What Is a Circular Saw Used for? Beginner’s Guide

What Is a Circular Saw Used for

If you are looking for a power tool that can cut through materials without giving any hassle, a circular saw will be the best choice. Many amateurs think that a saw is a saw that can slice wood pieces only.

But the factor is not like that.

A circular saw is a piece of tool that can cut wood, plastic, concrete, and other materials accurately and efficiently. A Circular saw comes with high sawing capacity and precision, and this feature makes it popular among professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

In this article, I will cover more details about a circular saw and will give the answer to the question of what is a circular saw used for so that you can make many precise decisions while purchasing a circular saw.

Circular saw – What is it Used for?

A circular saw is a useful tool at a construction site and workshop as well.

A Circular saw contains a round blade that is lined with strident metallic teeth. To do a smooth cutting performance, the blade rotates, and the wood gets cut. Other parts of a circular saw are

  • A trigger switch.
  • A nut that holds the blade in its position.
  • To confirm safety, a guard.

One thing a professional or DIY enthusiast can’t deny is that, for any sawing performance, there are no other tools that can perform like a circular saw. Based on your project, a circular saw can adapt itself from a small project to a large project.

Both electric and manual circular saws are available in the market. But the manual one started losing appeal, and the electrical one is gaining popularity nowadays. Although the structure of an electrical circular saw is complex, their fast and precise performance makes them popular with users.

The main components of a circular saw are the blade, the motor, the outer frame, and the dust blower.

If you have a project this weekend where you need to cut longboards or sheets of plywood, you can undoubtedly choose a circular saw instead of a table saw. Although you can perform the task using a table or saw, the right circular saw would give you precise work in this project without any confusion. To cut a long wood, a circular saw is the best tool.

But a circular saw will not perform similarly if you don’t follow a few techniques. If you do some practice and with the help of little finesse, you can cut nearly as precisely as a table saw does.

The circular saw also comes with corded and cordless options. Corded circular saws are more powerful than cordless ones.

Circular Saw – Working Procedure

  • Firstly, make sure that the blade is sharp and good enough to provide you with the best performance.
  • Then, the depth of the cut needs to be adjusted. Remember to keep the adjustment 5 mm more extensive than the width of the wood pieces.
  • Keeping the wood pieces steady during the operation is necessary. To do this, secure the wood pieces using the clamps or a vise. It will keep the wood pieces away from any vibration during the operation. Before starting the operation, check it to avoid any unwanted situations.
  • Use both hands to hold the saw. Press the switch button to turn it on and wait until the blade speed reaches to its peak.
  • The nose of the saw needs to be placed on the cutting line carefully. At the beginning of the operation, don’t hurry or force the saw to perform the task. To obtain a perfect cut, you need to give time to the machine.
  • Falling the materials on the ground confirms that the sawing is finished. Put back the protective cover in its place to ensure the safety of the user.
  • Some circular saw contains a laser guide to give you an accurate cutting performance in order to make your project comfortable.

Circular Saw Kickback

Kickback is a common concern of circular saws. But it has to be prohibited.

To prohibit circular saw kickback, firstly, you need to know why it is happening. Due to different reasons, circular saw kickback occurs. The reasons are unfitting depth, blade binding, and cut-offs falling near the circular saw.

Even the most skilled circular saw user also experiences kickback if the above problem exists.

However, you can prevent it by following a few simple techniques.

  • It would be best if you stood at the appropriate angle.
  • The depth of the circular saw needs to adjust correctly.
  • Keep a close eye on a secure cut-off.

Avoiding kickbacks is necessary. Otherwise, you may fall into any unwanted situation that can make your life miserable.

Circular Saw – Safety Features

You can’t raise any questions about the power of a circular saw, but you have to keep your eyes open in terms of safety features because they are dangerous tools too. Using different PPE is mandatory during a circular saw operation. Moreover, a circular saw creates a lot of dust, so you need to keep yourself safe by wearing a mask or a pair of glasses.

However, few circular saws are available where you will get a built-in dust-blower too.

Read the below safety checklist before you go to a circular saw operation.

  • Confirm that the blade is perfectly placed.
  • Gently hold the saw with both hands.
  • Don’t start operation until the saw comes to its highest speed.
  • Don’t keep the power cord near the saw. Please keep it away from the working place.
  • Don’t force the saw to operate any task.
  • Ensure wearing all PPE like eyeglasses, hand gloves, earplugs, dust masks, etc.
  • To get precise and straight cutting, choose a circular saw that has a laser guide.
  • Once the circular saw stops fully after completing the operation, put it down then only.

Final Thoughts

Following the best practice is significantly essential to perform a significant operation using a circular saw.

I have shared several pieces of information about the circular saw to let you perform an efficient operation. It will help if you keep these considerations in your mind. Happy sewing!