Top 5 Best PVC Pipe Cutters to Buy In 2024

Top 6 Best PVC Pipe Cutters

You will find different types and sizes of pipe cutters in the market. And the fact is, you can’t use a single type of pipe cutter to cut all kinds of pipes.

You have to choose different pipe cutters for the various pipes.

Although using a hacksaw, you can cut your PVC pipe. You have to face a lot of hassle.

PVC pipe cutters are specially designed to cut only PVC pipe and are characteristically versatile.

This article reviews the best PVC pipe cutters so you can get a smooth PVC pipe-cutting experience.

The 5 Best PVC Pipe Cutters Reviews

Are you doing a PVC pipe-cutting job yourself? If yes, I strongly recommend you look at the below comparison table. Choose any of the PVC pipe cutters from the list that will meet all your requirements.

Even professionals can choose from the list as these PVC pipe cutters are built with high quality.

1. Klein Tools 50506SEN PVC Cutter

Klein Tools 50506SEN PVC Cutter


Key Features:

  • An adjustable blade doubles life.
  • O.D. capacity 1” – 3/8”.
  • Handle latch function.

Are you looking for a PVC cutter that can deliver a clean and quick cut? Klein is one of the best manufacturers in manufacturing cutting tools.

In continuation of their popularity, they have come with Klein Tools 50506SEN PVC cutter, which is one of the best professional PVC pipe-cutting tools in the market.

When you are cutting drains and vents, without any confusion, you can rely on Klein Tools 50506SEN PVC cutter. It comes with a handle latch feature, which is undoubtedly an excellent thing. Thus, the tool will remain locked when it passes its rest time.

The blade has come with a replaceable option, and you will not feel any problem in finding a replacement blade when necessary. But the fact is, I believe this PVC cutter will not give you any chance to purchase or replace its blade. Pretty impressive, right?

You will have a new cutting experience because it will allow you to cut up to 3/4-Inch schedule 40 PVC. Also, it is eligible to cut 1-3/8-Inch O.D. flexible plastic pipe with its sharp blade.

The frame is made of aluminum, which makes it a sturdy PVC cutter. In terms of accuracy, flexibility, and performance, you will not find any other PVC cutter that can beat Klein Tools 50506SEN PVC cutter.

Overall, it is ready to provide its premium quality service to professional plumbers, DIY enthusiasts, or other users. With all these impressive features, I have no other choice but to give it the Best Choice title in this list.


  • Flexible performance.
  • Robust build.
  • Premium quality service.


  • When the handle remains unlocked, the blade remains widely opened, which is dangerous.

2. AIRAJ PVC Pipe Cutter

AIRAJ PVC Pipe Cutter


Key Features:

  • The blade size is 2.8mm.
  • Compatible with cutting 3 – 42mm pipes.
  • Aluminum-made construction.

If a pipe cutter comes with a wide range of applications, can you resist not picking the cutter for your PVC pipe-cutting job? Firstly, let me share what features come with the AIRAJ Pex Pipe cutter.

From mechanical to electrical, whatever your sector is, the AIRAJ pipe cutter is compatible with cutting 3mm – 42mm pipe. It has unique hand traction features in its handle, which makes it an ideal tool that will never slip from your hand, even accidentally.

The manufacturer focuses on comfortability while you are working with this tool. To give you a better working experience, it features a V-spring in its handle.

You can open it quickly, and after completing the cut, lock the handle without any hassle. Isn’t it simple? Using your 1 hand, you will be able to get a remarkable cutting edge. The blade is made of SK5 steel, which offers a precise cut.

The blade is designed in such a way while cutting it will not do any damage to the pipe. The cut will be so smooth that the additional cut will be unnecessary.

Moreover, replacement and removal of the 2.8mm sized blade are also straightforward, and you can accomplish it comfortably. This way, your valuable time is saved, and you are getting efficient performance from the cutter.

The construction of the AIRAJ Pex pipe cutter is aluminum-based. We all know aluminum is a lightweight and durable material. And thus this pipe cutter, too.

So, don’t you think it deserves the Best Pick title on the list?


  • Comfortable cutting.
  • Precise and efficient performer.
  • Lightweight.


  • Need to provide more pressure while cutting PVC pipe.

3. MintCraft Pro PE-42-S3L PVC Pipe Cutter

MintCraft Pro PE-42-S3L PVC Pipe Cutter


Key Features:
  • Aluminum vinyl dipped ergonomic handle.
  • SK5 steel blade.
  • Cutable range 1” – 5/8”.

If you are looking for a PVC pipe cutter that is easy to use, the MintCraft PRO PVC pipe cutter will be a Premium Pick tool. Why am I so confident about its title? I believe you will also love the MintCraft PVC pipe cutter after learning its features.

The heat-treated SK5 steel blade is used to manufacture the blade, and its ratcheting technology makes it an excellent quality tool in the industry.

It is promised to provide precise and neat cuts using its impressively sharp blade. MintCraft Pro Pipe cutter shows its worth away from creativity.

An exclusive feature of the MintCraft Pipe cutter is it is exceptionally lightweight. But lightweight doesn’t mean it will provide you with low-quality work. The truth is, it will never give you a chance to raise your fingers against its performance.

It can cut pipe up to 1” – 5/8” and the cut will be smooth and easy because of its thick blade. The blade will never get twisted while cutting, for sure. With the sharp blade, your cutting experience will be much more enjoyable.

Besides, during the time of blade replacement, you can easily find a replacement blade. So you don’t need to sweat your forehead to find a replacement blade.

All in all, you will never regret purchasing MintCraft pipe cutters since you will find them to be one of the best companions during both heavy-duty and straightforward tasks.


  • Easy to use.
  • It offers a precise cutting experience.
  • Flexible blade.


  • Inconsistent blade performance.

4. RIDGID 23498 Model RC-1625 Pipe Cutter

RIDGID 23498 Model RC-1625 Pipe Cutter


Key Features:

  • Aluminum-made frame.
  • Superb ratcheting technology.
  • X-CEL rapid adjustment blade design.

The RIDGID 23498 pipe cutter is a heavy-duty pipe cutter that cuts PVC pipe and can cut PVC, PP, PEX, PE, rubber hose, and multilayer tubing with its blade.

The PVC pipe cutting range is 1/8” to 1 5/8” in outer diameter. Its outstanding cutting power will make the cutting task effortless, without any doubt.

To ensure a relaxed and gentle grip, the bottom handle is spaced in ½” increments. Thus, you will have an efficient cutting experience with the pipe measuring scale. The ratcheting technology will allow you to cut large pipes or tubes without providing much effort.

RIDGID 23498 delivers a “burr-less” cut that offers square cuts without having to use massive energy. Moreover, an aluminum-made frame makes it a durable pipe cutter surfing in the market.

One of the best features of the RIDGID 23498 cutter is that within a second, you can replace its blade without taking any help from any tools.

It is possible because of its X-CEL rapid adjustment blade design. This way, there is no chance of losing any screws or clips. You will love to learn; it comes with a lifetime warranty against any defects in material or workmanship.

Additionally, it receives nearly 90% positive reviews on Amazon and is still counting on it.

Overall, keeping your eyes shut, you can choose RIDGID 23498 cutter that is promised to provide smooth operation at any given task.


  • Tool-free replaceable blade.
  • Suitable for cumbersome duty tasks.
  • Durable.


  • Poor alignment.

5. RIDGID 41608 Plastic Drain Pipe Cutter

RIDGID 41608 Plastic Drain Pipe Cutter


Key Features:

  • Creative design.
  • High-quality material.
  • Automatic, clean, and fast deburring.

“Love at first sight” – this saying is impressively true with the RIDGID 41608 Pipe cutter. Undoubtedly, you will love its innovative design. It will give you a neat, clean, and well-shaped cut of any thick plastic tube or pipe.

Sometimes, you may need another tool for deburring pipe. But its automatic deburring feature makes the use of another tool unnecessary.

Whenever you apply a RIDGID 41608 pipe cutter, it will please you with its performance. You will never experience an inconsistent performance from it.

You are allowed to cut polyethene, polypropylene, and PVC pipe within a short period. It is a versatile pipe cutter that enables you to deburr, cut, and bevel in a single step.

RIDGID 41608 pipe cutter is an exclusively built cutter that ensures a straight and fast cut on plastic pipes even if the pipe is thin-walled.

No twisting or ratcheting will happen due to the steel blade, and you will be able to cut a thick plastic in a single stroke. Without any mess, you will experience smooth bevel cuts every time.

The good news is, that the RIDGID 41608 pipe cutter comes with an open bore design that allows 1” – 1/4” single and 1”-1/2” double flange tailpieces.

Moreover, your heavy-duty task will become a simple job due to its aluminium-made construction. Once you start using it, you will not be able to love any other plastic pipe cutter, surely.


  • Consistent performance.
  • Perfect for professional use.
  • Versatile pipe cutter.


  • It can get jammed if debris gets stuck between the blade and frame in a locked position.

Key Points to be Noted While Purchasing the Best PVC Pipe Cutter

You must not expect all PVC pipe cutters to be useful in quality. Also, the price can’t give you surety in terms of the quality of the best PVC pipe cutter.

An expensive PVC pipe cutter can be of low quality. On the other hand, a reasonably priced PVC cutter can give you efficient service for many years.

The below described key points are significantly essential for any PVC pipe cutters. You need to keep your eyes wide open when purchasing the best PVC pipe cutter.


Before you purchase a pipe cutter, make sure you have chosen the best quality pipe cutter.

Now, the question is, how will you choose a top-quality pipe cutter?

Be mindful that top manufacturers always offer high-quality products. The top manufacturer tested the pipe cutter multiple times for the durability of the blades with other features before selling it.


A flexible PVC pipe cutter will always provide you with efficient performance. Also, the blade has to be made of durable material. Moreover, the important thing is the blade has to be versatile enough to perform different types of tasks.

It is recommended, before purchasing a pipe cutter, to give a test run to learn the durability, flexibility, and sharpness of the blade.


Keep in mind you are investing your valuable time and money. So, if the product breaks down or stops working, won’t you feel heartbroken?

Undoubtedly, your answer will be YES.

Generally, pipe cutters are made of stainless steel, aluminum, or manganese. All of them are quality material, lightweight, and corrode-resistant. Also, quality-made pipe cutters have offered service to a customers for many years.

So, you should know what build material has been used to make your selected pipe cutter.


Different sizes of PVC pipes are available in the market. You need to determine what is your preferred size.

The pipe size will give you an idea about the required blade size.

If you are cutting large and small-sized PVC pipes, then you should purchase a pipe cutter that is compatible with handling both sized PVC pipes.


Design is another vital factor, but many of us don’t want to accept it when purchasing a pipe cutter.

But do you know you will get uncomfortable and inefficient cutting performance if your pipe cutter is poorly designed?

An ergonomically designed pipe cutter will give you an efficient performance even if you work with it for a whole day.

Also, comfortability depends on the design. If the tool handle is poorly made, you will start feeling fatigued in your hand. Moreover, the pipe cutter may slip from your grasp, and you may lead yourself to an unwanted situation.

So, before purchasing, check the comfort level of the pipe cutter.

Points to keep in Mind While Using a Pipe Cutter

Who doesn’t love to get an efficient performance from a pipe cutter? Yes, we all want to. But we need to keep a few points in mind when we are expecting some effective operation from a tool.

  • Before starting to cut a PVC pipe, make sure the blade is sufficiently sharpened. You will get an uneven cutting if the blade is dull.
  • Make sure you have chosen the correct sized blade to cut the PVC pipe. Be confirmed the diameter of the cutter is matching to the pipe size.

Final Words

I believe the above information will guide you to find the best PVC pipe cutters from tons of products.

Before purchasing, it is always important to know your requirements. Otherwise, you will keep on searching for the best PVC pipe cutters online and at your nearest store.


What are the benefits of using a PVC pipe cutter vs. a hacksaw?

PVC pipe cutters provide a smooth, clean cut without burrs. They are also faster and easier to use than hacksaws on plastic pipes. Most pipe cutters have ratcheting mechanisms that require less effort than sawing.

What should I look for when choosing a PVC pipe cutter?

Look for sharp-cutting wheels made of durable materials like carbide steel. Choose a pipe cutter with adjustable rollers to fit various PVC pipe diameters. Models with ratcheting handles require less strength to cut through plastic. Also, consider any special features like the ability to make angled cuts.

How do I use a PVC cutter properly?

Place the pipe in the cutter so the cutting wheel rests on the mark where you want to cut. Tighten the rollers on each side of the pipe. Then, slowly ratchet the cutting wheel into the pipe, applying even pressure. Make several rotations until the pipe is cut through. Avoid twisting or bending the pipe while cutting.

Can I use a PVC cutter on CPVC, ABS, or other types of plastic pipe?

Some PVC cutters specify they can only be used on certain pipe materials and diameters. Check the product specifications before using a PVC cutter on anything other than PVC. Using the wrong cutter could crack or shatter other pipe types.

How can I get the straightest cut possible with a pipe cutter?

A: Use a miter box or a pipe-cutting guide accessory if available. This helps keep the cutter stable and at a perfect 90-degree angle to the length of the pipe. Cut slowly in gradual turns of the cutting wheel for the cleanest cut. Avoid applying uneven pressure that could angle the pipe.

What can I cut with a Copper PVC pipe cutter?

Copper PVC pipe cutter shows efficient performance in cutting PVC pipe. Also, it can be used to cut ABS, EMT, and CPVC. The only drawback of this cutter is it is specially designed to cut copper, and if you cut other materials with it, it will get dull.

Are there any alternative tools available to cut PVC pipe?

The truth is that cutting a new PVC pipe is the best way to get the best result. Cutting an older PVC pipe with a PVC pipe cutter will provide shattering, uneven cutting results. At this point, you can use a hacksaw or miter saw to cut the older PVC pipe.

Why does the right size of a PVC pipe matter while cutting it?

PVC pipe cutters are made to handle different-sized PVC pipes. The diameter of the PVC pipe cutter has to match the PVC pipe you are cutting. Otherwise, you will not receive the desired result.