What is a Circular Saw? Definition of Circular Saw

What is a Circular Saw

Carpentry is a broad issue, and it requires different types of tools to complete the jobs. The role of the saw is highly essential in this arena. Do you have any idea about what is a circular saw?

Let me explain the matter in detail.

Carpentry is the job of making furniture, cabinet, and other types of things. In this process, a carpenter applies different devices and tools to cut, shape, and join the wood. Saw is such a tool that helps to cut the wood in the perfect shape.

Besides, the saw helps to cut the materials in a quick manner, and you will get an accurate measure among the pieces.

I also did not have a clear idea about the saw, and later while doing some DIY carpentry, I came to know about the details of this sharp carpentry tool.

What is a circular saw?

In a single word – a circular saw is round or circular in shape. Some other names also know the saw. It can cut the wood into pieces or can also be used for many other purposes like cross cuts, rip cuts, etc.

Types of circular saws

There are two basic types of circular saws available. They are

  • The Cordless Circular Saw
  • Corded Circular Saw

The Cordless Circular Saw:

PORTER-CABLE Pce310 Circular Saw

They are convenient for some light carpentry as they run on a battery. So, they cannot provide the exact force to do some heavy cutting. In fact, they are suitable for DIY carpentry tasks, and portability is another impressive feature.

Corded Circular Saw:

Corded Circular Saw

Corded circular saws are for heavy-duty operations. If you need to undertake a massive carpentry project and need some cross-cuttings, you can apply this tool. They are powerful devices and can provide support for different types of woodcutting.

Parts of Circular Saw

We can divide the circular saw into three basic parts. They are

  • The motor
  • The blade
  • The housing

The motor: This is the most important part of the circular saw. It generates the power to run the saw in a speedy motion to cut different types of wood. The more the motor power, the more efficient the saw is. Hence, if you want to get a circular saw, you need to check the motor power in the first position than any other thing.

The blade: Do you know why this is named a circular saw? The blade is circular in shape. The number of teeth on the blade depends on the cutting style. Don’t get surprised if you get only a couple of blades on the saw – that is for a specialized type of cutting. Besides, some other blades have so many teeth that it is tiresome to count them.

The housing: The housing of the saw holds every part of it. The motor is located on the backside, while the saw is on the front. Generally, the housing of a circular saw is made from metal for durability and performance. So they are a bit heavier.

How to use a circular saw?

Well, this is a simple process. You can use any saw. But if you need a strong performance, you better select the corded one.

Besides, you also need to set the depth of the cut you are planning. And you can easily do it by setting the length of the blade. Now, hold the handle and press the rotating teeth on the wood surface smoothly.

You can see the wood is split into your desired pieces. This is the simplest way of cutting with a circular saw. But remember to bring the saw at full speed before the teeth come in contact with the material or wood.

Then move the saw in a forward direction, but don’t push it. Take it gently forward. If you push the saw to move forward, it may get jammed.

How To Use a Circular Saw

How to get excellent performance from a circular saw?

This is one of the fundamental questions in carpentry while using a circular saw. If you want to have an excellent performance from the saw, you have to ensure certain aspects.

First of all, the blade of the circular saw needs sharpness. Either you can sharpen your blade or get a sharper blade. In fact, if the blade is not sharp, it cannot penetrate the wood or other surfaces even with the strongest motor. Hence, you cannot expect better performance.

Secondly, you will be in need of a strong motor. If the motor is weak, there is nothing to do with a sharper blade. The motor rotates the blade at high speed. As a result, the blades can cut wood and other materials smoothly. So, if you need a good performance from the circular saw, make sure you have a strong motor.

Safety precautions while using a circular saw

Please remember a circular saw is a sharp object. It can cause serious injuries that even may toll your life. Though a circular saw comes with some safety precautions, you must remain safe from your end. Thus, this is highly important to follow certain safety precautions. I am explaining some of the basic safety features here.

Use gloves

Instead of using full sleeves, you must use gloves while using a circular saw. They will help to prevent injury in your hands. And also, make sure the gloves are thick enough to avoid physical injuries.


Using goggles is the other way to provide safety to your eyes. While cutting wood using a circular saw, you can find many wood splinters. They move here and there at a great speed. So, chances prevail that they may hit your eyes too. But if you have goggles, you are safe.

Firm hold

Besides, you need to hold the saw firmly. Carpentry experts recommend holding the saw in two hands to get a better cut. Besides, it also helps to prevent untoward incidents. When you hold the circular was with two hands, you can have better control over it too.

Last Words

A circular saw is a special cutting device. You can have an optimum performance with the saw if you can use it properly. Besides, maintenance is another issue that you should focus on as well. I will discuss the issue with another post shortly.