What Is An Impact Socket?

What Is An Impact Socket

Are you looking for superior torque for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts? Don’t look further; buy an impact socket. You will need to use impact sockets with powered impact wrenches powered by the pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric force.

When you have an impact socket in your hand, fastening and loosening tasks become child’s play. Unfortunately, many people are unclear about what is the impact of socket advantages and disadvantages of this tool.

This article will look into the answers to the questions related to the impact sockets set.

What is an Impact Socket?

Impact sockets are a kind of regular socket that comes with more durability. Molybdenum is used to manufacture impact sockets, which is why they are more durable and long-lasting than standard sockets.

The unique feature of the impact socket is they are black colored. It is because of the black oxide finishing. Due to this coating, impact sockets are free from corrosion.

What are the Types of Impact Sockets?

Impact sockets are categorized depending on their uses and formation. You will find below 3 types of impact sockets in the market.

Deep Impact Socket

This is one of the most commonly used impact sockets that come with a sturdy and robust design. It is designed in such a way that a user can get the highest precision.

A more important feature of this socket is they don’t require much maintenance to perform efficiently. Deep impact sockets are available with different lengths, and they consist of other detachable parts so that a user can work with them in hard-to-reach areas.

Deep impact sockets are well-known for their better grip on blind bolts and nuts.

Shallow Impact Sockets

It is another popular impact socket designed for easy-to-reach areas and smaller bolts. However, a lesser volume of shallow impact sockets is available in the market, and they are ideal for normal applications.

Shallow impact sockets offer the best result, where nuts or bolts are visible, easily accessible, and don’t require much effort. GearWrench, TEKTON, and a few others manufacturers are making this impact socket set.

These impact socket sets are much more efficient, similar to their rivals, but suitable for smaller applications.

Regular Socket Set

These specific socket sets are a bit different from their rivals. They don’t come in black color, and carbon steel or chrome vanadium is used to manufacture them. Standard socket sets get accompanied by ratchets instead of impact wrenches.

Providing extra pressure on the corner is the key feature of regular impact sockets. As a result, they can round the corner and accumulate friction. It is the basic error of this socket type that can only be removed using the impact socket sets.

What are the Benefits of Impact Socket Sets?

Impact sockets offer numerous benefits to make your fastening and loosening task convenient. Read the below key benefits of impact socket sets.

Build Quality

This is the essential benefit of impact socket sets. These sockets are made from Chrome Molybdenum, giving them a rugged and robust construction to withstand the toughest torque. You can hardly damage an impact socket providing the harshest force and pressure.

Due to their rugged construction, they don’t lose their shape when they come into contact with heavy torque and friction. In fact, it absorbs the pressure.

However, if things go wrong, the socket may deform or lose its shape but will never shatter.


You will love to know that impact sockets are versatile and can be used for several tasks. Impact sockets are compatible with both impact wrenches and regular wrenches. But don’t think that a manual wrench will give you the expected result in any way.

This is the reason; an impact socket is much more versatile.


When the discussion comes to safety, impact sockets are safe to use compared to regular sockets.

Every impact socket consists of a grooved ring with side holes. Simultaneously, a locking pin is also available. The presence of a locking pin and side hole ensures that the socket will be placed tightly when fastening or loosening bolts or nuts. The socket will never move from its place, regardless of the amount of torque or pressure you provide to it.

As stated earlier, it can get damaged or bent but will never shatter.


Black is the standard color of impact sockets; you will not find any impact sockets in other colors. Impact sockets are black because of the carbonized finish. Due to its carbonized finish, an impact socket becomes more robust, durable, and long-lasting. Sudden vibration can easily be absorbed because of the hard and rugged construction.

Since impact sockets come in a different color than standard sockets, one can easily identify them from the regular impact sockets.

Some other benefits of impact sockets are:

  • Rounding off-corners are entirely avoided with impact sockets
  • Perfectly fits with fasteners of flat sides
  • Weather-resistant, rust-proof
  • Affordable price range.

What is the Impact Sockets Maintenance Tips?

In order to get efficient performance, properly taken care of is mandatory. Ensure the below bullet points in this regard.

  • Make sure you use the right bits and sockets according to the application.
  • Inspect impact sockets regularly. If you find any problem with the socket, repair it or replace it. Don’t work with a damaged impact socket set.
  • After every use, clean your impact socket sets using the recommended grease or cleaners. Then store them in a safe place.

The difference between impact sockets and regular hand tool sockets

Wrap Up

Impact sockets are a fantastic tool in terms of their application. One thing needs to remember, never buy a cheap impact socket set. You will get inefficient performance, and it will cost you more than saving money.

We believe you gathered enough knowledge about impact sockets after reading this article on the topic of what is an impact socket. Always buy an impact socket according to your need and project requirements.