What Is A Wood Chisel Used For?

What Is A Wood Chisel Used For

A wood chisel is a woodwork tool manufactured with a shaped cutting edge at the end. The tool uses mechanical power or a mallet to carve and cut wood by hand. The wood chisel is used by forcing the blade into solid wood to cut.

Are you looking for a woodwork tool with an excellent finish? A wood chisel is the best choice for you. Reading through this article is important for a better understanding of what is a wood chisel used for.

A sharp chisel may shave rough surfaces, cut mortises, scrape off the glue, and chop out corners.

The chisels are available in the market in several types, from small to large. So, if you plan to find a wood chisel today, pick the size that best fits your project.

 Uses Of A Wood Chisel 

Cutting away excess woods

Are you looking for a wood tool that will enable you to cut the excess piece of wood quickly? Then a wood chisel is the best option for you. The wood chisel comes in various sizes.

The larger size is preferable for chopping away wood chunks on the larger pieces you are working on. Therefore, the tool is useful when cutting larger pieces from solid wood.

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Making mortise and tenon joints

To make tenon joints, you should use a medium-sized chisel tool. The tool will help make accurate cuts, which seems difficult with several wood tools. A wood chisel is applicable for various jobs.

Fine-tuning your projects

Fine-tuning your projects

The small-sized chisel may be used in tuning the woodwork.

The small chisel may also be applied to add detailed carvings to your woodwork, making it ideal for art pieces or furniture with many intricate details.

The tool may take some time, but the final product is wonderful.

Smoothing out surfaces

Small-sized wood chisels are recommendable for providing a smooth surface at the final stage of your wood carving project.

Alternatively, a sanding tool may work out well. However, a good wood chisel is best at tight corners or polished joints.

Cutting various sizes 

There are many types of wood chisels, ranging from small to larger chisels. Each type has its favorite work, and it works perfectly. The tools come in various shapes, so you must choose the best shape for your woodwork projects.

Slicing and paring

Some types of wood chisel are available for delicate projects, including paring and slicing. The manufacturers make the tools with a low angle to make painting easy.

Since the tools are so delicate, they should be handled carefully. For instance, you should never strike them with a mallet. Hence, if you are a woodworking professional working on delicate projects, decide to get the right chisel for your project.

 Benefits Of Using A Wood Chisel 


A wood chisel is one of the cheap woodworking tools. The high-quality wood chisels are affordable, and you may purchase a complete set of all the imaginable sizes.

Therefore, the tool is affordable to both beginners and professionals. After purchasing the wood chisel, you should beware that not all manufacturers sharpen their wood chisel the same way, so you may sharpen the tool before you start using it.

You may obtain the sharpening process from the attached manuals.


A woodwork chisel comes in sets. Once you purchase the recommended chisel set, you will have various sizes of wood chisels. Then, you can choose the size that best fits your project.

The set will provide a long service since the chisels will be used randomly. Notably, you will use them longer than a single wood chisel.

Making accurate cuts

Since the wood chisels are of different sizes, you will go for the project’s preferred size at hand. For instance, making smooth cuts, you will go for small-sized chisels.

If you use a larger-sized chisel to make finer cuts, the results may not be pleasing. Therefore, you will choose the best size for the available cuts to make accurate cuts.

How A Wood Chisel Works

How A Wood Chisel Works

The process of using a wood chisel isn’t that complicated. However, it would help if you used chisels correctly.

When using a wood chisel, you should first pick the best chisel size and hammer for the wood. If you are dealing with hardwood, use a mallet/metal hammer.

Alternatively, if you are dealing with softwood, you may use rubber, wood, or plastic.

Secondly, clamp the piece of wood securely. Before working with the wood chisel, firmly place the wooden job with a quality clamp.

Place it on an uneven surface and then tighten the vice with a clamp. Then, you may begin paring using both hands. The chiseling wood process begins with paring the wood chisel with bare hands.

Using one hand isn’t recommended. You should put one hand for guiding the chisel and the other hand for providing driving force. When you need a more precise cutting, you may use a brace for fixing the guiding hand.


What is a wood chisel?

A wood chisel is a hand tool used for carving or cutting wood. It has a long metal blade with a sharp beveled edge on one end and a handle on the other end.

The blade is usually hardened steel to maintain a sharp cutting edge. Wood chisels are struck with a mallet or hammer to cut into the wood.

Why do carpenters use wood chisels?

Carpenters use wood chisels for several purposes: to cut mortises and dados (rectangular holes) in wood, to trim or pare wood, and to carve decorative designs.

The sharp edge of a chisel allows for precise and controlled cuts in woodworking. Chisels are useful for cutting into tight spaces that other tools like saws cannot access.

Experienced carpenters keep a set of chisels with different sizes and shapes for various woodworking tasks.

Does a chisel cut wood?

Yes, a wood chisel’s purpose is specifically for cutting, carving, and shaping wood. The beveled steel blade is designed for chopping, slicing, and paring away at wood fibers.

When the chisel is struck with a mallet or hammer, the sharp blade cuts into the wood along the direction of the mallet stroke. A woodworker can control the depth and direction of the cut using the chisel and mallet together.

What wood is best for chiseling?

In general, softer woods like pine, poplar, aspen, and basswood are easier to chisel and recommended for beginners. Harder woods like oak, maple, and hickory require more skill and care when chiseling to avoid splitting the wood.

Many experienced woodworkers enjoy the challenge of chiseling hardwoods. The type of project also determines the best wood species. For detailed carvings and furniture projects, carpenters often use softer woods that are more forgiving to chiseling mistakes.

Final thought

Purchasing a wood chisel is critical for beginners and professional woodworkers. The tool saves your money and also your woodworking time.

If you want to remain competitive in the market, use a wood chisel to smooth your projects. With pleasing outcomes, the final products will please many customers and end up selling more and earning huge profits.

Moreover, you will keep your office surviving and have favorable competition with other woodworkers. Besides, wood chisels save your woodworking project.

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