The Top 9 Best Dial Calipers to Buy [2024]

Best Dial Calipers

If you are a machinist, woodworker, or mechanic, you are familiar with dial calipers. A dial caliper is a versatile tool that can measure an object’s internal and external dimensions and depth and many other areas.

Out of many different calipers, dial calipers are the most renowned because they provide precise and accurate measurements.

Moreover, the best dial calipers come with different features and functions. They don’t require a battery, measurements are perfectly visible and 100% accurate, and they are easy to use and durable.

This article has enlisted the best products available with unique and innovative features.

So, let’s take a closer look.

Recommended Top Dial Calipers

  1. Anytime Tools
  2. Hornady
  3. Fowler 52-008-706-0
  4. Starrett 1202F-6
  5. Frankford Arsenal
  6. Starrett 3202-6
  7. HFS (R) 0-6
  8. Taylor Toolworks
  9. Anytime Tools


Top 9 Best Dial Calipers Reviews

All the calipers reviewed in this section are very popular among customers. This article intends to introduce you to the best product. So we went through many filtration processes and finally came up with this list.

1. Anytime Tools Dial Calipers


Anytime Tools Dial Calipers


Key Features:

  • Dual reading faces.
  • Easy to read.
  • Shock-proof.

The Anytime Tools dial calipers will be a great choice if you want affordable and top-notch dial calipers. It comes with 2 dials, allowing you to measure both SAE (black numberings) and Metric scale (red numberings).

The tool will surprise you with its performance and accuracy. You can accomplish any light-duty or mid-level work at your home or workstation without any trouble.

You will also be impressed looking at its built quality. It is made of stainless steel that offers long-term service. Also, its thumb-roll operation is smooth. Moreover, the unit is shock-resistant. If your hands get shacked somehow, no impact will happen.

Measuring interior, exterior, step, and depth is a matter of time with the tool. Additionally, it shows accurate reading all the time. The tool is pretty well-furnished, and its sliding surface is raised to help prevent wear and tear to the guardians.

Interestingly, the dial caliper comes with a well-equipped protective plastic case. So you can store it safely when it is not in use.

Also, the box interior is foam-fitted, so jerking can’t damage the item while carrying it. Overall, it is a great tool that delivers a professional result within the price.


  • No inaccurate reading.
  • Hardened stainless steel construction.
  • A protective carrying box is available with the item for easy carry.


  • I didn’t find any cons to share.

2. Hornady Dial Caliper


Key Features:

  • Reliable.
  • Shock-proof.
  • Lockable slide.

There are many good reasons you will like the Hornady 050075 Dial caliper. Firstly, its dial display is large, and the markings are highly visible, so you don’t face any problem reading the measurement.

The body is stainless steel made, and the shock-proof dial delivers +/-0.001 accurate data. It is an ideal dial caliper that can measure dimensions inside and outside, depth, and step.

When you need to measure the length of the overall cartridge, the prime pocket, the case, and other things, no other dial caliper will be the best choice except it.

Since it is made of stainless steel, it will never rust, and you can work with it even in a wet place. It is focused on providing long-term service to its users. The deal will allow you to measure both inches and fractions.

You will get a protective case with the item to store it safely.  You will hardly find a dial caliper similar to the Hornady 050075 Dial Caliper in terms of reliability and accuracy.

Another great feature of the item is that you can lock the jaws in any position for precise measurement. Additionally, due to the thumbwheel, you will not face any issues while opening or closing the dial caliper.

If your budget is low and you are searching for a quality product, look no further and purchase the Hornady 050075 dial caliper.


  • Quality product at an affordable price.
  • Delivers precise measures in both inches and fractions.
  • Large display aids secure to read feature.


  • Less inch accuracy compared to similarly priced items.

3. Fowler Stainless Steel Shockproof Dial Caliper

Fowler Stainless Steel Shockproof Dial Caliper


Key Features:

  • Knurled lock screw.
  • Covered rack.
  • Shockproof anti-backlash control.

Another excellent dial caliper, the Fowler Stainless Steel Shockproof Dial Caliper, has many features to meet all your requirements. It is eligible to measure OD (outside dimension), ID (inside dimension), step, and depth.

Providing consistent measurement is the habit of the caliper. The sliding jaw remains in position because it has a knurled screw. Also, no dirt and dust will clog the gear due to a covered rack in the caliper.

As a result, you will always get error-free measurements. You can conveniently operate the gear with one hand. It is possible because it consists of a thumb-operated excellent adjustment roller.

The primary focus of the dial caliper is to ensure precise measurement. For this reason, the whole unit is equipped with accessories that work to give exact results.

The spring is shockproof to offer improved accuracy over regular gear structures. Also, this feature adds a compressive force to minimize backlash.

Every part of the dial caliper is made of hardened stainless steel. The beam, gauging surfaces, rack, gears, and depth rod are all durable and show corrosion-resistance performance.

The rack and pinning wear get reduced due to the dual pinion drive mechanism. Moreover, the gear will always stay well-aligned because of the self-incorporated movement.


  • Delivers precise measurements.
  • 0” – 6” range.
  • Fitted case.


  • Expensive.

4. Starrett 1202F-6 Dial Caliper


Starrett 1202F-6 Dial Caliper


Key Features:

  • Consistent.
  • High accuracy.
  • Hardened stainless steel bar.

The manufacturer, Starrett, has a reputation for manufacturing quality items. You will get a decimal reading from the inner wheel of the caliper, and the outer wheel will give you fractional readings.

This way, the Starrett 1202F-6 Dial Caliper has become a perfect choice for any woodworking project. However, the dial caliper is a bit heavier than its range, but it is well-built and sturdier than any other dial caliper.

Using inches will let you effortlessly measure step, OD, ID, and depth. The dial is large and white; you can read the measurement under any light condition. The inner decimal scale is white, and the fractional scale is yellow.

The caliper performs smoothly, and you will never have problems working with it. Its thumb roller adjustment will assist you in working with it using only one hand. And the dial will always return to zero whenever you finish working with the item.

A hard plastic box is also included with the caliper. A serious woodworker will find this item much more useful when the tape, ruler, or combination is unsuitable for square work.


  • Gear teeth remain clean with the help of covered racks.
  • Durable.
  • Promised to serve for an extended period.


  • High price tag.

5. Frankford Arsenal Stainless Steel Dial Caliper


Key Features:

  • Versatile.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Durable.

The measurement must be accurate when you measure case length or neck and base diameters. Otherwise, you will end up with a poor result.

The Frankford Arsenal Stainless Steel Dial Caliper is designed to provide precise results. It will satisfy you by delivering +/-0.001” correct reading. The measurement range of the dial caliper is 0 – 6”.

The construction of the dial caliper is stainless steel. It means it is lightweight, rust-resistant, and free from corroding. The numbers are marked in black color on a white background. This way, you can easily understand the measurement.

It has a knob on the slider that can be placed anywhere on the caliper. And by twisting it, you can lock it for accurate measuring. The slider runs through the caliper effortlessly to complete your measuring session without losing enough time.

The available protective case will allow you to store the caliper in a safe location. Being lightweight and convenient with a protective case, you can comfortably carry it to any place.

You can put your trust in the unit, keeping your eyes shut off, and it will never break your faith in performance and quality.


  • Easy to read dial.
  • High-contrast markings.
  • Delivers quick and fast measurement.


  • Poor packaging.

6. Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper

Key Features:
  • Beautifully designed.
  • Lock screw.
  • High-pitched markings.

Searching for a versatile tool in your toolbox? Your search will end with the Starrett 3202-6 Dial Caliper. The item is renowned for delivering accurate and precise measurements.

Without any doubt, you can rely on it for superior quality service. This is because you will always receive accurate measurements when measuring inner dimension, outer dimension, and depth.

It will deliver an effortless measuring session since adjusting to the required setting is straightforward. Using your thumb, you can easily control the adjustment roll.

Also, it is a user-friendly dial caliper. Moreover, you can control the dial bezel and sliding jaw’s placement with assistance from the lock screw.

If you think of handling a wide range of tasks, rely on the Starrett 3202-6 dial caliper because its durable construction will allow you to do so. It is a longer-lasting tool and will never show poor performance. Its offering range is 0” – 6”.

Similar to a standard dial caliper, it aims to deliver inches reading. Its graduations are 0.001 inches, which is proof of its accuracy. No chance of misreading because the markings are high-pitched and bright. Even from a tight angle, you will not misread.


  • The adjustable dial bezel and sliding jaw.
  • Lightweight.
  • Sturdily built.


  • China product.

7. HFS (R) 0-6” Stainless 4-way Dial Caliper

Key Features:

  • 4-way measurements.
  • Adjustable bezel.
  • Consistent, accurate measurement.

Are you looking for a dial caliper that promises accurate and precise measurements? Without thinking twice, you can rely on the HFS (R) 0-6” Stainless 4-way Dial Caliper.

Providing accurate results consistently is a habit of the tool. That is why it is designed to provide +/- 0.001” precise results. Dial calipers are prone to get clogged.

This dial caliper will never show any clogging problem because it has covered racks designed to eliminate clogging. Besides, it is made from hardened stainless steel, and a coating of satin chrome ensures it will give you an extended service period.

Also, its bezel is adjustable and has a locking mechanism, making it an ideal option for a wide range of measurements.

With its versatile feature, it offers 4-way measurements. You can measure the depth, outside, inside, and step, without losing time.

Moreover, it doesn’t show any reaction to any shock. So, while working with it, no change will come in the measurement result, even if your hand’s shocked.

You may need to carry the caliper to your workplace. Keeping this point in mind, the manufacturer presented the item with a nice plastic carrying case. The primary responsibility of the box is to keep the caliper safe and secure at any time.


  • Doesn’t get clogged.
  • Accurate measurement, even if your hands get shocked.
  • Beautiful plastic box for safe storage.


  • Less lifespan compared to its range.

8. Taylor Toolworks 6” SAE Dial Calipers


Taylor Toolworks 6” SAE Dial Calipers



When purchasing a dial caliper, you should always look for a durable and quality dial caliper. To fulfil your requirements, the manufacturer Taylor Toolworks introduced one of the best dial calipers in the market, Taylor Toolworks 6” SAE Dial Calipers.

Whether you will use it for light or heavy-duty tasks, the only focal point of the item is to provide a precise measurement. The accuracy of the dial caliper is +/- 0.001″ per 6″.

Moreover, inside, outside, step, and depth measurements with the caliper will take time. The top-selling point of the caliper are its storage box.

The storage box confirms that nothing will happen to the caliper since it is securely placed inside the box. After measuring, the caliper’s performance will satisfy you, and you will whisper to yourself, saying, “WOW!”

You will hardly find a caliper that provides premium-level performance within the price range. Many professionals, as well as DIY lovers, appreciated and recommended the tool. You will never regret purchasing the item, thinking you made a poor choice.


  • Quality finish.
  • Easy to read.
  • A durable plastic case provides safety.


  • Inconsistent performance.

9. Anytime Tools Premium Dial Caliper

Anytime Tools Premium Dial Caliper



Key Features:

  • Dual shock-resistant design.
  • Zero parallel tolerance.
  • Smooth operation.

It will become an injustice to the Anytime Tools Premium Dial Caliper if I don’t keep it in my top 9 best dial calipers list. It has all the necessary features that make it eligible for this list.

Dial calipers should come with durable construction, which is also no exception. Hardened stainless steel is used to construct the dial caliper. You should pay attention to the dial caliper when measuring inner and outer dimensions and depth using a dial caliper.

In terms of operation, the dial caliper is one of the smoothest, most accurate, and most precise calipers. The dial is easy to read. Moreover, it comes with a shock-resistant feature.

Regular dial calipers show inaccurate results for many reasons, and one of the most common reasons is that the dial doesn’t return to the ZERO position properly.

The item doesn’t show any problem like this. It will be a wise choice if you need to accomplish a lightweight measuring task daily.


  • Correct settings for the presence of a knurled lock.
  • High accuracy.
  • Safety case.


  • N/A.

How to Buy the Best Dial Calipers?

Unfortunately, when we purchase a precision tool, we go to a tool’s store without much research.

And in the end, we purchase an inferior quality product.

So, learning about the functions and features of the best dial calipers is vital. A little bit of homework will make you smile in the long run.


Most of the time, you will think of using a dial caliper in a wide range of projects. For this reason, you need to pick a dial caliper that can be easily used in various projects.


Since you use a dial caliper to make your life easier, your selected dial caliper must provide an accurate result. Can you lead a comfortable life if you get improper and inaccurate measurements? Definitely NO.

While purchasing, you need to ensure the dial caliper is accurate. Now, how will you understand whether a dial caliper is accurate?

Our enlisted dial calipers are focused on providing an accurate reading. They are promised to make your life easier by delivering precise results.

It would be best to look at reviews of dial calipers on Amazon. Also, you should purchase from a brand.


The good news is dial calipers are an inexpensive product. You don’t need to break your bank to purchase a dial caliper. At affordable prices, there are many dial calipers available which are available with premium-quality features.

However, make your budget and surf in the market first. Never go to your budget at the time of purchasing a dial caliper.


Design is another important factor of a dial caliper. The model has to be ergonomic so you can easily use it. If you feel uncomfortable working with a dial caliper, you will never be interested in working with it.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for the best dial calipers, without any hesitation, you can pick your best-suited item from the above list. All these reviewed dial calipers provide excellent performance.

And dial calipers are popular precision tools because they don’t require any power source. So, you can free yourself from different types of tension related to a power source.


What is a dial caliper used for?

Dial calipers are precision measuring instruments used to measure internal and external distances accurately. Common uses are measuring machined parts, prototypes, and vehicle components.

What’s the difference between metric and inch dial calipers?

Metric dial calipers measure in millimeters (mm), while inch types measure in decimal inches. Make sure you get a set with the appropriate units for your application. Some features of both units.

Which is better dial or digital calipers?

Good quality dial calipers typically have accuracy within 0.001 inches, whereas digital calipers can be even more precise at 0.0005 inches. Dial calipers are also cheaper.

Which caliper is most accurate?

The most accurate dial calipers are generally those that are made to the highest levels of precision. Brands known for excellent accuracy include Mitutoyo, Starrett, and Tesa Micro-Hite.

Accuracy depends on both manufacturing quality and proper calibration. High-end dial calipers with precision ground parts can reach accuracy levels of 0.001 inches or 0.02 mm.

What is the best dial calipers for reloading?

For reloading tools, some top choices for dial calipers include the Hornady Digital Caliper. Look for a caliper with a large easy-to-read display, smooth adjustment, and accuracy to 0.001 inches or better.

The ability to switch between fractional and decimal measurements is also helpful for reloading uses.

What is the best dial calipers for machinists?

For machinist applications, some recommended dial calipers include the Starrett IP67 Coolant Proof Caliper Or Mitutoyo 500-196-30,

Staying away from digit calipers, which may lack longevity in a machine shop environment, is advisable. Machinist-grade dial calipers from Starrett, Mitutoyo and others are built to withstand intense daily use.