How To Use A Wet Saw Tile Cutter? – 4 Steps

How To Use A Wet Saw Tile Cutter

A wet saw tile cutter is a tool that combines a circular saw blade with a water pump and hose to drip the cutting area constantly with water.

The water helps reduce friction and cools the surface, thus preventing overheating. A wet saw tile cutter cuts any tile, including ceramic, and leaves a clean and smooth edge.

The tool also produces a sharp and clean cut without breaking the tile. Returning to the shop to purchase another tile may cost a lot since the tiles are expensive.

The wet tile saw handles your tiles well without breaking and saves you from the high expenditure. After knowing how to use a wet saw tile cutter, you understand why it is the best tool for cutting tiles.

How does a wet saw tile cutter work?

The wet saw resembles a small electric table saw, but its specific features allow it to cut through ceramic and stolen tiles. A wet saw does not have the traditional circular saw blade. It has a blade with a diamond coat that makes grinding away the tile possible not to break.

Furthermore, wet saws have a jet that sprays water on the jaw during cutting. Therefore, it cools and lubricates the blade and gets rid of dust.

Depending on the design, some saws draw water from a reservoir in the saw table while others attach to a hose that ensures a constant water flow.

Steps to follow when using a wet saw tile cutter

when using a wet saw tile cutter

Prepare the saw

Start by positioning the saw on a level or sturdy surface in a room or garage. The saw sprays water after it starts running, meaning the place looks messy.

Always ensure the saw is set at a level comfortable for your height so you feel in control during the sawing process. After positioning, open the reservoir and fill it with water.

Measuring and marking the cut

Use a pencil to mark the cut you desire on the tile. Adjust the fence until the blade is in line with the marks. You must squeeze and drag the fence until it is positioned correctly.

Get ready to start sawing.

Start by placing the widest part of the tile between the fence and the blade. It ensures your hands do not come into contact with the saw blade.

Press the guard on the blade to turn the wet saw on. Additionally, ensure the blade is at full speed and water is spraying on the blade before you proceed.

Cut the tile

Use both hands to feed the tile into the blade slowly. Please do not force it to run faster because the tile may break or fracture. After completing the cutting, turn off the machine. Finally, ensure it comes to a full stop before removing the pieces.

Benefits of a Wet Saw Tile Cutter

Benefits of a Wet Saw Tile Cutter

Produces a clean and accurate cut

The wet saw is sharp and efficient, offering a clean and straight cut. Most professionals prefer the wet saw tile cutter because of the perfect results.

It also cuts at high speed, even on hard and dense tiles. Therefore, the tool helps you accomplish your task faster, thus saving time.

A perfect design for larger jobs

With a wet saw tile cutter, you do not have to worry about handling complicated tiles in a large room. A high horsepower makes it easy for the tool to cut through anything. Cutting hard tile material is not complex because a wet saw handles tough tile.

It is versatile

A tile saw makes a variety of shapes, from straight to curved, making it the best. It also cuts through any material, including stone, ceramic, porcelain, and glass. Therefore, it enables you to handle any floor with great ease.

It is safe to use

Cutting tiles involves a lot of heating and friction. Therefore, the tile cutter starts heating up and smoking after a short while, which is risky to the user’s health.

The wet saw tile cutter has an in-built water system that prevents friction and the blade saw from heating up quickly. The tile material does not also spread around the blade.

Simply gliding into the tile surface makes the wet saw safe for use even for a long time.

It is easy to use

Using a wet saw is highly convenient because installation is simple. The blade does not have teeth, making it easy even for first-time users. You only need a little practice to become an expert at using the tool.

It has high durability.

The wet saw tile cutter would serve you for a long time because the blade stays sharp for a long time. You perform many cutting jobs using one wet saw blade for a long time. Therefore, it is durable, saving you money since you cannot return to the shop only after a short while.

How To Use A Wet Tile Saw

Final Thought

A wet saw tile cutter makes your work easy. Additionally, it has a pump that sprays water during the cutting process.

The water keeps the tile cool and prevents it from cracking. Therefore, your tiles are safe, which saves your expenditure because tiles are expensive, and having to go back to the shop costs a lot of money.

Your health is safe when using a wet saw because it prevents excessive heating and friction by spraying water on the tile.

Therefore, you work in a safe environment and do not inhale poisonous gases. One wet saw is enough because it handles even stone and hard tiles, making it the best tool.

The durability of the tool saves you from incurring added expenses. Visit the website for more information on using a wet saw tile cutter and why it is the best tool.