How to Remove Rust from Tools with Coke? (3 Steps)

How to Remove Rust from Tools with Coke

Whether you are a carpenter, mechanic, or a usual citizen, all of you have experienced a few rusty tools before.

Hand tools like a screwdriver, wrenches, pliers, and utility knife, and to name a few, all of them are significantly vital at any job site.

They are eligible to provide you with versatile operations, and sometimes, they are interchangeable. They are well-known for their helping hands, which they are spreading during a procedure.

Over time, these tools get rusty, and as a result, they lose their productivity.

However, you will be surprised to learn that the rust of these tools can easily be eliminated by Coca-Cola (coke). Don’t wrinkle your eyes; I am telling the truth. Let me tell you how to remove rust from tools with Coke.

Remove Rust with Coca-cola


Remove Rust with Coca-cola

First of all, you need a few materials which are:

  • A large bowl or container.
  • Coca-cola (1 litre).
  • Cloths.

The process is straightforward and well-known as well.

Step 01: Pour the Coke into a bowl or container. Make sure; you have poured a sufficient amount of coke into the bowl.

Step 02: Take the rusty tools and drop them into the coke. These tools need to be submerged into Coke for the next 24 hours. Ensure all the tools have properly merged into the Coke and, if required, take another bottle of Coke and use it. If the tools are rusted severely, submerged time may need additional time.

Step 03: Then, once the rust is entirely gone, take out the tool. Besides, you can apply oil on the tools to keep the tools away from getting rusted again.

Now I believe your eyes have become big after you get a good result.

Generally, it happens because Coke contains a high level of phosphoric acid. Iron, iron oxide, and rust dissolve if any tools come in contact with phosphoric acid. Also, don’t keep the tools in the Coke long. If it happens, the tools may become more rusted. However, a few days later, you will get off the problem.

You can’t avoid your tools from getting rusted. If any tool gets corroded once, the machine will always get rust after regular intervals. Be sure that you are taking proper care of your valuable tools to get rid of getting corrode.

Looking for a video tutorial?

Coca Cola Rust Removal

Other Uses of Coke

Not only removing rust but also coke has other uses that it can do efficiently. Let’s have a look at the different uses of Coke below.

Coin Cleaning:

Are your coins looking dull? And you want your coins to be sought nice? Drop the coin into a glass of water. Wait for a full 24 hours and then take out the coin from the glass of coke. Then wipe them off using a piece of cloth. And see the magic! I believe most of the grime has gone away.

Toilet Cleaning:

Diet Coke is a better performer than many toilet cleaners. Pour a bottle of Coke on the rim of the toilet and let the Coke flow into the bowl. Then give it a rest for the next hour. Then take a toilet brush and scrub the whole toilet area to remove the stubborn spots and stains. Finally, give a flush and see how much the toilet gets cleaned.

Remove stains from fabric:

Do you get stain marks on your clothes? Take a can of Coke, and pour the Coke into the stained area every after 5 minutes. Then finally, wash the cloth with detergent powder. And you will see that the stain marks are gone entirely from the fabric.

Clearing pots that get burnt:

You can easily remove the burn spots from pans or pots using Coke. Pour some Coke on the burned spots and take it to a boil. Once the pan gets heated, take it off. Then, take a rubbing brush and carefully rub the pan’s burnt area. The food will come off without creating any problems.

Cleaning a teapot:

Corners of teapots get dirty over time, and they look ugly. To clean this dirt, coke can be the right solution. Fill the teapot with coke. And keep it alone for a full day and night. Then take a scrub brush, thoroughly clean it, and rinse it thoroughly. Please look at the teapot now; I believe it looks like a new one.

Remove any tile grout:

Because of its acidic acid, coca-cola can remove all grout from tiles. To remove grout from the tile, use a few drops of coke, wet the grout, and let the area rest for the next few minutes. Then wipe out the grout with a clean cloth. Follow the same process until the grout cleans entirely.

Get rid of the marker stains from the carpet:

Did you try a lot to remove marker stains from your carpet but still not yet get success? Well, follow the guidelines which I am going to tell you now.

Take a can of Coke and soak the stained area ideal for a few minutes before mixing access liquid and mixing the area with water to remove any scars. Continue blotting until the liquid is absorbed.

Release debris disposal:

Pour coke as much as possible into your debris disposal area and wait until the fizzing stops. Then give a well-rinse with boiling water. You can choose hot water also. Combining coke and warm water will break the gunk and clean the debris disposal easily.


You can’t deny the importance of tools for your daily work. And if they show less productivity due to rust, your efficiency will decrease too. In that case, as per the method mentioned above, you can get rid of rust quickly.

You don’t need to spend much time purchasing Coke is an available product. Best of luck with your D.I.Y. project.