How To Set Torque Wrench Inch Pounds?

How To Set Torque Wrench Inch Pounds

Using machines that have moving parts requires you to apply some force for them to work. Most of these machines have nuts and bolts that need tightening and loosening to perform efficiently. But how does this work?

There is a tool that goes by the name of torque wrench that makes your job easier. There are different torque wrenches, but a torque wrench inch pound is the best for this specific purpose. This article sheds light on how to set torque wrench inch pounds.

What is a Torque Wrench Inch-Pound?

A torque wrench inch pound is a small tool that helps to tighten and loosen bolts, screws, or nuts on your piece machine using a particular torque. Not only is it useful for mechanics but also for personal use, especially if you are a DIY enthusiast.

When using a torque wrench, you can easily prevent the over-tightening or under-tightening of bolts because you can measure the torque value you want. This ensures that there are no damages and also increases the machine’s efficiency.

Moreover, it is also essential to know what torque is. Torque is a measurement that measures the amount of force that can make an object rotate along an axis. Its SI unit is Newton Meters.  Different machines, including vehicles, have their specific torque values, which are necessary to avoid damage.

The forces that torque wrenches produce have a measure of either inch ounces or inch pounds. This means that they are more accurate and can measure smaller fractions without going past the precise torque limit.

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Benefits Torque Wrench Inch 

Easy to use 

Torque wrenches are of different types depending on the purpose for which you want to use them. You may commonly find them among many mechanics and DIY enthusiasts. It generates a click sound once the torque limit reaches hence the name click torque.

Its main advantage is that it is effortless to use and quite budget-friendly. However, it may not guard against fasteners’ over-tightening because the wrench can turn even after the click sound. Thus, as soon as the click sound occurs, stop the twist to avoid over-tightening.

Flexible handle

The torque wrench has a long beam that connects to its head. It also has a handle that comes on a small scale. Its handle is very flexible as it moves when torque escalates. This then makes the pointer on the scale change its position, showing the torque amount that the wrench has used.

Accordingly, this device tends to serve you for a long time and does not need a lot of maintenance. Nonetheless, it is not an ideal choice for beginners as it may be challenging to comprehend the readings on the scale.


The Torque range is straightforward to use and delivers accurate results because you can pre-calibrate it to the torque value you want. It can also notify you of the torque limit through various ways, such as vibration, buzz, or light. This ensures you do not exceed the limit.


The torque wrench user can enjoy its efficiency by preventing over-torquing by losing grip once the wrench reaches the torque limit. When handling applications that require high torque values, this tool is a perfect choice, as it can barely get the highest meters.

How does a Torque Wrench Inch-Pound work?

A torque wrench differs from a standard type of twist in that the former offers more precision than the latter. It helps you measure the exact torque value suitable for the fasteners of whatever machine or vehicle you are working on.

It has many applications, especially the ones that involve bolts, nuts, and screws. In short, if you are looking to achieve accurate results, this torque is the way to go. But how does it work?

Depending on the type of wrench you are using, the method can be straightforward. For example, if you are using a click-type torque wrench, you will need to have one hand on the pivot and firmly place the other on the handle.

Then start rotating in the opposite direction. The moment you hear a click sound coming from the tool, do not turn anymore. This shows you that the torque is reaching the limit. Therefore, going on may lead to the over-tightening of the fasteners.

How to Set Torque Wrench Inch Pounds

It is important to remember that torque measurements are either in inches or pounds. You may buy a torque wrench inch pound that will not tell you the reading in foot-pounds. In case of such a scenario, you will need to convert inches to foot pounds.

How to Set Torque Wrench Inch Pounds

The general rule is that 1 foot equals 12 inches and vice versa. For example, if you have a screw with a torque of 30-foot pounds, you will need to convert it into inch-pounds by multiplying 12 by 30 to get 360-inch pounds. If you need to convert it back to foot-pounds, divide by 12.

Therefore, if you need to set your wrench to the 360 marks, you identify the 350 torque value on the twist, then place one hand on the pivot and rotate till the indicator reaches 360, and you will hear a click sound. Immediately you hear this sound, stop spinning to avoid any over-tightening that will lead to damage. Once satisfied, set the torque wrench back to a default value and keep it clean for the next job.

How to Use A Torque Wrench (Foot Pound, Inch Pound, Digital Torque Wrench)

Final Verdict

Having a torque wrench is vital for topmost accuracy. It makes various applications, including tightening and loosening bolts and screws and reducing friction therein. Once you know how to set torque wrench inch pounds, you will be good to go.

Invest in one that notifies you when the torque value limit is reached. The proper setting of your torque wrench enhances efficient performance and increased performance. Therefore, you need to visit our website for more information about wrench sets to avoid inconveniences.