How to Mount ATV Tires? (7 Steps & Video Included)

How to Mount ATV Tires

The whole process of mounting an ATV tire is a straightforward task. Even a beginner also can mount an ATV tire comfortably with the help of a few special tools. But you will also be required to follow a few tricks while mounting an ATV tire.

While mounting an ATV tire, taking out the old tire from the rim and inserting a new tire into it is the hardest part. Moreover, if you need 45 – 50 mph speed, balancing the tire is also significantly necessary.

Well, this article is about “how to mount ATV tires”, where I have discussed step-by-step procedures.

So, let’s dive in.

Step-by-step process of mounting an ATV tire

Step-by-step process of mounting an ATV tire

Step 01: Removing the wheel and deflating the tire

First, you have to remove the wheel from the quad and then puncture the tire. Before you jack up the quad, it is easy to loosen the lugs.

Following a criss-cross pattern, you will need to lose and remove the lugs; it is a similar method you would mount them. Remove the cap from the tire and release all the air that it has in it. This is the first step of deflating a tire.

You will always find a bit of a notch at most of the tire pressure gauges, which you can use to press the valve stem to release air into the wheel.

Besides, a screwdriver or a punch tool can be a handy tool at this point. Pushing down the valve stem is required at this moment so that air can be released somehow.

Once you get confirmed no air is available inside the tire, use a valve remover tool to pull it out from the valve cores.

Step 02: Breaking the bread seal on the tire

This step is to break the bread seal on the tire once the tire is deflated. You may find this step one of the most difficult steps in the whole process because the bread is set on the rim with more firmness in off-road tires than in-car tires.

To keep it off, the pieces of bread often contain some gem sealer to keep the tire from exploding. To accomplish the task easily, place the tire on a piece of plywood. Make sure the tire is not digging into the dirt.

Then near the bread, position a jack on the tire. Now jacking it up into something weighty similar to a truck bumper. Follow the same process in the whole tire so that the bread seal can break on the tire.

Step 03: Peeling the tire off the rim

Now it is time to peel off the whole tire from the rim. While doing so, you will need to take special care of the tire.

Look for the shorter side of the rim. For this, you will be required to look at the depth of all sides of the tire. Shallow depth in the short side will make the whole process easier.

By using a few tools like a tire removal toolset or tire spoon set, you can make the whole process comfortable. Near the rim, there is some open space; push the tire down to those open spaces. You can take assistance from tire tools to pull up the tire over the rim.

Step 04: Rim lip cleaning and applying bead sealer

Since the old tire is pulled off, now the rim lip requires cleaning before you place the new tire. Cleaning the rim lip area is vital; the new tire will not fit perfectly.

Using a bead sealer is not always necessary. You can use it if you feel the tire bead will not seal the rim well by itself.

This is generally a matter of concern if the tire wraps around the bread or the rim is bent and reaches a point where the rim doesn’t seal over the rim.

Applying a bead sealer will create a mess in the future when you pull off the tire from the rim.

Step 05: Lube the new tire bead

Cleaning and lubing the tire is necessary so that you can easily mount the tire over the rim. Purchasing costly tire lube is unnecessary since soapy water can handle the task. Don’t forget to lube the outside, inside, and bread areas.

Again, choose the shallow side of the rim to start. The rim needs to be placed over the ground, and make sure the shallow side is face up. Now push the bead part of the tire to the rim’s shallow part and press on the tire until it rises above the rim.

Step 06: Mounting new tire on the rim

Now the new tire has taken place onto the rim. Then it is required to be placed perfectly in the bead line. Take help from a tire tool, and you can kneel on one portion of the tire and place the tire in the right place.

The tire may pop up onto the other end, so use your free hand and knee to keep to avoid this kind of problem.

Step 07: Inflating the new tire

Since the new tire tool has its place on the rim, now you will need to set the beads and inflate the new tire.

To help get more air into the tire faster for the bead to sit, you can try blowing the tire with the core. After the bead is placed perfectly, insert the core, and inflate the tire.

Powerful air pressure can also be a helpful option to inflate the new tire.

If you still have a problem and are not sure how to do this. This video tutorial can help you!

Unmount and mount an atv tire on rims in 20 minutes


Isn’t the process pretty easy? You can take “how to mount ATV tires” as a DIY project. Follow the step-by-step procedure as described above, and I believe you can accomplish the project.

Also, Don’t forget to wear protective equipment when performing a maintenance task on your machine.