Hobart Handler 140 Review: Everything You Should Know

Hobart Handler 140 Review

For now, Hobart is enjoying unmatched popularity when it comes to manufacturing top-notch wielding devices for professionals and novice learners. They have maintained a similar quality for the Hobart Handler 140.

It boasts of premium build quality, user-friendly intuitive design, stunning performance, and a user-friendly budget. Hence, customers love getting one Hobart Handler 140 once in their wielding lifetime.

But is it worth the ardent hype?

Let’s see what we found in our Hobart Handler 140 review. And guess what?

We came out with some shocking findings. We thought that you should also understand these underlying factors.

So, here we go.

Hobart Handler 140 Review

Handler 140 takes pride in an American-manufactured product line that only a few manufacturers can match in real life. Besides, it features all the essential facilities that welder men love to have in their machines.

Wide Amperage Range

The 140 welding device features a good range of amperage variation to accomplish light to medium-duty welding chores. Its wielding range varies between 25-140 AMP, so you can pretty much accomplish most work with the machine except for some high-end industrial-scale projects.

Effective Duty Cycle

Handler 140 also boasts of a superior duty cycle that most customers find praiseworthy. To be frank, its 20% duty cycle at 90AMPs is one of the leading in the welding industry. It means you can effectively run the machine for 2 minutes at a stretch, and then it will need 8 minutes of the cooling period.

The compelling duty cycle also implies that the machine has a brilliant continuation at work.

Variable Voltage Control

Only an expert welding man truly knows the importance of variable voltage control for seamless finish during welding projects. Hobart seems to have known it for a long, and so they equip every welding device with a suitable voltage variation.

Similarly, the Handler 140 comes with 5 variable voltage stabilization facilities. Henceforth, you can ardently take advantage to create a stable arc. It will further help you at achieving the perfect welding depth in every material.

However, if you want more variation in voltage controlling, Hobart Handler 190 with seven changes will suit you more.

Usable with Various Materials

When you purchase a quality handler, would you like it if it works with only one or two metals? You will answer with a straight no.

Well, you won’t have to face such disparity since Handler 140 is functional with cast aluminum, stainless steel, and cast steel as well. Thus, you won’t get stuck while working on any projects.

Also, the machine supports both Flux-cored and MIG welding that also incorporates the overall versatility of the device.

Incredible User Functions

During our Hobart handler 140 reviews, we noticed that the device operates at 40-700 IPM wire speed. Therefore, the variable wire speed supports incredible functioning. Additionally, the welding machine supports operation at standard household 115V electricity.

So, you won’t have to adjust the voltage output with added costings.

The next selling point of Hobart Handler 140 is the right welding thickness. For thin metals, you can go as low as 24-gauge welding depth, while the ¼” cutting thickness ensures you can work with quite thick metals. And all these are possible without any big issues.

Excellent Control

The Hobart handler 140 offers superior control that will benefit both pro and amateur users. Thereby, you can control the voltage and wire speed with a single knob placed on the front side. The knob position is cleverly located so that you can reach it with ease during the work.

There’s even a Quick Select patented drive roll for quick switching among the wire speeds. It also prevents overheating to secure the device. Furthermore, the 100 MIG spool gun works brilliantly for more stringent job completion.


At 57 pounds weight, the Hobart 140 handler is the second lightest handler of its class. Also, it is the 2nd smallest welding device from the famous Hobart lineup. So you can easily transport the machine into place with a handheld.

What’s more, the handheld function is well supported with the provided handle and ergonomic grip.

Easy Set-Up

Hobart handler 140 comes almost ardently for ready-to-use condition. Hobart has included a user-friendly guide with the package that allows quick installation of the machine.

Also, the package includes a dual gauge regulator and a 10 feet cable for easy setup.

Superb Durability

Our review also found that the Hobart 140 handler has unrivaled endurance. The cast aluminum used for the drive system has an industrial-scale quality, while the base has premium stability. Also, the clams support heavy-duty tasking.



Key Features:

  • It has built-in wire feeding and a quick-release lever mechanism.
  • The built-in contractor regulator keeps the wiring cold when not in use.
  • 20% duty cycle at 90AMP.
  • Dual grooving drive roll mechanism for quick and comfortable shifts between different wirings.
  • Self-resetting capacity to prevent overheating and motor damage protection.
  • An adjustable and fined tuned arc with 5 different voltage functions.
  • 25-140 AMP amperage range.
  • It protects overloading with the short circuit mechanism.
  • It has an industrial-scale and reliable drive system and clamps.
  • Runs at regular household 115V.
  • At 57 pounds, weight supports easy transportation.
  • Comfortable polarity changing capacity.
  • Even beginners can operate the tool.
  • The installation can be completed in an instant.
  • 5 year warranty
  • It has a 5-feet long power cord only.
  • For regular movement, a wheeled cart is essential.
  • Needs DC output to function with the generator.



What is the power output and duty cycle rating?

The Hobart Handler 140 has a max power output of 140 amps and a 25% duty cycle at 90 amps. At higher outputs, the duty cycle is lower.

What thickness of metal can it weld?

It can weld 24 gauge up to 1/4 inch mild steel. With the right technique and settings, it can also weld thinner gauges of aluminum.

What wire types and sizes does it accept?

It comes set up for 0.030-inch solid wire but can accept 0.024-0.035-inch sizes. Both flux-cored and MIG wires work well.

How portable and easy to set up is the Hobart 140?

It’s compact and fairly lightweight at only 57 pounds. The gasless flux-cored option makes it very portable. Setup is quick with automatic wire feed and voltage settings.

Does it need shielding gas for MIG welding?

Yes, you’ll need an argon/CO2 mix like 75/25 when using solid wire MIG welding. The flux-cored wire doesn’t require any gas.

Is it suitable for auto body/sheet metal work?

Yes, the Handler 140 works well for thinner gauge sheet metals, especially with smaller diameter MIG wires. The voltage control allows tuning the arc for thin metal.

Is Hobart Handler 140 a good-quality welder device?

Hobart Handler 140 has a user-friendly interface, trustworthy reliability, and performance. It is the right choice for working in small to medium welding jobs.

Are Hobart handlers good at work?

Hobart has established a good reputation with their sincere build quality and reliable performance. So, they and Miller are incredibly good at the real job site.

hobart 140 welder review



Boasting 140AMP amperage and 20% duty cycle along with a quick-release lever and five voltage variations, Hobart 140 Handler is a leading welding device right now in the market. During the Hobart Handler 140 review, we thoroughly noticed its feature-packed performance.

With reasonable pricing and user-friendly intuitive controls, beginners will hugely benefit from the Hobart Handler 140 just like any professional.