in hard materials like Metal. Staples are suitable for paper, plastic, thin wood sheets, etc.

However, since staple guns are necessary for everyday life, knowing how they work and how to use them is mandatory. Using them is easy, but loading a staple gun is complex. And that is precisely why we are here now.

We have created an in-depth guide on how to load a staple gun. Everything is written understandably, so there shouldn’t be any trouble.

Here we go!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Load a Staple Gun

Before we get into the staple loading process, let us tell you there are several staple gun types. And staple loading process differs from one another. However, we will show you two kinds of staple gun loading processes. Rear-loading staple gun and a bottom-loading staple gun. Starting with the rear-loading staple gun.

Step 1

The first thing we must do is locate the pusher rod side. The pusher rod side is from where we will be loading the staples. First, find the front side of the gun, from where the stapler comes out, that is, the front side. And then look at the opposite side of it. You would see a small metal rectangle along with two indentations. There will also be a hook somewhere on the top or bottom side. Find that out.

Step 2

Once you have located the pushers, time to take that out. Now see where the pusher is. With your thumb and forefinger, hold both sides of the pusher and then push the slide forward and slightly down if you see the pusher on the top.

And when you see the pusher at the bottom, push that a bit forward and up slightly. This is the process of unlatching the pusher. Once you have unlatched the pusher completely, pull the entire thing out of the staple gun.

An easy way to do the unlatching process is to try both methods. Push the pusher both upward and downward. It will get unlatched easily. Do not force the pusher to come out without unlatching it. Otherwise, you will ruin your entire stapler gun.

Step 3

Now time to load the staples. Take the needed staples, then position them in an M shape. This means the legs of the staples have to be down. And then slide the entire row of the staple into the gun. Make sure they are in M shape. Otherwise, the pusher will get stuck. It is always best to load the staple chamber fully, or you would have to load staples very often, which doesn’t make any sense.

Step 4

And now we are going to put the pusher back into its place. Hold the pusher rod and slide it into the chamber as we have taken it out. Then hook the rod end from taking up or down. Do the same as we have done while taking the pusher out; once you have placed the pusher, time to test the staple gun. Test if that is working or not.

How to Load a Bottom Loading Electric Stapler?

Loading an electric stapler is not similar to the manual stapler. There are some changes. However, going through the instruction is easy.

Step 1

The first thing you must do when loading an electric staple gun is unplugged the gun. Do not make the mistake of loading a plugged gun, which might lead to severe injuries. First, unplugged the gun from the socket and then locked the trigger. A button should be behind the gun trigger, which will lock the trigger. However, some old stapler guns might not have a trigger lock, so you must be very careful while loading the gun.

Step 2

Time to locate the release button. Yes, electric stapler guns come with release buttons that release the magazine where you would load the staples. The button should be on the rear side. The opposite side of where the staples come out. You should see two indentations there, and you have to squeeze and pull that. Use your thumb and forefinger to do that.

Step 3

Pull the staple tray out by squeezing the two indentations. You don’t have to squeeze the indentation hard; apply decent pressure. And if the gun is old and unused for a long time, then that can give you some stress while removing the staple loading tray.

Step 4

Once the staple tray is out, it is time to load the staples into it. But you cannot put staples randomly. The legs of the staples need to be face down. In easy words, we would say the position of the staple needs to be in a small “n” shape. Now slide the row of the staple inside the gun.

Step 5

Put the needed amount of staples to eliminate the need for reloading often. Once you have put all the staples inside the magazine, hold the release button with your forefinger and thumb and then push it back into its place.

Do not leave until you hear a CLICK sound. If you don’t hear it, that means the magazine is not locked and can come out anytime. Push the mag decently inside the gun; you should hear the sound.


So by now, you must have learned how to load a staple gun. It is not a daunting job; it is straightforward. All you need to have is little patience and proper instruction. We have mentioned it several times and saying again, when loading an electric staple gun, make sure to unplug it.