How do Impact Wrenches Work? (Video Explained)

How do Impact Wrenches Work

Different types of power tools make our lives easier when handling different types of projects.

Accurate knowledge of power tools’ working procedures is inevitable if you want the best benefit from a power tool.

Being a mechanic, you might be familiar with an impact wrench and its uses. An impact wrench is also known as a torque wrench or gun, rattle gun, etc.

Changing the wheels of car tires will become effortless with an impact wrench. But do you know how impact wrenches work?

This article will give you a clear idea of the working process of an impact wrench.

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 What is an Impact Wrench? 

As I already stated, an impact wrench is known by many different names. Impact wrenches are a powerful tool that assists its user in delivering high torque with minimal effort. It manages to accumulate intensity in a rotating measure.

Impact wrenches are widely used in the automotive industry for different purposes like repairing a car, maintaining heavy components, assembling an item, or other manufacturing projects requiring high torque.

Different sizes of impact wrenches are available in the market. A ¼” impact wrench will be the best choice for assembling or disassembling an item. For a big manufacturing project, 3 ½” is the most suitable.

How do Impact Wrenches Work?

Below is the step-by-step working procedure for an impact wrench.

How do Impact Wrenches Work

Step 01: Assembling the impact wrench

Firstly, you will need to know what an impact wrench looks like. The design of an impact wrench is similar to a drill machine. The body of impact wrenches is made of silver.

The pressure of the air torque depends on the user’s requirement. Controlling the air torque is pretty simple with the easy-release trigger switch option.

It has a long rubber hose attached to the air pressure unit. The pressure released depends on the pressure of the user’s hand on the trigger.

Before starting to use an impact wrench, you should connect the air pressure unit and rubber hose. As a result, you can effortlessly remove the rubber hose anytime from the air pressure unit.

Step 02: Trial Run

The performance of an impact wrench depends on the pressure level used by the wrench. The standard pressure of an impact wrench is 90 – 100 psi (lbs / inch2).

Also, ensure that the hose pipe is straight and has no bends. Because if the pipe gets twisted, air can get trapped in the pipe as a water pipe. So, inspect the impact wrench to avoid any further problems while working.

Touching the trigger lightly, you can use the impact wrench in a specific direction per your preference. The wrench socket direction is adjustable in 2 different directions. Clockwise rotation will ensure the tightening of the socket, and anti-clockwise will make sure it is loosened.

Step 03: Controlling the Speed

An impact wrench consists of a switch or dial, allowing you to control the speed precisely. Different projects will require different speeds. Once the speed is set, assemble the socket to the bit and ensure you use the right size.

Then, the socket bit must be placed onto the nut, and the trigger must be pressed. If the wheel nut is loosened correctly, you will receive the best performance from an impact wrench.

Slow Motion - How an Impact Wrench Works

Safety tips while operating an impact wrench

  • Avoid applying excessive torque. If you do so, the thread will get damaged. Standard wrenches are designed to hold the anticipated load.
  • The impact wrench will be effective when pulling but not pressing it.
  • Your position is restricted because there may be a sudden release of fasteners while working with an impact wrench.
  • You will not receive good results if you tilt an impact wrench with an angle. Make sure the impact wrench is placed on the nut fully.
  • Don’t think of using an impact wrench as a conventional wrench.

More FAQ

What is the difference between an impact wrench and impact driver?

An impact wrench is designed for high torque output to loosen or tighten bolts and nuts. An impact driver is designed to drive screws and bolts into various materials.

While an impact driver can sometimes loosen smaller fasteners, it does not provide the same torque level as an impact wrench.

Can impact wrench be used as a drill?

No, an impact wrench should not be used as a drill. While the rotating chuck allows you to insert drill bits, impact wrenches lack the necessary control and precision to drill holes effectively.

An impact wrench’s hammering action and high torque output would damage most materials being drilled. For drilling purposes, you need an actual drill driver or drill.

How does an air powered impact wrench work?

An air impact wrench uses compressed air to create rotational motion and torque. Inside, there is a rotor and hammer mechanism.

The rotor spins freely on the bearings as compressed air enters the tool. The hammer mechanism turns along with the rotor but can slide back and forth.

This allows the hammer to strike against the anvil, creating the hammering action. The hammering action causes the anvil to turn in small increments, creating high torque output.

Can I use an impact driver as an impact wrench?

The truth is impact drivers and impact wrenches are used for different purposes, which have differences too. Impact drivers are less powerful than impact wrenches.

An impact wrench will deliver the best result if you want to give a well-tight or lose any nuts, bolts, or sockets. On the other side of the coin, to drive a screw, an impact driver will be a wise pick.

What is the best use of an impact wrench?

You will need an impact wrench for high torque situations and nuts to loosen or tighten. For this type of work, an impact wrench is the best choice.

Do the impact wrenches get dull?

Eventually, an impact wrench will dull over time. It will wear out even if you store it in a perfect environment. Although, you can extend the lifespan of an impact wrench by taking proper care and maintenance.

It would be best to use a premium quality power tool conditioner to clean the impact wrench. Cleaning will ensure that your impact wrench will work long-term with top-quality performance.

What are the uses of impact wrenches?

Impact wrenches are widely used for removing jammed bolts, nuts, or sockets. Fastening bolts and nuts to a compact space with ease.Assembling or disassembling any heavy equipment.

Last Words

If you work in a garage, an impact wrench is a tool that will most frequently be needed to assemble or disassemble a car tire. So, you can’t deny the importance of learning “how do impact wrenches work.”

In this article, we have discussed the working process of an impact wrench briefly. Apply the process successfully when dealing with an impact wrench.