10 Best RJ45 Crimpers in 2024: Crimp Like a Pro!

10 Best RJ45 Crimpers

Do you need to handle rude bonds of CAT cables or wires too frequently? Then you must invest in the Best Rj45 Crimping tool. This tool will ensure that you always have an efficient result when dealing with network cables and wires.

Professionals nowadays use A crimping tool, but many homeowners use it for its extensive benefits. Since making a network connection is quite challenging, this tool’s prime responsibility is to make the task easier.

The listed products in this article ensure easy handling of network cable crimping and stripping tasks.

Why Should You Trust Us?
An RJ45 pass-through crimper is useful when terminating a network or Ethernet cable. Precise and reliable network wiring is required; otherwise, a damaged connection will not give the best result. So, we researched a lot when making this list of the best RJ45 crimp tools.

We considered 24 items, analyzed 19 articles, and reviewed 190 Amazon customer reviews. Before finalizing the list, we sat with 8 industry experts. Finally, we came up with this list of Cat 5 cable crimpers.

We ensure you choose the best product for your project, giving you reliable and long-lasting performance with superior efficiency.

Recommended Best RJ45 Crimping Tool

Each crimping tool in this list are unique and offers distinctive benefits. Learn the key features from the below section.

  1. Best for the Durability: Klein Tools All-in-One Data Cable Crimper Steel construction with a black-oxide finish, this crimping tool promises to be a part of your many projects in the upcoming years.
  2. Best Multifunctional Crimping Tool: Hiija EZ Crimp Tool Using this crimp tool, you can crimp, strip, and cut telephone cables, shield connectors of CAT6 and RJ45, Rj11/12 (without AMP), and CAR5E connectors.
  3. Best for the Safety: Ubigear Network Tool Kits  This network tool kit provides safety from electricity because the handle is covered with electric-proof material.
  4. Best Consistent Performer: Platinum Tools Crimp Tool delivers clean and accurate cuts for all EZ connectors efficiently for an extended period.
  5. Best for the Beginners: TRENDent Crimping Tool TC-CT68 Simple functionality and easy-to-handle features make it an ideal tool for beginners.
  6. Best All-rounder: Klein Tools VDV226-110 Wire Crimper Cutting, crimping, or stripping of CAT6/6A, CAT5e, and CAT3 is not a challenging task for this all-rounder.
  7. Best for Usability: StarTech.com RJ45 RJ11 Crimping Tool Its rugged handle confirms fatigue-free, strain-free, and comfortable handling.
  8. Best for Professional Use: Monoprice 8P8C RJ45 Network Cable Crimper The sharp blade allows users to easily handle the toughest and heavy-duty tasks.
  9. Best for Comfortability: Solsop Cable Tester Rj45 Crimp Tool Anti-slippage grip prevents accidental falls from hands and ensures convenient gripping.
  10. Best for the Accuracy: Klein Tools VDV026-212 Twisted Pair with Crimper With a 110-type punch-down tool and twisted pair radial stripper (1 pcs), this crimper offers accurate and clean cutting, stripping, or crimping results all the time.

Top 10 Best RJ45 Crimpers Reviews

Well, this tool is specially designed and widely used in the computer industry. Also, it was quite popular with telephone technicians too.

The network cables are crimped by placing them in the crimper; the connector later compresses the two pieces to remain tightly tied together.

1. Klein Tools VDV226-011-SEN All-in-One Data Cable Crimper

Klein Tools VDV226-011-SEN All-in-One Data Cable Crimper
Photo: Amazon


Key Features:

  • The blade-guard feature will save you from any unwanted injury.
  • Suitable to do any crimping task.
  • A combination of black and yellow colors ensures easy identification.

When you have a tool in your hand that can make cutting, stripping, and crimping, can you resist yourself to give it the Best Choice title in the list? Working with STP, UTP, or flat satin paired conductor cable will become effortless when using this tool.

Wrapping Up

For people who are working in the IT industry, RJ45 is a must-have tool for them. Some of the best RJ45 crimpers in the market are above each crimper.

However, it is always advisable to look for the features of any tool before you purchase it to ensure it fulfills all your demands.


Which type of crimper is best?

The best type of crimper for RJ45 connectors is a ratchet crimper. Ratchet crimpers provide the ideal amount of pressure for a solid crimp. They also allow for consistency and are easy to use.

Do you need a crimper for RJ45?

Yes, a crimper tool is essential for attaching RJ45 connectors to Ethernet cables. Crimping creates a tight connection by compressing the connector around the wires inside the cable. This ensures good electrical conductivity and a secure hold.

Is cat5 and Cat6 crimper the same?

The same crimper can be used for both CAT5 and CAT6 Ethernet cables. The key considerations are the connector type and wire gauge. CAT5 and CAT6 use standard 8P8C RJ45 connectors that work with generic RJ45 crimpers.

However, CAT6 uses thicker 23 AWG wire versus CAT5’s 24 AWG wire. A CAT6-compatible crimper has slightly wider slots to accommodate the thicker cable.