How To Use A Wire Crimping Tool?

How To Use A Wire Crimping Tool

crimping tool such as RJ45 crimper deforms a pair of wires in such a way as to create a cold fuse. A technician, electrician, or internet service provider widely uses a crimper to join 2 wires effectively.

The jewelry industry also follows the wire crimping process to secure the bead strand’s end. A crimper allows to the creation of a permanent connection between two wires that perform for the long term.

So, the wire crimping process has to be accurate, and a wire crimper is the only thing that can ensure it.

Let’s look at the process of how to use a wire crimping tool.

Step-by-Step Process – How to Use a Wire Crimping Tool

In this section, we will learn about the uses of wire crimping tools when working with electrical wires and in the jewelry industry. Keep on reading intently.

Wire Crimping Tool Using for Electrical Wires

Wire Crimping Tool Using for Electrical Wires

Step 01: Selecting the Right Terminal

Correct terminal choosing is crucial when using a wire crimping tool. A terminal is made of plastic, and it is bulky and found at the cord’s end. Select an ideal terminal for your project.

  • For high-vibration projects like installing digital components to motorcycles, a ring terminal is the ideal one. On the other hand, the fork terminal is designed for non-vibrating projects such as television repair tasks.
  • While joining 2 wires together, choose a splice categorized as a terminal.

Step 02: Insulation Stripping

It is advisable not to expose more wire than the length of the terminal. For instance, if your terminal length is 0.70 cm, strip 0.70 cm of insulation.

  • Every crimper has an appropriate nest for scoring insulation to take it out. Insert the insulation into the right nest, and then back fourth movement of the tool will allow you to do the insulation stripping.
  • A specialized scoring tool is also available to penetrate insulation in electrical wires.

Step 03: Use Your Fingers for Wire Twisting

Now, the wires need to be slipped into the terminal. To do this easily, use your hand to twist the wires. This way, a stronger crimp will also create. So, once you finish twisting the wires, then gently insert them into the terminal.

Step 04: In the Designated Nest of the Crimping Tool, Place the Terminal

You might have seen some models of RJ45 crimpers that have a color-coded nest, which matches the standard connector’s color. Some other models feature a printed wire gauge to let you select the right nest.

After placing the terminal into the correct crimper’s nest, press the tool as much as possible. You will get a long-lasting and tight fuse when you do so.

  • If you own a ratchet crimping tool, you don’t need to pressure it too hard because it releases automatically after the crimp is made.

Wire Crimping Tool Using in Jewelry Industry

Wire Crimping Tool Using in Jewelry Industry

Step 01: Glide a Jump Ring into the Jewelry Wire

Then the crimp bead needs to be a slide. With the help of the crimp bead, make a thread of the jewelry wire of 3”. The jump ring stays in its place since the crimp bead, along with the threaded wire back through it, protects it.

You will find a wide range of thick jewelry wires. So, the cream bead should be big enough so that the wire can go through it twice.

Step 02: Take the Crimp Bead and Jump Ring Closer

It is necessary to take the crimp bead and jump the ring closer to each other. Also, you have to leave a small room for them to let them move without any trouble. Due to the small room, a wearer can easily and comfortably wear the jewelry. Also, this will ensure proper working from the closure.

Step 03: In the Designated Nest of the Crimping Tool, Place the Crimp Bead

If you look intently into a crimping tool’s middle nest, you will see that it is curved like a shallow “U.” Place the crimp bead into this nest. You don’t need to pressure hard at this point. The purpose of placing the crimp bead into this position is to create a bend in the crimp bead’s center.

Step 04: At the Crimping Tool’s Tip, Place the Crimp Bread

A further bend of the crimp bead is required, and you can do this by placing it into the crimping tool’s tip. Pressure is hard this time. This way, the jump ring will be secured at the end of the wires.

  • You can snip off the additional wires that don’t hold the beads.

Warning Points

  • Always choose strands of wire instead of selecting solid wires.
  • If your crimping tool doesn’t have ratchet features, don’t use it to crimp wires.
  • Before going to the main process of crimping a wire using a crimping tool, it would be best to perform a test crimp. As a result, you will get familiar with the working process of the tool, and you will face less hassle when working.
  • Scoring electrical wires is essential since it will help you remove insulation. Also, be aware not to cut the wire when scoring. If it happens, the connection will not perform as per expectation.
  • Avoid using pliers when crimping in the jewelry industry. Crimp bead will not be secured when you use pliers. Moreover, premature breakage may happen in the bead strands.

How to use the Ratcheting Wire Crimping Tool - Giant Viking Tools

Last Words

The efficient and effective result is confirmed when a wire crimping tool is properly handled. Regular oiling is necessary to keep them away from rusting and corroding. Remember, if rust attacks your crimping tool, you will never get the expected output. So, make sure to do periodic oiling and maintenance of the tool.

Hopefully, you are now clear about “how to use a wire crimping tool” efficiently.