Are Electric Chainsaws any Good?

Are Electric Chainsaws any Good

Are you looking for electric chainsaws but still confused about whether they will give you excellent performance? There is no doubt cutting down wood or trimming any branches will be a lot easier with a chainsaw. Chainsaws are portable, and users can easily move around with the chainsaw if required.

Chainsaws come with a different power source. Some are gas-powered, and some are electrical. Both have several advantages and disadvantages.

In this article, we will assist you in making your decision precise. After reading this article, I believe you will be able to release all your confusion regarding an electric chainsaw.

Gas-powered VS Electric Chainsaw

This is a fast-forwarding era. Different types of chainsaws with unique features are creating buzzwords in the market. As a result, a customer falls into a dilemma in choosing the right chainsaw for his/her task.

Both gas-powered, and electric chainsaws come with different functionality and technology.

Characteristic of Gas Powered Chainsaw

  • Gas-powered chainsaws are suitable for cutting a larger tree.
  • They are highly powerful and speedy, with several types of bar lengths.

But gas-powered chainsaws have a lot of drawbacks.

  • They are loud and create heavy noise.
  • Gas-powered chainsaws are heavyweight, and holding them is quite challenging.
  • Emit harmful hydrocarbons that are polluting the environment.
  • Comes with a pull-cord feature which is frustrating to handle.

Characteristics of Electric Chainsaw

Since 1926, people have been using an electric chainsaw. With many upgrades, today’s electric chainsaws is carrying the below characteristics.

  • Electric chainsaws are eco-friendly and don’t emit toxic gases into the environment.
  • As they run on electricity, the cost is affordable compared to gas-powered.
  • Creates less noise while operating.
  • Easy to start using a push-button, lightweight to handle, and control is much easier.
  • Doesn’t need maintenance frequently.
  • Comes with different safety features to give you the foremost safety.

You don’t need to be experienced or skilled to operate an electric chainsaw. All the features of an electric chainsaw make it easy to handle. Different bar sizes are available in an electric chainsaw. If you surf in the market, you will find 12” – 18” bar length for an electric chainsaw. This size range makes it a versatile tool that can accomplish any task related to cutting trees.

The drawback of electric chainsaw

  • The electric chainsaw comes with less power.
  • Because of the electricity connection, the portability option is not always workable.

Benefits of Using Electric Chainsaw

Are you still dissatisfied? Read below the points where I showed the benefits of using an electric chainsaw.

  • Start-up and operation are straightforward.

Starting an electric chainsaw is pretty simple. Plug it into the nearest power source, inspect the chain, press the ON button and start using it. Isn’t it simple?

On the other hand, a gas-powered chainsaw needs motor preparation before starting and pulling the cord is mandatory to kick a gas-powered chainsaw. Also, it requires a proper blend of gas and bar oil. If the blend is improper, your forehead will sweat to let it start.

But an electric chainsaw will give you a hassle-free operation undoubtedly.

  • Financially shrewdness

You need fuel to control a gas chainsaw. It means you need to pay a lot of cash. Besides this, gas chainsaws need maintenance frequently. Finally, a lot of money goes out of your pocket if you own a gas chainsaw.

But, you need only an available electrical power source to control an electric chainsaw. Also, maintenance is unnecessary on a regular basis. All these options make an electric chainsaw financially shrewd.

  • Lightweight

Generally, an electric chainsaw is a bit lighter than its competitor. As it runs on electricity, it has no chance of giving you any additional load. Because of this, an electric chainsaw is lighter than all other types of chainsaw.

Its lightweight characteristic makes it a well-performer that can be controlled easily.

  • Doesn’t create much sound

Electric chainsaws will not irritate you with their noise during an operation. They are calmer and don’t create much sound like a gas chainsaw. It is one of the best features of an electric chainsaw.

Low noise will assist you in concentrating your work, and your neighbours will also remain free from any sound disturbance. Finally, you are promoting a noise-free environment.

  • Safe to use

A gas-powered chainsaw tends to take kickback when starting an operation. The kickback occurs when the blade tip is kept running on an object, forcing the operator to stick back to the back. A kickback can lead you to a hazardous situation at any time.

You will not find any risk factors for an electric chainsaw. Electric chainsaw contains a safety chain that keeps them safe from a kickback.

You must ensure you have taken enough safety precautions to keep you safe from electricity.

  • Eco-friendly

The emission of harmful hydrocarbons happens when a gas-powered chainsaw is used. Hydrocarbon is a hazardous ingredient for both the earth and the environment.

No emission of any harmful gas happens from the electric chainsaw. That is why it is an eco-friendly tool.

Why should you Buy an Electric Chainsaw?

The electric chainsaw has taken a revolution to the chainsaw industry. A lot of upgraded features have been included in an electric chainsaw to give you an impressive experience of cutting trees and branches.

They are also designed to give you comfort while operating; electric chainsaws are lightweight, don’t create fatigue in your hand, and are safe for the environment. Besides, electric chainsaws are cost-effective.

With all these advantages, can you resist not buying an electric chainsaw?


Before purchasing a chainsaw, it is essential to know the pros and cons of every type of chainsaw. And an electric chainsaw is undoubtedly the best of all chainsaws. Purchase an electric chainsaw and get the best benefit from it.