2 Reasons Why Are Impact Sockets Black?

Reasons Why Are Impact Sockets Black

Impact socket sets are ideal for fastening and loosening tasks in automotive and non-automotive sectors. A good set of impact sockets will give you peace of mind because you can comfortably tighten or loosen stubborn nuts or bolts.

You might have seen that impact sockets come in black coats while regular sockets are chrome-colored. Ever wondered why it is that?

If you are unaware of why impact sockets are black, this article is for you.

Let’s dig for the answer.

Why is Impact Sockets Black?

Impact sockets have black coating because of 2 main reasons.

Reason 01:

Impact sockets are black coated, and normal or standard sockets are chrome coated; this coat is different colored for easy identification purposes. Different color identification will help you easily find the socket from the toolbox. As a result, time will be saved, and with less effort, you can find the socket sets.

Reason 02:

The second reason is to ensure the durability and longevity of impact socket sets; they are black phosphate coated. Although a chrome coat is also good enough to make standard impact socket sets durable, black phosphate coating ensures durability and high resistance against the toughest impact, protecting the underlying metal from damage.

But that doesn’t mean impact sockets never get damaged; the truth is, over time, damage happens to them also, but minor damage happens to them accidentally drop happens, or they come into contact with grease or water.

Final Words

You will find a wide range of impact socket sets in the market. Never buy a cheap product. The ideal impact socket sets are made of Chrome Molybdenum, making them durable to absorb sudden torque without any trouble.

Hopefully, you will no longer look for the answer to why impact sockets are black. Due to the coatings, impact sockets receive a rugged and robust look, making them compatible with heavy-duty tasks.