How to Reset Toyota ABS Light without Scan Tool? ( 4 Steps)

How to Reset Toyota ABS Light without Scan Tool ( Just 4 Steps)

The complete form of ABS is the Anti Lock Braking System. Every modern vehicle has an ABS light that turns on when it detects problems related to its brake, wheel, speed, etc. If you ever experience this, don’t delay fixing the problem.

Otherwise, fatal damage may happen to you and your vehicle. Fixing the problem will be convenient with a Toyota Scan Tool. But what if you don’t have an OBDII scanner?

This write-up will teach you how to reset Toyota ABS Light without Scan Tool.

 Why does the ABS Light Turn On? 

Before resetting the ABS light without a scan tool, let’s look at the reasons for flashing the ABS light.

Damaged Tire Speed Sensor

You will find the tire speed sensor close to the wheel. The responsibility of this sensor is to check the brake’s pressure build to see if the wheel is performing correctly.

If any wheel performs more efficiently than other wheels, the sensor sends a signal to the ABS, and the light turns on.

Unfortunately, this sensor malfunctions over time. Since the distance between the brake and this sensor is not too significant, it is exposed to excessive heat and wears out soon.

When this sensor malfunctions, the ABS light may turn on unnecessarily.

Old Valve & Pump

The hydraulic pump is the other area that is checked by the ABS sensor. The hydraulic pump increases the brake’s pressure when the wheel is too slow.

If the ABS system finds an issue with the hydraulic pump, the light will turn on. Without further ado, you must reset the ABS light or replace the hydraulic pump.

Lesser Amount of Brake Fluid

After pushing the brake pedal, the brake fluid gets transmitted through a small tube connected to the brakes. As a result, the fluid creates pressure on the brake.

If the brake fluid is available in a lesser amount, the brake will stop the vehicle slowly or malfunction.

When the ABS sensor senses that the brake fluid level is inadequate, an inefficient brake occurs; the light will turn on.

In this case, check the brake fluid level for leaking or wearing off. Also, resetting the ABS system can solve the problem.

Corroded ABS Module

The ABS module wire may get activated without reason if the wire gets rusted. This way, the communication between the speed sensor and the may be affected due to wrong connectivity, and the ABS light may turn on.

Even when inspecting your car, if you find a little rust in the AMS module, don’t overlook it; repair the rust.

How to Reset ABS Light without Toyota Scan Tool?

Here, we shared a step-by-step method of resetting the ABS light without the Toyota scan tool. Follow these steps if you don’t own an OBDII scanner.

How to Reset ABS Light without Toyota Scan Tool

Step 01: Get a Jumper Wire

First, visit your nearest auto parts store and grab a jumper wire. You can also call it a service connector adapter kit.

If you are a beginner and entirely unaware of jumper wire, get assistance from the shopkeeper or owner. Ask whether your selected jumper wire is compatible with the Data Link Connector.

More importantly, share your car’s make and year. They will assist you in finding the right jumper wire for your vehicle.

Step 02: Locating the DLC Connector

After collecting the service connector adapter kit or jumper wire, the DLC connector must be located. Generally, under the car’s glove box, it is located. The DLC connector is positioned underneath the driver side’s adjacent dash in a few vehicle models.

Some brands also have a DLC connector close to the intake manifold under the hood.

Always look for the DLC connector when you are not driving your vehicle. Thus, you will remain safe from potential accidents.

Step 03: Connecting the DLC & the Jumper

Once you locate the DLC, it is time to connect the jumper wires to the DLC.

The jumper wires have a wide connector that can easily connect to the DLC. Without any hesitation, connect them up.

After you finish connecting, start the vehicle. At this point, the ABS light will start flashing a few times. You can proceed if it happens.

Step 04: ABS System Resetting

So, you have successfully connected the jumper wire. Now, to reset the ABS light, you will need to follow the below 4 things.

  • Remember that releasing or accelerating the parking brake is unnecessary when pressing the brake pedal. The DLC area will make a click sound once you provide a single press.
  • Once you hear the click sound, press the brake pedal down 8 times uninterruptedly. It would be best to accomplish this process within 3 seconds or ASAP.
  • With the above 2 points, you might not see any flashing from the ABS light. If the ABS light still flashes, repeat the above 2 points. The ABS light will stop flashing when you follow the process intently.
  • If you experience that the ABS light is illuminated for a long time compared to the usual time, it flashes 4 times and switches off. Be sure ABS light resetting is successfully done.

Finally, the jumper and other wires must be disconnected from the DLC. You can now roam around driving your car with peace of mind.

Last Lines

You will not find issues in the ABS system daily, but you must take prompt action if it shows any problem. This write-up on resetting the Toyota ABS light without a scan tool may assist you in doing so.

With the above-described steps, taking necessary precautions will be much easier. Follow each step intently to locate the issue efficiently. If you find any problem, don’t leave it for later; resolve it immediately to ensure your safety.

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