How to Install Glass Pack Mufflers? (4 STEPS)

How to Install Glass Pack Mufflers (4 STEPS)

Do you own a car and drive it by yourself? Whether you drive your car or not, you might have heard engine sounds coming through the exhaust pipe.

The sound becomes much more noisy and loud, which disturbs other people. To prevent this problem, using mufflers for V6 is one of the effective ways.

Mufflers are used in the vehicle’s exhaust system and installed at the bottom of the cars. It effectively reduces engine noise and emissions of toxic chemicals.

The fact is, you can’t install any ordinary mufflers in your vehicle because these may create negative effects on your car engine. At this point, glass pack mufflers are the best solution.

If you decide to install glass pack mufflers, let’s learn the step-by-step process of how to install glass pack mufflers.

 How to Install Glass Pack Mufflers? 

How to Install Glass Pack Mufflers

Glass pack mufflers are car mufflers packed with fiberglass between the outer tube and small inner tube. Due to this fiberglass packaging, these mufflers have received the name “Glass Pack Mufflers.”

These mufflers are much more efficient than other mufflers and effectively reduce engine noise. Moreover, they are less resistant to the exhaust gases of the vehicle. As a result, they significantly increase fuel economy.

How to Install Glass Pack Mufflers?

You will love to know that the glass pack muffler installation process is straightforward. You don’t even need to do welding to install it. Find the below step-by-step process.

Step 01: Prepare All the Required Equipment

You will need to gather a few tools for the installation process. Grease pit or jackscrew, glass pack mufflers, and included installation gears are a few tools; keep them aside. You can buy the muffler from your closest automotive store. The jackscrew is available with your vehicle.

Now, park your car in an ideal space. Make sure enough room is available in the area. Then, use the jackscrew to put the car up. You have to confirm the below 2 factors.

  • The jackscrew is perfectly tightened.
  • Set the vehicle up to a suitable height for your convenience

Step 02: Old Muffler Removing

Once you park and put the car up, get underneath it. Next, the exhaust pipe’s front portion needs to be selected and cut the exhaust pipe using a pipe cutter.

Don’t hurry because it may lead you to an unexpected incident. Cut slowly and steadily. All you need to do is ensure a smooth and clean cut.

Step 03: Glass Pack Muffler Installation

After finishing the cutting process of the exhaust pipe, the old muffler needs to be removed. If you need assistance from the pipe cutter, use it, but be of utmost care.

Before installing the glass pack muffler, use a tissue or soft cloth to clean the exhaust pipe. All through the exhaust pipe and muffler lip, the exhaust clamp must be clamped.

This way, the outlet and inlet sides of the muffler will be protected. Now, tightening the muffler’s clamp is mandatory; do it using a wrench. Ensure well-tightening to avoid unusual movement when pulling.

Step 04: Muffler Hangers Attaching

Muffler Hangers Attaching

The installation of the glass pack muffler is already finished. Now, you need to secure it. On the car frames solid area, muffler hangers need to be joined.

Use muffler straps to cover the muffler. Also, take a screwdriver and ensure the well-tightening of the muffler straps.

Finally, inspect everything intently. Proper fastening of the exhaust pipe is mandatory to avoid collision with the car’s undercarriage.

Isn’t the process so simple?

You can take it as a DIY project, and hopefully, with the above-shared steps, you will be able to install glass pack mufflers without much of a hassle.

Glass Pack Mufflers Benefit

Glass-pack mufflers are quite popular among car owners due to their benefits. Let’s learn its benefits from the below section.

  • The overall performance of a vehicle increases due to this muffler type. It is designed in such a way that it can reduce the engine’s exerted back pressure significantly. Thus, the free flow of exhaust gas happens, and the machine performs without significant difficulties. In most cases, a slight improvement in fuel economy also occurs.
  • A vehicle receives a sportier and eye-catching look after installing a glass pack muffler.
  • It reduces the sound created by the engine and brings out the original sound of the engine.
  • One of the exceptional features of the glass pack mufflers is t reducing the car’s weight profile. This way, a motorist or driver can go faster.

Glass Pack Mufflers Drawbacks

Although this muffler type has many benefits, it comes with a few drawbacks, too. Find the drawbacks of a glass pack muffler below.

  • The biggest drawback is it is an expensive process. As a result, car owners with tight budgets don’t prefer this process.
  • Regular maintenance is mandatory. Otherwise, bad noises will disturb you a lot.
  • It is an unsuitable process for every car type.

What is the Lifespan of a Glass Pack Muffler?

Answering this question is quite tricky because the lifespan of a glass pack muffler depends on many factors. Car handling and driving conditions are crucial at this point. If you don’t take proper care or abuse the premium-quality mufflers, they will not last long, even for 1 year.

On the other hand, a cheap quality glass pack muffler may provide many years of service with the proper care. So, take the best care of your installed glass pack muffler if you want long-term service.

How To- Weld on a New Muffler, Glass Pack/Cherry Bomb

Last Thoughts

The glass pack muffler installation process and taking care of it is not so challenging. With some knowledge and the above-discussed process on “how to install glass pack mufflers,” you can install them in your car.

However, if you are not confident enough to install it independently, don’t hesitate to call a mechanic. A proper installation process is mandatory to avoid any unexpected situation.

Before you decide on installing a glass pack muffler in your vehicle, look at the benefits and drawbacks and make a wise decision.


Does a glasspack muffler add horsepower?

A glasspack muffler by itself will not directly add horsepower to your vehicle. However, by reducing backpressure in the exhaust system, a glasspack can allow your engine to expel spent gases more easily, which may result in a slight power gain.

The reduced muffling can also create a more aggressive exhaust note. For a significant horsepower increase, more extended engine modifications would be required.

Are glass packs good mufflers?

Glass pack mufflers are good at reducing exhaust noise versus a straight pipe while allowing for freer exhaust flow and a rumbling sound.

They work by passing the exhaust gases through glass wool insulation inside the muffler. The tradeoff is they do not quiet the exhaust as much as a chambered or turbo-style muffler.

How do glasspack mufflers work?

Inside a glasspack muffler are small glass fibers, similar to fiberglass insulation. As hot exhaust gases pass through, the glass wool absorbs and dissipates some sound waves, reducing noise.

The gases flow straight through instead of routed through baffles and chambers like in other mufflers. This straight-through design allows higher exhaust flow for better performance.

Is a glasspack a straight pipe?

No, a glasspack muffler is different from a straight pipe exhaust system. A straight pipe lacks any sound muffling abilities. A glass pack contains an interior chamber filled with glass fibers that provide some level of sound reduction by absorbing noise.

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