When To Use A Circular Saw? (With Tips and Tricks)

When To Use A Circular Saw

Carpenters work on versatile themes. It’s quite common among them to deal with a variety of projects. While cutting something straight, you may feel the need for a cutter that works smoothly through a metal sheet.

A saw can be used in cutting wood, giving curve cuts, and many more ways. But for straight cutting, you need a specific tool – the circular saw.

The circular saw can be used in roofing, metal, masonry, etc., projects. In this article, I’ll explain when to use a circular saw, along with a short user guide.

Overview of Circular Saw 

The principal characteristic of a circular saw is a toothed or abrasive disc or blade. And, of course, it works with a power supply. To define its motion, we can use the word “rotary,” which means circular motion.

That’s why the name of the saw is a circular saw. But that’s not the main character because you can see a similar motion in the hole and ring saw. However, there are differences between them. The difference is mainly in style.

The circular saw has an abrasive blade that is not available in the other kinds of saws. So the circular saw can cut many hard materials that can’t be cut using available tools. Its versatile use will surprise you and help you to become a pro at cutting.

From the 18th century till now, its popularity of it has never been affected. The reason behind it is there’s no better alternative to it. Professionals use this to begin in versatile sectors. So now, we will discuss when we can use it.

When to use a circular saw?

If you are using a top-quality circular saw like the Bosch CS10, it can be used in many ways. So here I’m giving some ideas on when you can use your circular saw.

Like other saws, a circular saw can be used in woodwork. But for a number of specific cuts, you need a circular saw over any other tools. Because the blade is different and with it, you can achieve those specific types of cuts.

You can do other works with the circular saw, such as masonry, plastic, and metal. It doesn’t matter which material you are going to cut, but the fact is the type of cut. With a circular saw, you can get the following cuts:

Rip Cuts: 

These cuts are the most common cuts in the woodwork. By using a circular saw to cut, it is much easier, to do. You can get the work done with other saws but can hardly reach perfection.


Of course, cross cuts are one of the most challenging cuts. Because this one is very tough for beginners, but a circular saw makes the process much easier for even a novice. And with the circular saw, you can make a perfect cross card.

Combination cuts:  

Sometimes, we need both the cross-cut and the rip-cut. And doing two at the same time seems to be a hard nut to crack. And here, the circular saw will help you the most. You can use the circular saw to create a rip cut and the cross-cut simultaneously.

Tips and Tricks of using Circular Saw

Using such tools is sometimes confusing, after all. When I was a beginner, I had to learn so many things and couldn’t learn much from others. But I’m here with some tips to cut properly and skillfully.  This will help you to cut correctly. Here’s what I learned.

    1. There are different types of circular saws. Table saw is one of the variants. While working with it, you have to move the goods around the blade, and the saw won’t move as it is fixed. So while using it, do it slowly. Otherwise, faster work will be caused by a nasty cut.
    2. The saw can make a lot of mess. When you remove the materials, there will be a lot of small particles around. And you may see a messy room. So don’t forget to keep a good dust cleaner.
    3. The cut will be smooth if you use a narrow kerf. And it is the key to smooth cutting. Try to follow it whenever you work.
    4. Saw setting is a challenging and essential task. Without a proper setting, the cut won’t be satisfactory. But how to set it? Well, you have to maintain the geometrical position. Youtube tutorials are there for you; follow them to know the positions.

Don’t miss the safety part. 

As the saw needs a continuous electrical connection, you have to maintain the power supply. And the power connection has to be vital to avoid any kind of electrical problem. The circular saw especially needs the right amount of energy. Moreover, your personal safety is always essential, as well.

Whenever you use any kind of saw, don’t forget to put on a mask. Because there will be countless wood particles here and there while working. These particles and dust can enter your lungs through your nose and cause long-term harm. Also, don’t forget to wear gloves.

And always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from small particles of wood or other materials. Don’t avoid any of the safety measures because safety is the first thing to ensure.

How To Use a Circular Saw

Final words  

The circular saw can be your best option for the cuts I’ve mentioned. And you can use it for any wooden work or metal projects. It doesn’t matter which project you are doing. If you know when to use a circular saw, it’s going to take you miles ahead.

However, without following the tips, it may be harder for you to make such cuts because the cuts are not easy, honestly. And without being conscious, you may face injury also. Take proper measures of dust cleaning while working. And last but not least, taking safety measures is a must.