What Does a Rotary Tool Do?

What Does a Rotary Tool Do

Are you looking for a piece of tool that can assist you in doing any kind of DIY project?

Purchase a rotary tool and give it the responsibility to accomplish your DIY project. You will wonder about using a rotary tool because of its versatile character.

A rotary tool contains a tip that can rotate to achieve different tasks. Also, it receives an extensive range of attachments that can do a lot of jobs like sanding, cutting, polishing, carving, and many more.

Reading this article, you will be able to learn what does a rotary tool do? So, without delay, let’s go for a detailed discussion.


If you would like to generate a sharp edge or looking forward to removing them, attach bonded rough stones at the tip of your rotary tool and complete the task.

When you are going to sharpen your kitchen knives or scissors or clean any old and rusty tools, you can rely on a rotary tool that can do all these tasks successfully.


Using a rotary tool, tackling both small and big projects is straightforward.

You should ask me how?

Let me explain

  • To cut any plywood, drywall, and other light materials, you can use a straight bit at the tip of your rotary tool.
  • To part, metallic objects or trim the plastic, use a cutting wheel.
  • Creating tough cuts on steel-like materials is also possible if you use carbide burr.

Do you know every plumber has a secret weapon in their toolbox? A weapon is a rotary tool. Repairing kitchen or bathroom faucets is quite a challenging task. To perform this challenging job, plumbers use a rotary tool. Because they know without taking assistance from a rotary tool, they can’t accomplish the task.

Maybe the time has arrived. You should add a rotary tool to your weapon list.

Note: When you are cutting small materials, I would recommend using cutting oil on the surface. Thus, excessive heat will not generate, and the efficiency of the carbide metal or cutting wheel will increase.

Cutting Grinding Polishing Engraving Drill Bits Rotary Set | Unboxing | Usage


Handling a rotary tool is easy and comfortable because of its small size. Due to all these features, you can choose a rotary tool as a great companion when you are working on carving and engraving-type work.

Using the carbide attachment, you can work on both wood and metal. This means creating designs, making frames, and any other decorative type of work. A rotary tool always spreads its hand to serve you with its unique bits.

Even carving pumpkins will not be a difficult task using a rotary tool.

Glass Working

Are you a hobbyist or artist who works on glass to make glass more curious?

Well, if your answer is yes, then I believe you are already using a diamond bit at the tip of your rotary tool to design your creativity on a glass.

Don’t use regular bits when you are working with glass to carve a design on it. If you do so, the glass may break, and you may injure yourself. Diamond cut bits are tools made of steel with diamond grit on top. The glass will not get damaged if you are cutting or engraving on glass using a diamond bit on the rotary tool tip.

Note: Don’t forget to keep a glass of water or an ice cube near to your workstation. During carving on glass, the bit will get excessively hot, and cooling it down is mandatory. From time to time, dip the bit in the water to keep the temperature of the bit at a comfortable position.

Drilling Holes

I believe, firstly, a question pops up in your mind, which is, if I have a drill machine, why should I use a rotary tool to drill holes?

Then, I would like to ask you another question, can you drill holes in soft materials like softwood or plastic using a drill machine?

If you are trying to do this, the material will break.

So, using a rotary tool that has drill bits or router bits in its tip, you can quickly drill holes without damaging the material.

Also, drilling holes in gypsum board ceilings and drywall has become comfortable with a rotary tool.

However, you have no other choice but to drill holes in hardwoods or metallic types materials except drill machines.


Although rotary tools are designed for light tasks, they also can be utilized to do sanding work on little details. Just attach sanding accessories like a disc, flap wheel, band, or any kind of rough stuff, and you will get impressive sanding work each time.

Polishing with Cleaning

Are you sweating your forehead looking for a tool that can polish and clean your jewelry?

Yes, using a wire brush or a polishing wheel, this task is now possible with a rotary tool. Not only jewelry but items like silverware or old devices can also be cleaned with a rotary tool, undoubtedly.

Before running the rotary tool, apply some wax to the polishing wheel and turn the machine on at med-level speed. Polish and clean your materials, and you will get shinier surfaced materials than before.


For sharpening type work, a rotary tool is a great solution. Adding a wheel that contains a blade at the tip of the rotary tool will assist you with sharp tools starting from lawnmowers to pruning shears.

Even if you would like a sharp chainsaw blade, a rotary tool will allow you to do this, too, without any tension. Specialized attachments are available with a rotary tool to help you to sharpen a chainsaw blade.

Except for the task mentioned above, a rotary tool also can do the below work.

  • Do you want to fix your old kitchen shelving? Add a wire brush at the tip of your rotary tool and get the task done within a few minutes.
  • Cutting curves in the tiles of your bathroom? No worries, give this responsibility to the rotary tool. With a tile-cutting bit, a rotary tool will finish this task too.

Wrapping Up

Safety is always essential. While working with any power tool, it is advisable to wear all safety apparatus such as hand gloves, earplugs, goggles, gumboot, and face musk.