What is a Chop Saw?

What is a Chop Saw

If you have been in the carpentry industry for any time, you have to know what a chop saw is! And this guide is not for you definitely. For newcomers who just stepped into the industry, there is a high chance that they don’t know much about the saw.

Which is why we have prepared this guide. Whether you are about to enter the carpentry industry or will be working on DIY projects, a chop saw can be a helping hand in both.

A Chop saw is a simple tool specialized in making precise straight cuts. Saws are used in making different kinds of cuts effortlessly. However, we won’t stretch the intro anymore. Let’s get inside and learn about different types of chop saws and their works.

Let’s go!

Different Types of Chop Saws

We are about to discuss different types of chop saws below. Go through the guide, and you will learn about each type and why they are used. Here you go!

1. Miter Saw

This is a variation of the chop saw which is specialized in making angled cuts, and it is called Miter saw, a widely used one. Compared to the regular chop saws, these are versatile and a great tool for making accurate and quick angled cuts.

A lot of people mix up the miter saw with circular saws. But both of these two tools are way too different from each other. One big difference is that miter and chop saws can’t move. The blade is what moves up and down. And you have to take the material you want to cut into the blade.

On the other hand, a circular saw is completely opposite of a miter and chop saws. Circular saw moves in various directions which makes it more versatile. Having that said, both the miter saw, and circulars are capable of delivering excellent cuts.

2. Metal Chop Saw

As the name suggests, this saw machine is designed to cut metal materials. If you will be working with metals, then a metal chop saw is what you should look up to.

With a metal chop saw, you can make faster and more precise cuts on the metal. That being said, for an angled cut, this is not suitable. For angled cuts, you have to go for the Miter saw; they are designed for angled cuts.

Moving on, to use a metal chop saw, all you have to do is line up the metal material with the blade. Before you use the main piece of metal, try to make a quick dry run to ensure the blade is going to the designed mark.

And one most important things when working with any kind of saw is to put on safety gear. If the right precaution is not taken, you might need to pay the price if anything goes wrong.

Once you have worn the safety gear, put the main metal piece into the blade and then turn the blade on. Wait and let the machine do the rest. Another important thing you should remember is, do not to force the machine. Let it do its work naturally. Wait with patience.

3. Wood Chop Saw

If you work with wood projects, then a wood chop saw is what you need. This is the most common chop saw that is seen everywhere. Cutting wood effectively within a very short time is what a wood chop saw does best.

That being said, almost every wood project needs angled cuts, which a wood chop saw can’t offer since the blade of the wood chop saw moves up to down.

For angled cuts, you have to invest in another chop saw which is called a meter chop saw. However, wood chop saws are very easy to use, and they are highly effective as well. Compared with other saws, they are inexpensive too.

4. Abrasive Chop Saw

The abrasive chop is for you if you often work with rough and tough materials. Abrasive chop saws are completely different from traditional saws, and they don’t come with the same cutting teeth that traditional saws come with. They are like grinding wheels that can cut down any material, such as tile, concrete, asphalt, metal, flooring, etc.

Having that said, abrasive chop saws work in the same manner as normal saws do. They can only move up and down. Anyways, they are extremely powerful and highly effective. The reason why many people choose this saw is its multipurpose capability. You can cut different materials in this. But if you need accuracy, you wouldn’t want to choose it.

5. Metal Chop Saw Blade

Let’s assume you need to cut a piece of metal, but you don’t have a metal chop saw. What would you do? Will you give up? No! There is still a way to get the job done. A metal chop saw blade!

You won’t need to invest a big buck in a metal chop saw if you cut metal occasionally. But you need to have a chop saw. Pick a metal chop saw blade and then attach that to the chop saw you have. The work should be done.

However, you might not find it as effective as a metal chop saw cutting, but it will work. We suggest you pick a metal chop saw machine if you frequently cut metal.


So you do know what is a chop saw, right? We have tried our best to give you an idea about popular chop saw machines so that you can choose which one is for you. We have also shown how each chop saw machines work.

Which chop saw you should pick depends on the material you will be cutting. So you have to be wise when picking a chop saw for yourself. Hope this helps!